North America, Europe · 15 Days · 99 Moments · June 2018

Amsterdam / United Kingdom / Ireland

5 July 2018

That first guy totally creeped me out! 😟

4 July 2018

Squeezed in a couple glasses of sweet tea in ATL airport. Got to get the taste buds used to switching back over from hot tea! Next stop TEXAS!!

4 July 2018

Next stop, USA!
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FROM DUBLIN! Flight leaves at 11:00! Have a layover in Atlanta then on to DFW. Looking forward to being home but we have sure had a great time!!! Can’t wait to come back “across the pond”!

3 July 2018

Final fish & chips of the trip...definitely going to miss it!
May need to bring this back to the states
She’s got her popcorn and fired up!
These are great!
Great Sugar Loaf
Just visited a working sheep farm and got to watch Mack the Collie do his thing. And Leila got to hold a little lamb
Glendalough Monastic Site. Ancient monastery about an hour from Dublin. Very cool
A few more from Glendalough
Some views from the lakes at Glendalough, which means “two lakes”. Beautiful scenery
Wicklow Gap in between Kilkenny and Glendalough
Some sights around Kilkenny
Kilkenny Castle
Headed out for a day trip to Kilkenny, Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough. Bus driver didn’t show up today so heading out an hour late but all good now. Back by 7:00 and tickets to Riverdance at 7:30.

2 July 2018

Toured the Teeling Distillery, very interesting and great tour guide.
St Patrick’s Cathedral
St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Beautiful stained glass and amazing architecture.
Apparently loving donuts is universal
Good morning from Dublin! Had my first black pudding and white pudding...good stuff! I’m getting hooked on these English and Irish breakfasts that all have baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages and tea

1 July 2018

May have to get some of these tomorrow...
Having a blast in Dublin. Live music everywhere, really cool
Didn’t realize it but U2 owns this pub!
Checking out the Dublin scene! Very cool. Live music everywhere
Hello from Dublin! Finally trying “bangers and mash”
A little bacon roll and Eggs Benedict with haggis for breakfast in Glasgow, Scotland. Next stop, Dublin!

30 June 2018

Spent some time at the home of golf today at St Andrews. Greatness!
They had a big Highland Games day today that we decided to check out. Very cool
Got to visit Doune Castle today, filming location for Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, one of my favorites!
The William Wallace National Monument overlooking the Battle of Stirling Bridge. “Braveheart” took on a whole new meaning today. Amazing.

29 June 2018

Once in a lifetime experience of a Scottish wedding and spending the night in a castle!!! Such a great time and made some awesome memories!

28 June 2018

Watching England/Belgium match at The William Wallace with the William Wallace Monument on the hill behind us. Doesn’t get much better than that! #braveheart PS...they’re NOT rooting for “bloody England” AT ALL! Ha!
Scottish kids playing in a stream singing Living On a Prayer at the top of their lungs! Love it. Beautiful here but. 85 degrees, hottest day in 125 years
Roasted haddock with black pudding risotto and salad with feta, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, pomegranate and avocado
In Stirling, Scotland...Time for big daddy to try some haggis!!!
We made it fine, I’m an excellent UK driver...Leila may disagree! Tea time in Stirling!
Prayers would be appreciated. 😬
Hello Scotland! Just landed in Edinburgh, waiting on our rental car...should be interesting driving here! We’re headed to Stirling to a B&B, here’s their website:

27 June 2018

Didn’t find any bears there
Some traditional Shepherds Pie for dinner...very good
Big daddy holding things together at Stonehenge. 💪🏼

26 June 2018

Time for afternoon tea with the royals at Kensington Palace
A few pics of Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge
All you Jerry Jeff Walker fans will like this one #londonhomesickblues
Headed into town to catch the bus to Stonehenge! Hopefully it’s not the one from Spinal Tap...

25 June 2018

Headed home after a long day...first time on a double-decker bus. Walked 15 miles today all over London and we are worn out!
Time for some fish & chips at Poppies
St. Paul’s Cathedral where Lady Di was married
Churchill statue and Houses of Parliament
Big Ben is under repair, we want a refund!
Ran across the “Thin House” while walking in London. Pretty amazing architecture
Time for a spot of tea and some ice cream at Harrod’s
Looks like her majesty is in town
Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey
ABBEY ROAD! Mark one off the bucket list!
On our way walking to Abbey Road! Stopped for breakfast. A few pics of Dani’s house and her sweet nanny Sherma. Having a blast so far!

24 June 2018

Made it to London! Staying with Leila’s cousin Daniela. She has a great Victorian era townhouse that’s over 100 years old. We met some friends of hers at the Kilburn Arms yesterday to watch England beat Panama 6-1, great experience! Then back to Dani’s where she prepared a roast of lamb, potatoes and green beans. For dessert they like to have vanilla ice cream with sweet cream poured over the top. So good!
I’m glad the flight to London is only an hour long!
Headed to London!
Sure will miss our home away from home in Amsterdam! Such a great time

23 June 2018

Interesting name for a cafe...
Baby ducks came right up to the window. So cute!
This note is taped to the inside of the bathroom door at the houseboat and it cracks us up
Visited the Royale Palace. When heads of state visit the Netherlands royal family hosts them here. Napoleon also lived here and built much of it when he was in power.
Had to try some pickled herring while In Amsterdam. I loved it, Leila not so much
Some more pics of the hidden church. People would sleep in what they called “box beds” and slept sitting up leaning against pillows. They did this because they associated sleeping laying down with being dead. I’m also not certain this toilet would meet my needs very well...
Visited this canal house museum that had a hidden church in the top floors. In the 1600’s the country became officially Protestant and for a time non-Protestants could practice their religions as long as it wasn’t in public view. Several canal houses had hidden Catholic churches in them. Pretty amazing architecture
Cheese and to-go heated meal machine
A few sights on way to lunch today...

22 June 2018

Well, it’s 11:00 here and STILL not completely dark. So awesome. I’ve been a slacker with my posts today. We went to the Rijks Museum and the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house and did a canal cruise and walked 10 miles today. I am fat and old. Worn out, will post some pics tomorrow. G’night!
This is what it looks like here at 10:20 at night! Crazy
Traditional Dutch pancakes for dinner!
Front of Anne Franke house from canal boat
A few sights on our canal tour on Friday and a selfie with our tour guide, Pieter. He was awesome...very funny and made the tour so interesting!
Our walking tour guide, Peiter
Someone may have jet lag.
Breakfast of champions at Omelegg
Good morning from a truly incredible city

21 June 2018

Across the canal view of our houseboat
Mama needed her some strawberry waffle
Royale with Cheese
Little coffee break
Royal Palace
Traditional Dutch fries with mayo and peanut sauce. Really good
Leila says this is a good omen
We’re in Amsterdam...rented houseboat til Sunday. This is our view out onto the canal. So cool. Trip has gone completely smooth so far, landed an hour early! Off to grab a bite to eat, 2:40 pm here
This is how you travel correctly when you’re a big fella! Lotsa room for a 12 hour flight. Never been able to cross my legs on a plane before!
Hello Minnesota! My new favorite stop Amsterdam!
Bout to head to Minneapolis! One hour layover, won’t have time to visit Prince’s grave...