Netherlands · 3 Days · 5 Moments · December 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

21 December 2016

12.21.16 My favorite part of the entire trip was visiting Anne Frank's house. In the line we meet some people from Orange County and New York. They were so nice. I was talking to this one lady who lives in HB and I thought she was about 25 turned out to be 30 with 2 kids. I like how she still has a healthy relationship with her children's dad and was traveling Europe. I found it lovely when she mentioned her son wants to travel to Iran (I think) and play with kids of orphanages. The Anne Frank Houis reminded me how much I have in life that I should appreciate. I remember reading about her in school and learning all about her. She's always kind of been a fictional character but this experience brought her to life. Seeing where she lived is still such a surreal experience.
12.21.16 We rented a bike today! Since Maria doesn't know how to use a bike we got a tandem bike. I thought we blended in with other bikes in Amsterdam until Maria said they were looking at us weird because it was a two-seater. We first biked over to the Royal Palace. Before we went in we popped into a Marylin Monroe exhibit on the right side. We didn't pay to go in but we did go to the shop. I love Marylin and how she portrays a dying female persona. The Royal Palace was small in comparison to Versailles but I mean what could I expect out of such a small city. It did have some pretty aesthetically pleasing rooms. My favorite features of the Palace were the chandeliers. They were all so uniquely stunning.

20 December 2016

12.20.16 So Maria planned out everything with time slots of what we're going to do. We didn't keep to that but we did do everything on our list. The Vondelpark reminds me of HB Central Park and makes me miss home even more than I already do. It's so scenic, and peaceful. A lot of people were working out while we were there. The IAmsterdam sign isn't as great as I expected but it was picture worthy. There is only a few seconds when people are bombarding the sign. I managed to get some good pictures inside the A. We next wandered over to the Rijkmuseum. We only went into the bookstore. Before heading off the Van Gogh (gof- how British pronounce it), we stopped by Food Crib to eat. I love their hot chocolate and their chicken burger was delicious. I was sad because I accidentally spilled my hot chocolate which was keeping me warm. The Van Gogh museum was spectacular. You learn so much by the way he expressed himself in his painting. I want a novel of his letters!

19 December 2016

12.19.16 This was our first day in Amsterdam! As soon as we got off the 197 bus we seen the canals. They're amazing! I love them. It's just as I imagined. The canals scattering the small city. Cute, quaint, cozy city. Filled with bikes everywhere. While we wandered we stumbled across the Christmas Light Show on the canals. My favorite display was the one with the rainbow lighted tulips. We couldn't do much the first night since most shops closed around 5:30-6. But we did buy souvenirs and went into Forever 21.
Do: - Wander Canals - Red Light District - Christmas Lights - Vondelpark - I Amsterdam - Van Gogh - Jazz Night - Bike - Royal Palace - Anne Frank