Netherlands · 2 Days · 13 Moments · July 2013

Amsterdam - discovering secret places

21 July 2013

House of Bols We all know houses like Heineken Experience (Amsterdam) or the Jameson Destillery (Dublin) but who knows House of Bols? Who knows Bols? I think there are not sooo many people who really know what Bols is, probably just those people who work in gastronomic fields. Well Bols is the name of a very old factory which has its origin in Amsterdam. Bols produces liqueurs for cocktails. And House of Bols is that what the Heineken Experience is for beer or the Jameson Destillery for Whisky. It shows the history, how its made, which kinds they have and of course you can taste it. More, you can choose one cocktail (you can also print the recipe) and you can try two shots of the liqueurs.
Eye The Eye is a film museum but I went there because of the architecture. Its architecture its very special and its not possible to describe it. So please check the pictures and just go there and see it yourself :)
Cafe Loetje This Cafe is a typical dutch restaurant. Its an insider tip and normaly there are just dutch people to have lunch break or dinner with friends. You can eat there the best steak all over Amsterdam! There is no possibility for reservation but normally you get a seat. The dutch people are like the people in middle Europe where you have dinner around 6 in the evening. So when you go there around this time you might wait a little while until you get a table, but its definitely worth to go there! See the menu at the website.
Museumplein Museumplein is a hotspot of sights. Over there you can find the Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw and of course the so well known I AM'STERDAM letters ;) Also Museumplein itself is very nice. On the weekend (at least in summer) the have small huts where they sell self made food and also a market.

20 July 2013

Strand West Strand West is in the north-western part of Amsterdam. From Amsterdam Centraal by bike it takes around 20 min to go there. But there is also a bus line which stops there. Strand West is very comfortable. You have a chill out lounge outside where in summer time the people from Amsterdam go there, have a drink, a snack, and lie in the sun. Next to the lounge is a small beach with a beach volleyball field. I really enjoyed my time there!
Supperclub Supperclub is a real insider, even some friends of mine who live in Amsterdam have never been there. Like the name says, its more a dinner club. You can reservate a "table" with a 5-course menu for 70€ per person. I know thats a lot but they told me that the food is really delicious (we went there just for a drink). The club is open till 1am, so like I said, its a dinner club. The atmosphere is amazing! We nearly couldn't find the club because its one of those clubs where you have to ring at the door and then they let you in. So you go up a few stairs and then you enter a very high room. At least in the middle its high because on the right and the left side the room has two levels. Along the walls they have kind of beds (I think its the best description ;) ) with small tables like the breakfast tables for the bed. You take off your shoes and climb on the bed (they are quite high, around 80 cm) and there they serve everything you want on your table :)
Rembrandtplein - Pubs, The ESCAPE and Starbucks You will read about Rembrandtplein also in city guides, but I have to mention it ;) You can find there a lot of pubs, bars, clubs, everything you want! Also the well known ESCAPE (club) is located there. I was a few time in PRIME. Its quiet nice but after 2am there are too many guys :D so its not comfortable anymore ;) then you should cross the square and go to Escape. For those people who like coffee, especially Starbucks, on Rembrandtplein is a very very nice Starbucks :)
Shopping In Amsterdam you have lots of possivilities to go shopping. When you like shoppings centres - they have it. When you like to walk along shopping streets - they have it. And when you prefere designer labels - they also have it. :) Directly from the centre, so when you go from Amsterdam Centraal to the centre there starts one of the shopping streets. When you walk along this street to the south, you pass also some shopping centres. Not far from Museumplein is another shopping street but for the "upper class" ;) there are all the shops of designer labels situated.
Canal Cruises Another good option to discover hot spots of the city is a canal cruise. Therefor you have a lot of different options, but i can't say what is the best. Normally they have different routes and there are two main stops. The first one is close to Amsterdam Centraal and the other one is more to the west, close to Anne Frank house. Its definitely worth to do ;)
Trouw Trouw is a house/electronic music club. The special thing about this club is its location. Its in an old newspaper printing plant. So very high ceilings, metal stairs and so on. Like a lot of clubs in Amsterdam its a combination of restaurant and club. The restaurant opens around 6 or 7 pm and the club around 11 or 12 pm. The entrance fees for the particular night can be found on the website.
Heart Hostel Amsterdam Accomodation is always a difficult theme. One doesn't care how many people are in one room, others prefere to sleep in a double room but without breakfast. In my Travel Box I have two tips for accomodation, so you should also read the other one. In my last stay in Amsterdam I was staying in the Heart Hostel. Its right in the middle of the red light destrict and the centre of Amsterdam. You are everywhere in the centre with a short walking distance and you have good connection to the public transport. If you want to stay in the centre you might pay a lot for your room, and just the room! I was sleeping in a 8 people mixed dorm, I had breakfast and i payed for 6 nights 160€. Thats totally ok, actually its more than ok, but you have to sleep in a room with strangers (you have a locker of course) and not everyone likes that. For me it was ok, but I prefere a private room although its much more expensive.
EasyHotel Accomodation is always a difficult theme. One doesn't care how many people are in one room, others prefere to sleep in a double room but without breakfast. In my Travel Box I have two tips for accomodation, so you should also read the other one. EasyHotel is like EasyJet, you pay for the basics and you have to pay extra for everything else. In summer we stayed in EasyHotel and we payed for a double room each bit less than 200€. It was without breakfast but just two people in the room with private bathroom and in a good area. Sarphatipark and Marie Heinekenplein (Heineken Experience) are not even 5 min. from there.
Star Bike Rental The best way to discover the city is still by bike. The cheapest option is Star Bike Rental. Its not far from Amsterdam Centraal and the people are very friendly. I payed for 5 days without insurance (yes you also have the possiblity to take an insurance in case your bike gets stolen) 25€. So its really a cheap option!