Netherlands · 8 Days · 13 Moments · February 2015

28 February 2015

To our very disappointment we had to wave goodbye to vivid Amsterdam, our hearts surely stayed as our thoughts longed for a mere one more day in this living valhalla. Nonetheless sunny malta and its colourful surprises were waiting for us.

27 February 2015

Last tour around marvellous Amsterdam, truly an unforgettable experiance; a characteristical gigantour city that never disappoints, tears will stream down your face when knowing you'll have to part from this awesome memory..... To commemorate this one of the champions most elite buddies inked her own skin with a patch of heaven

26 February 2015

A perfect stroll down Albert Cuyp Markt, renowned local market quickly refreshed our morning senses as the various colours and aromas of dutch delights hit our conosseured noses and sharp keen shopping eyes. Later in the evening we chilled the day at the Pathe' talkies relapsing the memoirs of a certain naughty grey matter. ;)

25 February 2015

Zaans Schans.... In zaandaam, a fairy tale paper town full of rich dutch tradition and richer artisan food, truly a place worth seeing for those with a keen eye for picturesque views and sight seeing siestas.

24 February 2015

Strolling the vast picture perfect streets of Amsterdam and blending in with the diverse cultures and people.... Not much was done after this feat apart from a 14 hour long nap due to excess muffin eating!!!! :)
Bodyworld.... An innovative informative trip to the functioning human body exhibition, which is a bit hard on the stomach to some... Can't say it doesn't make you aware of your health after you see your body inside out!!!!

23 February 2015

A chilly trip to Amsterdam's chilliest freeziest place the Icebar made us grind our teeth and clench our fingers, but nevertheless the exotic liquers were so damn good we couldn't stop licking our frozen lips!! A true new cool experiance to try while in the Dam.
A naughty minded extraordinaire' , a trip to the Red light District where fools and wise come alike to pay the full blown divas a peep or a full detour of their perfectly entailed services.
Apart from red lighted perfume filled burlesque windows, this cultural capital boasts its god given resource with a full spectrum. Hash and Marijuana plays an important role in Amsterdam's daily run and in its faithful humble users, after all as the great Louis Statchmo Armstrong said its a Friend, an Assistant, well said dear louis.

22 February 2015

Pancake Mania with a twist.... Ever think but what if?? There's no such thing in this cultural Utopia, a colonial era boat which caters an array of scrumptious mouth-watering stomach belching all you can eat pancakes savoury and sweet so for those savvy sea dogs this is an eat / cruise delicacy. Cheers!!
The third morning in welcoming Amsterdam, the place which sets a beautiful smile on beautiful faces. Out and about the Dam was the trip of the day for the posse where we headed for the Hortus Botanicus which to our grief was closed for some reason but nevertheless the group sought to make the day brighter and to keen the hearts of its champions and it did!!!

21 February 2015

The first morning in the calming Dam, truly an invigorating view of the canals from the comodity of our cozy floaty nook, which to our surprise also gained the fellowship of silky swans and other friendly feathered fiends whom all favoured our left overs with a lavishing delicacy. The champions than headed to Diversical Dam Square where we made our way into the bustling shopping streets and than to Hanky Panky's to ink our buddy boy.. Tough job to do, not when done by johnny ( the womanizer )... Bottoms up!!!!
On our way to Lush Amsterdam... The city that doesn't cease to amaze, every snoring second done on the plane sure fed my mind of what was to happen in this amazing memory.