Australia, Italy · 24 Days · 153 Moments · September 2018

Amore Italia

25 September 2018

Things we will miss... riposo, bidet (the butt sink) and real gelato.
The fun is over. To the airport.
Imagine driving this in Australia.
Hard Rock Cafe stop because Catriona wanted a tshirt too.
Lunch stop. Italian honey is delicious.
We rode the green line bus around Rome to see some of the things we couldn’t reach by walking.
We started our last day with a hotel buffet breakfast.

24 September 2018

A very fancy delicious dinner for our last night. Rinaldi Al Quirinale.
So many of these.
Final move to the Smooth Hotel for our last night. Quick check in then lunch.
Photo shoot! By Catriona 🤩😜🤪🤩😀😃😄😁😆😝😛😋😍🙂🙃😺😸😹😻👍🏻

23 September 2018

Thomas our guide is an historian and took us on tour around the areas outside the Colosseum and gave us some interesting and varying perspectives and possibilities on life as it might have been.
Colosseum inside.
Drinks before going inside Colosseum for night tour.
Colosseum Outside.
Eating what we made is the most fun part.
Cooking at In Rome Cooking School this morning is the second most fun experience we’ve had.
Sophia also happy she now has her photo with Pinocchio.
Looking out of our window in Rome 😀😄
Sophia sang hallelujah when she found this chocolate doughnut. She’s had enough Nutella filled pastry and has been searching every shop for doughnuts.
We went to the Trevi fountain at 8am. There were not many people there just some photography groups and a few brides. The kids did not appreciate the early morning until they battled the crowds this afternoon just to walk past it.

22 September 2018

The opera tonight was fabulous. It is in an old theatre and the opera is the whole deal including orchestra and costumes. Gelato in the breaks too. Catriona and Sophia loved it but it was late and were falling asleep towards the end.
Piccolo Bucco pizza for dinner. When we left there was a line waiting to get in so I guess we were lucky it’s just below our apartment and we just walked in at the right time. Sophia wanted pepperoni which is never an option at traditional pizza restaurants.
Finally we’re out and having lunch. The girls did very well in the huge amounts of people and had lots of compliments on how they managed to stay calm and keep going. Catriona and Sophia learnt a little about religious history and alot about crowds.
St Peter’s Basilica. We were in the Sistine Chapels too but it’s strictly no photos.. and silencio!
Raphael Rooms.
Vatican Museums stage 2.
Vatican Museum stage 1.
Pope cars.
Hard to believe but we’re going on a Vatican tour. The most amazing thing is the thousands of people.

21 September 2018

The elevator that bites.
Dinner and gelato. Not one bad dinner in 18 days. Don’t worry Catriona is not upset about her gelato.
The Spanish Steps.
They were very excited to be wearing their new Murano glass jewellery.
Papa liked Marcus Aurelius. Next to this site there is another amazing ancient site which use has changed many times.
This is an ancient site. It’s use has changed many times.
Now this was definitely impressive.
The girls love finding these everywhere in Rome.
Pantheon. More impressive than we expected.

20 September 2018

We found a restaurant that looked tiny from the outside but had a about 5 rooms with 10 tables each. I don’t know where we fit this food in but there was nothing left over. All the sauces mopped up with bread. Nanna Carol would be proud.
Super quick look at the fountain. We’re going back late in the night (not tonight) or early morning to see it without the huge crowd.
Back to the station and onto the fast train to Roma. Our new “Trevi” house is very cool and we think in the best street in the city.
Third stop Christmas alley. This shopping area was a bit strange with almost every shop selling the exact same things.
Second stop the archaeological museum. This was very impressive. The taxi ride to get there also impressive! Napoli drivers are unbelievable.
First stop famous pizza. Happy we took a taxi otherwise we would never have found it. The taxi made us up some time. We planned to walk and be there at 11 when it opens! We ate 1 whole pizza each it was the best pizza ever.
Arrivederci Marina di Camerota. Zo managed to take the worst ever photo of Versuvius on the way to Naples! Ian only a needed to drive a short distance into the city to return the car. We can confirm the most astounding thing about Naples is that road rules do not exist. We survived but I don’t know how!
Worst ever photo of Versuvius taken from the car on the way to Naples.

19 September 2018

Another delicious seafood dinner.
We had cocktails at a funky bar. They were very strong. 1 each and we were a bit wobbly at dinner.
Another visit to the sand beach.
We went on a Cilento Blu boat tour of the grottos and beaches. The grottos are sapphire blue and the beaches are clear with millions of little fish.

18 September 2018

We went to Pizzeria Brezza restaurant for a seafood dinner. Ian had the best prawn cocktail he’s ever had.
We spent today at our beach. The water is clear and warm. There is sand!

17 September 2018

Another cat series for Aunty Jac.
More driving further south and we have arrived at Marina di Camerota. It’s a fabulous beachside town in the National Park which was once a fishing village. Noone here speaks English. Lucky we all now speak fluent Italian menu.
More Pompeii. We expected to need our imaginations but it’s easy to see how life would have been.
More Pompeii. Zoe was our excellent tour guide reading from the book. She had other random people listening in on her fabulous commentary.
Up early today for another pastry and coffee breakfast before a 4 hour drive to Pompei. Trucks and buses in the right lane doing 100. Cars flying at 180 in the left lane and us in the middle lane travelling at a slow 130!

16 September 2018

Zoe decided to wear her new leather jacket out to dinner even though it’s a very hot night.
Everything is full of flavour and made from scratch.
Ristorante da Alighiero. There are no bad restaurants in this town.
Time for a nice bath before packing our bags ready to leave early tomorrow morning.
More pool time to recover from the lunch experience.
Ravagni Since 1421 olive oil mill. Francesco showed us how he produces olive oil the traditional way. He grows many things and has alot of products. We had a long lunch and tasted the oils with different foods. We ate food and drank wine until it was impossible to continue. Of course Sophia didn’t like any of it!
Another pastry breakfast in Anghiari then exploring more of the town including the Battle of a Anghiari Museum.

15 September 2018

We have a lovely pool with a view to spend the afternoon swimming.
Silly selfies on the way back to Anghiari.
“Siena for kids” is on this weekend at the fortress which is farm animals and other kids activities.
We went to Siena and of course we found some more churches, some food and a fortress.

14 September 2018

Another Tuscan dinner this time at “Nenes” recommended to us as the “best food” in Anghiari but we were warned about the chef “he is a bit crazy”. It was delicious and a yes a bit crazy and strong wine
Our house in Anghiari is owned by and decorated by an interior designer. I can’t stop looking at it and noticing more details. We can’t wait to spend time outside tomorrow in the pool!
Visit to Poppi Zoo to see European fauna. We really wanted to see the baby deer. Apparently we’ll see them wild right near our house in Tuscany.
We all tasted 16 flavours of gelato plus 3 extras then voted for our favourite. Some amazing flavours and some very strange ones with pecorino cheese, strawberry with red peppers, celery and rice, pesto. It is a serious competition. It ended with us back on the bus wondering what were we thinking!
We took the bus to Piazza Michelangelo overlooking Firenze.

13 September 2018

Il Latini for dinner. Sophia loved her sausages. Tuscan bread is awful.
We walked into a movie set in the city.

12 September 2018

The girls want to pose in front of every statue they find.
Magnum Firenze. We created our own.
Museo dell Opera dei Duomo.
Golden art in the Baptistery.
We climbed to the top of the Duomo 463 steps up and 463 down. Ian’s brilliant idea of course! We were at the very top and Sophia needed the toilet! I was about to take her on the fastest ever descent when the guide took us through a series of secret doors to a very secret little bathroom. Thank God!
Drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe because Zoe wanted a tshirt.
Ian took this photo of David.

11 September 2018

Our apartment is 1 minute walk from the Duomo.
Pictures from and of Ponte Vecchio.
Dinner and gelato with a view of Pitti Palace.
Looking forward to some shopping tomorrow.
Not sure what this is about.
The girls were a bit excited to find this.
Our beautiful apartment in the centre of Florence.
Lucca was fun. We wanted to ride bikes on the walls.
Cathedral at Pisa.
Ian’s Pisa photos.
Leaning Tower of Pisa.

10 September 2018

Cat pictures for Aunty Jac. Happy birthday Aunty Jac.
The park at night.
Focacciaria for lunch and Pescatore restaurant for dinner then gelato of course.
After our energetic morning we spent the afternoon swimming at the rock beach in Portovenere.
We explored Portovenere old town today. We walked up and down alot of stairs. Not my idea of a “rest” day.

9 September 2018

Our little pesto party on our balcony then dinner at Da Iseo.
To get back to the car we walked down 1500 stairs, hopped back on the train to Manarola, then we walked up through Manarola to where we started today at the carpark.
Back on the train to Corniglia. That’s 5 towns done. We can have a full day of relaxation at the beach tomorrow.
Train to Romaggiore, our 4th town. It was very hot and a real workout walking up hill.
Pesto making experience at Nessun Dorma in Manarola. The misting fan system was fantastico.
We drove to Manarola our 3rd out of 5 towns.
We woke up in Portovenere again. Another perfect day.

8 September 2018

We had gelato after a full day of adventure. The girlies have learnt how to eat gelato without half of it ending on their clothes.
We went to beautiful Vernazza as well. 3 towns to do tomorrow. Of course we ended a big day of adventure with gelato. The girlies have finally learnt how to eat it without wearing most of it!
We spent most of today in Monterosso. We went to Via Venti for lunch and went swimming in the beach made of rocks.
Today we saw the Cinque Terre by Ferry. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al mare

7 September 2018

Portovenere at night.
2 hour drive from Parma to Portovenere and we have arrived to our Airbnb with amazing view. Portovenere tranquil and laid back.
City of Parma for lunch.
Catriona says “delicious discovery”.
We are Gelato University students.
Today we all became students at the Carpigiani Gelato University before heading off to Parma for some sightseeing and lunch.
Breakfast in Bologna... more pastries.

6 September 2018

We stayed at Residenza Pellacani in Bologna. This apartment is new with 3 enormous bedrooms and bathrooms.
Bologna sights and scenes.
Art Gallery in Bologna. Catriona didn’t like all the paintings of naked people. Security followed us closely. Ian was asked to leave because he was making a phone call. I was asked to leave because my phone rang!
Caseificio Pieve Roffeno. This is a wonderful dairy we visited at the top of the mountains for a cheese making and tasting tour.
We were expecting a strong smell but it was very mild.

5 September 2018

We spent 2 hours at Aquardens near Verona. No inside pictures because our cameras were in a locker while we were swimming in this most amazing place. There’s some great pictures on their website.
Top level of Verona sightseeing bus.
We took the Frecciarossa from Venice to Verona then picked up our car. Everyone else is just casually driving while we are freaking out.
We stayed at Palazzo Odoni in Venice. The best ever pastries and coffee for breakfast. Ian ate too many and was banned from the buffet.

4 September 2018

Catriona and Sophia’s Venice Checklist.
Doge’s Palace. We were lost inside for a long time! We were all exhausted when we eventually found the exit!
Piazza San Marco.
Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia. We went here only to see the dinosaur skeletons and fossils.
Murano glass adventure.
Aqua Alta Bookstore.

3 September 2018

Yummy pizza in Venezia. We were feeling a bit tired at the restaurant then realised it would be 3.30am in Australia!
Museo Leonardo da Vinci.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
After two somewhat gruelling flights (one for 15 hours, the other for 5) we all landed safely in Venezia, Italia!! We took the water taxi from the airport to the main city and straight to our hotel which provided us with some truly incredible sights. These photos were taken by Zoe as the afternoon continued on at the Museo Leonardo da Vinci museum and main city.
What a fantastic introduction to the city of Venice.
We are happy we chose to take a water taxi from the Airport to our Hotel in Venice. After 2 long flights the sea and sunshine was fabulous.
3 hours in Doha airport.

2 September 2018

We have a 15 hour flight ahead of us.