Spain · 3 Days · 5 Moments · June 2016

Amita's trip to Spain

11 June 2016

Hanging out in Madrid. We spent this free day hanging out in Madrid. We did go to the Naval Museum which was very interesting but the rest of the time was just spent relaxing and recovering from out jet lag

10 June 2016

Dinner with Rajeev. That night we managed to catch up with Rajeev and his adorable twins Alejandro and Isabelle. We bought Moulin Roty stuffed animals for the babies but predictably they were more interested in the cylindrical packages the came in. Left the kids with the nannies and we ate at the Paradise Restaurant near our hotel which was great.
Bear Tour of Old Town with Almu. Walked all around trying to find the symbol of Madrid: the Bear and the Tree. We were jet lagged but decided to keep awake by taking this tour. Not the best of ideas as we were pretty exhausted by the time this ended!!!
Stayed at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid for 4 nights. Very old fashioned glamorous hotel. Was built to house royalty attending the King's wedfing

9 June 2016

San Diego to Madrid with a stop in Dallas. We managed to get three upgrades and so Jim and the boys travelled first class