Germany, United Kingdom · 12 Days · 73 Moments · October 2017

Amelia's Journey through England

25 October 2017

So this is it! This was my journey through England ❣ I hope you liked it and I hope you enjoyed it!!! It was so much fun for me and my family😍 and the whole journey was so beautiful and interesting but also exhausting 😂😩 i saw so many different places and citys😍 and met so many friendly people! It was such a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful journey! Thank you Mum+ Dad!!! I'll never forget all these different impressions!! I hope you stay tuned until my next journey!! Can't wait to tell you guys what I'm up to do next! BYEE❤ YOURS AMELIA (this is clearly not me it's emilia Clarke haha)

22 October 2017

Back in Germany, Hamburg✌💪 it is so weird to sit in the bus which is driving on the right sight haha🤦😂 #hamburg
In the air💫
ENGLAND I'M GONNA MISS YOU SO BAD😩😩 BUT I'LL COME BACK!! I learned so much in this one week! And I met so many nice people. All the British people are so kind!! #manchesterairport
We had to leave our hotel sooo early to go to the airport 😩😪(had to leave my trousers in manchester because they had a hole haha rip🙏) wearing my targaryen jumper🐲 #manchester
Our hotel room was so beautiful and cozy😋😍 #manchester

21 October 2017

Back in Manchester.. We had a nice dinner at our hotel. But the dining room was sooo full🤔😂 #manchester
We went in a souvenir shop and I SAW THIS! I LOVE YOU YORK!! never saw my name on any of these NEVER EVER! until now😍😍 #york
Just saw this in "York Minster" ! I think they don't know GOT so well! To the stuff of York Minster: SHE IS CALLED DAENERYS NOT DEANERY 🤦🤦 #york
"York Minster" is after the "Kölner Dom" the biggest Cathedral in Europe and it is soooo beautiful!!! It was magical to see how the light was shining through the colourful windows😍😍 #york
Our last English breakfast in our hostel😩 gonna miss it.. #york

20 October 2017

Fake or original?! 😂✌ #york
Nice Evening at "Stonegate Yard" ! It was so coooozy😋 #york
We saw a German shop😍❄ #york
After we checked in in our hostel we went to the Centrum of York! We saw this big cathedral called "York Minster" , which we wanted to visit tomorrow. It was so beautiful at night. #york
On our way to York we stopped at Nottingham for visiting a whole under the earth! We had to wear helmets. It was so informative and interesting! When we went back to our car, I saw this man who looked exactly like Jason Blossom in "Riverdale" 😂 #nottingham
Had a nice Breakfast on our way to York at a little bit different McDonald's how we are used to it😂❤ and we saw a car with the Name "autoglass" on it. But the weird thing is that exactly the same brand in German is called "carglass". So English in Germany and German in England?!😂 I think somebody mixed something up.. #onourwaytoyork
good morning and goodbye london❣ cu soon! (+ all the Snapchat Filters of London👻) #london #leaving
just two weird photos before sleeping in queens hotel #london #day2
Picadelly Circus is such a cool place! But so much traffic and sooo many people #london #day2

19 October 2017

That all looked so much like the broadway in ny haha. But wait.. I've never been to the Broadway in NY haha. #london #day2
we asked if there were still any tickets left but those which were left were definitely to expensive..😑 #london #day2
Just another Ben & Jerry's shop without us eating in it😭😩 #london #day2
I think we really found Lou's shop😍😍 I love this shoes but let's be serious: I would never wear them haha! The entire shop was full of glitter and crazyniss #london #day2
Delicious Pizza at O'Neills! Hungry yet? #london #day2
the carnaby street🦄🔥 #london #day2
one of the royal horse guards. it must be so annoying just to sit around all day. I felt so bad for the man and the horse. but that's his job🤷 #day2
Finally saw the London Eye😍 it looked so amazing🦄 #london #day2
we saw the big ben🇬🇧 but something was being built on it so we couldn't see the whole big ben🤦 at first the Storm in Pembroke and now this issue... we are "sooo lucky" 😂😩 #london #day2
Westminster Abbey 😍 #london #day2
The Buckingham Palace looks soo big and mighty 😩🇬🇧 and it has cool Snapchat filters haha 😂😉 #london #day2
nice little breakfast 😋 #london #day2
we saw these shoes in a shop😍 they would match perfectly to Louisa Clark in Me before you😋😍 when you watch the film you'll understand!🔥#london #day2
Portobello Market... or where it should have been😂 it was a little bit rainy, I think that's why not that much shops showed up.. #london #day2
While driving in the bus, we saw the royal Albert hall😍 it was so amazing! And I rembered that Adele once had a concert there❄ #london #day2
That is how the entrance of the Overground looks #london #day2

18 October 2017

saint Paul's cathedral is so beautiful in the evening! the bells were ringing a few times. it was very loud but kind of beautiful.. #london #day1
london is so beautiful when it's dark outside 😍 all the lights! we saw these plastic balls: they look so cozy and cool!!!😍 I want to have one of these to sit in with my friends outside when it's cold ❄ #london #day1
had our dinner at subway again😎 and we saw a Ben and Jerrys shop but it was almost closed so we didn't eat any ice cream. And I shazamed two songs which I heard while waiting for our sandwiches with Snapchat ! You have to check them out, they are so cool!😍 #london #day1
saw the tower bridge for the first time😋 it is so beautiful😍 #london #day1
the Olympia Park and a tower with the world's longest, tallest and fastest tunnel slide! but only my mum and my sister were brave enough to slide haha. (A friendly woman gave us two of her tickets bc she had booked one for her husband too and he couldn't make it and the other one idk. She was so kind!) This Tower is higher than the Statue of Liberty😱 and there was a cool mirror which made yourself thinner hahaha #london #day1
had a nice view of the river themse and london🔥 it was a little bit scary but very funny! #london #day1
The Meridian Line was super cool🇬🇧⏲ #london #day1
First time at the overground #london #day1
Now farewell eastbourne ❤🌊 it was a short but a very beautiful stop🙏 I'll come back, I promise!!! (Now sitting in our car again on the way to London🔥) #eastbourne
Hmmm the Breakfast was soooo delicious at Mowbray hotel😋 #eastbourne
Our hotel room + the view ! It was so cozy and niiiice😍 #eastbourne

17 October 2017

I just wanted to show you the Screenshots of the parts in "ME BEFORE YOU" in which you can see Pembroke Castle and The Café in which Emilia Clarke alias Louisa Clark is working in✌🐝 #pembroke
the menu + our starter(bruschetta), the main dish(Spaghetti alla Bolognese) and the dessert(vanilla,Schoko and strawberry ice) and a coke at the "promodoro e mozzarella" (Italian restaurant). The people were so nice and funny🙏😂 #eastbourne
Wow Eastbourne is such a beautiful place..😍 everything is so chilly and I wish I could stay longer😭 #eastbourne
the cliffs were so beautiful😍 and it was super weather: no wind and the sun looked beautiful today. And the sea was very calm😍 #beachyhead
we saw this.. my dad said it is perfect for me... I don't know why🤔.. 😂😂 #brighton
the brighton pier was so beautiful!😍 it reminds me a little bit of America haha🔥 #brighton
On the road to brighton today #ontheroad
Little Big Breakfast at "Old Village Cafe" . Had a nice talk with the owner! He gave us some nice advices🙏all the people here in England are sooo nice and friendly! #wales
Cowbridge Cabins was so cozy 😋 #cowbridge #wales

16 October 2017

Our dinner at Cowbridge Cabins #cowbridge #wales
sadly Pembroke Castle was closed today because of the Storm Euphelia so we couldn't visit it. But we went on streets near to the castle where Emilia Clarke went in the film too. (If you don't know, we went there because of the film 'me before you' -> you have to watch it! in which Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke are the main character! And the castle has a very important part in the film.) So I was so sad that we couldn't visit it. But we walked on the same streets as Emilia 😍 and we saw the Cafe in which emilias role is working in. But it was closed too. It was a very special day for me!! #pembroke #wales
a little crazy selfie when we drove to the pembroke castle #ontheroad
goodbye liverpool (the view from our hostel room) the mathew street #liverpool
early bird breakfast at the Euro Hostel #liverpool

15 October 2017

pulled chicken wrap and a berry smoothie #turtlebay #liverpool
the menu at turtle bay #liverpool
the cathedral was so beautiful 🔥😍 #liverpool
beautiful view while standing in front of Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King #liverpool
Chillin at the Beatles Cafe😋 #liverpool
i met these guys today.. I was a little less scared how I should have been 🤷 #liverpool
wait.. is this right?😂🔥 Time seems to run different in Manchester haha #manchester

14 October 2017

My first english meal #subway haha #manchester
Just saw this on a street in manchester. So sweet!😍 #manchester
Arrival in Manchester 😋🔥 #manchester
We just found our car! We'll have it for one week! It's soooo cool😍 #manchester
Sittin in the plane.. a bit nervous.. #hamburg