United States of America · 2 Days · 5 Moments · November 2017

Damn Natives Abroad- speaking across time.

6 November 2017

“I could never survive in the city I cannot hunt in the store” Tanana Alaskan Native Elder
Damn Natives Chena Springs while the flakes drop onto your tongue under the tūpuna mauka With some Alaskan Natives cold waterfalls in hot springs In the snow an ancient place ‘discovered’ Found a bliss ful space in place mountain flow Wai-rua, our love is like water Local in movement through moments of your life You can mark your age Against a generational connection to something ancient Visitor i feel I know a wild connection from root to sky- from sky to root Feel it in my feet she wriggles and laughs beneath them crisp n cool still a warming embrace Breathe- te hā To be- te hā
Solidarity Arctic circle protection Land warriors crying out for justice in-alignment whole whānau, elders n future gen and between in between Men drumming Circle dancing united in values, in moments momentous eating traditional kai People intact, connect to land, geo-graphica Sovereign We need to WARRIOR up (nek level time) This is a mihi to the fighters, they are tired and still need to heal-but they still fight Going home- coming back. It’s like your heart starts beating again.

5 November 2017

Ravens morning song In this place of pou wāhine Matrilineal- more lines between Matriarchal- as a way of be-ing talking sovereign nationhood across many spaces Education, language, hauora Talking totem changed by Christian context making your own law debating kawa, inter-tribal inter-galactic Bring the tūpuna back through us Release the tūpuna in fire Clans defined in anthrological term-in-ology language comes from the land not clans shaped by the connection to place and people geo-graph-ica space

4 November 2017

Damn Natives Abroad We are on a line of longitude from Alaska to Hawai’i A long line of moko, long line of philosophers and innovators Watched WARU, mean Māori mean Dropped in on LA No fear and loathing as we fly a-cross concrete grids Glass and brick, glass and brick Until the Hill with a diminished, in perspective HOLLYWOOD sign In a landed-scape palm trees n’ brown dirt run-away runway O city of angels I just travelled back in time to see you.