Vietnam · 5 Days · 8 Moments · July 2014

Amazing hanoi & wonderful halongbay

27 July 2014

Ah!! This is my favourite part. Food!! Is all about food! I do love vietnamese cuisine as well. The taste is just so surprising. I love the broken rice serve with a pork skin and eggs. Is so special as i fall in love with it from the first time. And the spring roll is nice too. And they have a lot of french cuisine too and it taste awesome
Well i don't do much in hanoi but i do have a lot of activity during my cruise trip to halong bay. First i experience kayaking at the island and swim at the private island. Second i experience How to make a Spring roll at the cruise . And learn how to crave a fruits. And next i do experience my first biking and hiking at cat ba island. It's really cool to biking around catba. Everything is wonderful. The view The air . I do love biking right now ! Im sure i will do it again. And last i do experience hiking to the surprise famous cave. It's 710 step to go inside the cave. And inside the cave is really beautiful and really full of imagination. So far i love all the activity During this trip. Ps: i do try the jacuzi too and its so awesome jacuzi at the deck during the cruise moving around. All the perfect view that i enjoy during jacuzi. And the massage is not bad too. We are taking the auco cruise by the way.

26 July 2014

Cat ba island owned a lot of nature view and we went to the floating village and the view Is so awesome. I just cant explain all the beauty of the nature that this place have.

24 July 2014

Hanoi is really concern about the culture and art. As all the old building is maintain well and the old church is iconic too. We went to a traditional puppet water show at there and it's quite intresting as we knew the history about some stories even they use a vietnam language. But still i enjoy the show 😊 and the ticket is not expensive too. And we got the first row at the show as our hotel arrange for us. Everything is good here 😊
The transport at hanoi is much likely like thailand they have a tuk tuk car , bike transport as an indonesian called It "becak" and they do have a bus and taxi too. We take taxi to go to the mall and some of far place. But we choose a bike or becak transport for a ride along the road and enjoy the view And the crowded street at hanoi
If you love an old building And city. You should try to Explore hanoi city. As i love french so much , hanoi has a french quarter that so beautiful and worth seeing. Exploring around this city using bike transport is the best as you can enjoy the slow ride to see around , take some beautiful pictures and see all around clear as the driver will drive slow in every Places and stop by if you wish to. So for me a trip to hanoi is a Really great experience

23 July 2014

I visited the vincom mall at hanoi city. The design is nice and the shopping place is quite comfortable. I went to the department store too to buy some stuff And souvenirs to bring back home. So far everything is good there
I was stay at hotel sofitel legend metropole hanoi . And everything is perfect.once again i said this hotel is really makes me feel like im in france. All the design, the food at the hotel is really amazing. And the service is really good too. I am really glad to stay at this hotel during my trip at hanoi.