Malaysia · 57 Days · 89 Moments · August 2018

Amanda's voyage in Malaysia

28 September 2018

Today we woke up at 1pm and I was super hung over. We were going to leave today but I was in no condition to do anything so we ordered pizzas from dominoes instead. Twice. And watched movies all day. We watched Hereditary and How to plan an orgy in a small town.

27 September 2018

We got back to MZee’s and he asked us what our plans were. We said we had none so he invited us to go to town and meet one of his friends for drinks. We started at a fancy wine bar but it was super expensive so we walked to the backpacker area on Love Lane to find a cheaper place. We found a new bar called barcode. There was a really cool looking hidden gay bar across the street but we were told women weren’t allowed. We were really sad about it because we also heard it was amazing inside. The dudes at barcode seemed desperate for customers and offered us some good deals so we sat there until almost 5 in the morning and I think we ended up finally going to bed at like 7am.
Today we went to the Air Itam to try the famous Laksa and then went to the Kek Lok Si temple. It was surprisingly beautiful and enormous with great views of the city. Then we went back to the town and got some fried chicken snacks and I ordered some hokkein mee to make up for having such bad ones a couple of nights ago.

26 September 2018

And walked around finding other books and crannies and street art.
We went to little India
And the jetty clan
Then we went out exploring. We found Love lane which was really cute and had all the backpackers and street art. We had nutmeg juice, it was delicious.
Today we went back into town to do some exploring. We got dim sum at Aik Hoe Restaurant. It was the best dim sum I’ve ever had in a really cute restaurant

25 September 2018

Today we woke up and walked to the snake temple. On the way we stopped and got crispy wan tan mee. The snake temple was ok. There were definitely a lot of snakes. But the place itself was kinda gross and not impressive. Then we started walking back and were going to meet MZee at the circus but it was really hot and he was going to go swim so we decided to go back and swim too. We took a nap until MZee came home and then met him at the pool. He ended up missing the circus so he went to go get a new cell phone while we went to the markets for dinner. It wasn’t very good. I got hokkein mee and it was bad. But we made up for it by getting Ais Kachang. Then we went back to the apartment and watched castaways. When he came back we watched Vampires kiss but no one liked it so we went to bed.

24 September 2018

Today we woke up and took the bus to Georgetown. I met a hairless cat at a tattoo parlor. Then we walked around town taking photos. We got cendol for dessert at the famous teochow cendol stand.
Then we went to the night market and got lol lol for dinner. Came back to the apartment and watched It Follows with MZee

23 September 2018

Today Cori and I went across the street to try and get Dry curry noodle again at the place that was recommended by our hostel. It was delicious! The. We went back to the hostel to shower and pack. Cori had an interview with a teaching job in Vietnam. The guy was a no show so we left and caught the 12:30 bus to Penang. Which we are on now. We ate at Kedai Kopi Nam Chau. Then we caught a bus from Ipoh to Penang. Got in around 3pm, got some cheese roti at a restaurant in MZee’s building. We watched castaways and MZee made us a delicious dinner.

22 September 2018

It was a good day but we did a lot of walking and we’re pretty hot. We were thinking of going to Penang tonight but decided it’d just be easier to go tomorrow. We wanted to get a beer so we went to this reggae place I’d seen earlier. When we arrived, we realized it wasn’t a bar but was a cafe. They told us it was ok, we could buy beer down the street and join them for a BBQ. It was really awesome. It seemed like it was a gathering place for locals. Everyone seemed to know each other. We sat and talked with a few of the guys that were part of the “family”. The place was called chokodok.
We ended the day by looking for a restaurant we were told by our hostel that had good dry curry mee. It was closed so we went to another recommended Indian place that had banana leaf rice. That place was called Sri Ananda Bahwan.
Then we did a bit of shopping. It’s Saturday so all the markets were open. We went to concubine Lane and another little mall with stalls where we bought passport covers. I got mine for RM10 and got it personalized for free. Mine says “get lost”. I also found the best flow pants but they weren’t in my size which is probably for the best because they’re super expensive.
This morning we woke up a bit late and then went to a restaurant that was recommended to us by our hostel called Thean Chun. We ordered Chicken Hor Fun, bean sprouts and the caramel custard. The place was very busy so we were sat with an older Chinese guy who’d come up from KL just to eat there! He was so sweet and bought our breakfast!

21 September 2018

We got to Ipoh and although we were tired, we decided to go out and have a look around and find some dinner. This city is so cute! Everything looks like it’s from a catalogue. We found an awesome Chinese hawker center. Found a guy putting fried things and meat into a bowl and ordered it without really knowing what we were getting. Turned out to be a bowl of curry mee with a side bowl of boiled stuffs we’d picked out in a broth. So yummy. Spent some time exploring and taking photos on the street.
Then we tried going to the lavender farm but it was too expensive to get it so we took the bus back to the hostel, got our things and waited for the bus to pick us up. We took the bus to IPoh and saw the most epic sunset over the mountain and the city! I couldn’t get a good photo of it but it was mind blowing. We really regretted not doing the hike with those guys
Then we took a bus to the Boh tea plantation. We got dropped off at the bottom of what looked like a giant hill so we hitchhiked to the top with a really nice couple from KL. The plantation was beautiful. We went to the cafe and got some really expensive tea and scones. We wanted to walk back but it started raining so we took shelter under a covered area and tried to hitchhike again the rest of the way. No one picked us up so when the rain stopped, we started walking again. We finally did get a group of three boys to stop for us. They seemed really cool and invited us to go on a sunset hike with them. We regretfully declined because we already had bus tickets to go to Ipoh.
Today we woke up and went to strawberry farm for breakfast. I had a strawberry smoothie and a coffee. It was really cute. Lots of plants. A koi fish pond and lots to look at and take pictures of. Then we took a bus to the Boh tea plantation.

20 September 2018

When we arrived in Cameron Highlands, we walked around the town a bit. It’s cute. Reminds me of a ski town. We got cream cheese corn from a stall and a bunch of bananas and two packets of what I think is soursop. Then we had ice cream at a little ice cream shop. I got this delicious roasted matcha flavor. Then we went back to the hostel and I uploaded all my modeling photos.
Today we woke up at the hotel in Kuala Lipis and had some mediocre breakfast and then took a taxi to the bus that took us to Raub. We had an hour layover in Raub but there was a nice little cafe where we ordered the cheapest roti and coffee I’ve had since being in malaysia (RM2). Then we caught a bus to Cameron Highlands.

19 September 2018

The hotel in Kuala Lipis was surprisingly nice. We watched tv for a bit and then went to find dinner. We found a place that was supposed to have amazing noodles butt hey we’re closed so we settled for the food court outside our hotel. She made us some really delicious chicken soup. Then we went back to the hotel to try to use the internet but it was really bad so we went to bed.
Today we woke up and tried getting breakfast at the Indian place again but they were closing right as we walked up. So we went to the place that H.S. cheap Nasi Lemak but she said she didn’t have any. I’m so over this place. We at an overly expensive western breakfast and then took a bus back to jerantut. From there we took a bus to kuala Lipis.

18 September 2018

Today we woke up and did the hikes around the park. It was fine. Nothing too impressive. I’m over this place so we’re going to leave tomorrow. I got these two pictures but that was pretty much it.

17 September 2018

Today Cori and I went to Chinatown for breakfast. We got the best porridge I’ve had so far. We tried to barter with the guy that had the pants but he wouldn’t budge. We went back to the hostel and packed and then took a grab to Pekililing station to get a bus to Jerentut. At first they said the bus was full but we waited and two seats were magically available. In jerentut we took a bus to Kuala Tahan which is where Taman Negara National Park is. We got a nice hotel room and walked around town tonight. Food is cheap so that’s good. We’re going trekking tomorrow.

16 September 2018

Today I left KK at 3:30 am for the airport. It was a quick and easy flight. I slept the whole time. I arrived in KL and took a shuttle right to chinatown. Got the The Icon Hostel where Cori was staying. We went and got roti canai and then went back to the hostel for a nap. We tried to leave around 1pm to go to Putrajaya but it was raining so we waited for the rain to stop. We took the free bus to KL Sentral and the. Took a train from there to Putrajaya. We had to take another bus to get us into the city. When we arrived we realized that all the major buildings were very far away. We ended up seeing the mosque, which was beautiful, the millennium monument, the palace, and the bridge. We walked really far for food just to come back and see food trucks set up around the monument. We took a grab back to the station and took a bus all the way back to KL. On the way back to the hostel, we walked through chinatown. I found some pants I really liked but the guy would t budge with the price

15 September 2018

Today we woke up and I ate some of my fruit for breakfast. We went to the breakfast cafe for coffee and then I went with Howard to check out. The plan was to have him take me to Kudat because it was still pouring rain but on the way to the restaurant, it looked like it was going to clear up. So I checked out but decided to stay. I went back to the lodge to find Ramona and Lukas. We spent the afternoon at the beach. It was overcast but nice and we went swimming... almost getting sucked out by the tide. Then we had lunch and got ready to leave. Ramona and Lukas went to the campsite and I stuck my thumb out and immediately got a ride from two Chinese Malaysian guys who’d come up just for the day. They were really nice and didn’t charge me anything. I felt really lucky. I went back to Akinabalu and showered, had dinner, and watched Krichelle on Castaways until about 1am.

14 September 2018

The resort was cool but kind of ridiculous. The guy that owned it was a bit off psycho. He was constantly trying to squeeze money out of us. The beds in the room were disgusting. Lukas’ sheet were full of dirt and insects. The room was just a bit wet in general. The sleep was a bit uncomfortable but nice because of the rain and the noises of the frogs.
Today we woke up a bit later because we were hung over and then I packed, went to an atm and then went and got fruit. The weather was not great. Then we went over to the minivan parking lot to find a van to Kudat. We finally found one. The van driver said he’d take us to our campsite but then realized it was farther than he thought so he dropped us in Kudat. All the taxis said they wanted 70RM to take us there. We finally found a guy that said 30 but we wanted to eat lunch. So we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant and this crazy guy kept staring at us and hitting Ramona! It was so weird. Then we had the hardest time finding a taxi. One finally said he’d bring us for 30 but he definitely did not know where the place was and he couldn’t read a the map o showed him. When he realized how far it was, he said he’d do it for 70. We talked him down to 50 but when he dropped us at secret place it was closed because of the weather! So we had him bring us to Tampat Do Aman

13 September 2018

Today I woke up and met a Brazilian girl named Ramona at breakfast and an Irish guy. I told Ramona about my plan to go to the tip of Borneo and she seemed interested and said she’d go with. We planned to meet later. I did my laundry and went shopping for a notebook. Then I went back to the hostel and started uploading modeling photos to Instagram and got my Feck photos put on my computer. Then Ramona and this Greman guy Lukas and I went out for dinner. I had plans to meet MZee later so I invited them along and we ended up staying out til 5am drinking and talking it was really fun and MZee is pretty cute and nice.

12 September 2018

Today I woke up, had breakfast, packed, read for a long time and did yoga next to the hammocks. Then I took the shuttle down to the bus station in the afternoon. I wasn’t sure if I’d missed the bus or not but this Chinese family stopped for me and offered me a ride for the same price. So I went with them. They dropped my at my hostel. I had a hankering for pizza so I message Haanii to see if she wanted to get pizza. I met her and her friends and her brother at Little Italy and we ate pizza. It was really yum. I said goodbye to her because she leaves for Manchester tomorrow!!

11 September 2018

Today I felt much better after getting almost 13 hours of sleep. I had breakfast at the hostel and went to the sepilok orangutan rehabilitation center. I was surprisingly overcome with emotion when I saw them. They’re super cute. I sat watchingn them for a long time. I went to the main platform but the best place was the outdoor nursery. I’m pretty sure I saw the attendant hit one of the apes and go after them aggressively which I didn’t like. Then I went to the sun near rehabilitation center. That was kind of disappointing but it was really nice to see a place saving these animals from people trying to keep them as pets (wtf). Then I went to the rainforest discovery center. Also disappointing, maybe if I had more time and patience to sit and wait for birds but I didn’t see anything there. The trails were nice though. Then I went back to the orangutans to see the second feeding. I spent most of my time at the outdoor nursery and I saw that guy hit one of the apes again!

10 September 2018

This morning Was the worst. I woke up at midnight still feeling nauseous. I laid in bed tossing and turning with dizzy head, upset tum and heartburn when I finally went to the bathroom and vommed all my dinner. I went back to bed and tried to sleep but still had a bad tum and vommed again. I was so thirty so I drank a whole cup of cold water but I could feel it just sitting in my tum and then I vommed all of that up. At this point I was kinda scared because I was so thirsty but it was obvious I couldn’t keep anything down. I took tiny sips of water but ended up throwing up again and then I shat myself. Then pooed pure liquid until my body literally had nothing left. I finally felt better but was still thirsty. I took charcoal tablets and was able to fall asleep around 4am. I woke up in time to take the car back to Ranau with the French people. We caught a bus to Sepilok and I got a shuttle to my resort. I tried to eat around dinner time but I just couldn’t so I went to sleep.
The resort is lovely. Super cute and secluded. Nice view of the jungle

9 September 2018

Today I woke up, had breakfast and walked down the road to the hot springs. First place I went was to see the rafflesia farm. They wanted 30 but I talked them down to 10 which is good because all you saw was two flowers and some cacao seeds. Then I went to the butterfly farm. It was cute. Lots of butterflies, I got some good photos. Then I did the canopy walk. Was a 30 minute wait and super long. Not worth it. Then I hiked to the waterfall. The hike was LONG and went up, up, up. Was a huge waterfall and some great views. I was going to go to the hot spring but it was so crowded and the baths looked kind of gross so I skipped it and went back to the homestay.

8 September 2018

Today I went to the Hakka food court to get the dumplings and noodles I wanted last night. Then I went to the street market and got a lime juice and some lunch for later. They were selling live grub which was pretty fucking gross. Then I went to the bus stop to find a driver to bring me to Poring. Found a guy to take me for RM 40.
He drove me right to the homestay which was so cool! A really nice old couple owned it. They had tons of animals and kittens. I got to eat with them for free. The food was yum. Then I went to the hot springs to see if there was anything I could do. I had to buy a ticket to get in so I wandered and found a bamboo cigar den and a rainforest garden that was free. There was an abandoned trail that had a nice man made waterfall so I sat and read for a while and did some stretching before I went back to the homestay

7 September 2018

I got to Ranau and stayed in a really nice hostel. I got settled and then walked around looking for some food. I found a place online that had some yum looking dumplings and noodles at a place called Hakka food court. I went down a sketchy path in the dark but I finally found it. The place I was looking for was closed so I tried another place instead. It was not good. Went back to the hostel and found a girl with her mom and her grandma in my room. They were the worst! The mom answered her phone while everyone was sleeping and talked on speakerphone. Then her phone went off every 20 minutes. The grandma was snoring. And then at midnight the grandma and Mom woke up and got ready really loud and were talking at a normal volume. And then in the morning the girl started talking to me, while I was still sleeping! Wtf. Was so ridiculous.
Today I woke up a bit later than I wanted, had breakfast with a nice view and then hitchhiked to Kinabalu park. Two nice ladies picked me up. Then I dropped off my luggage at the park and did some trekking. I did all the short treks and one kind of lead into the other. Then I came back to the headquarters for lunch. The restaurants looked expensive so I just had instant noodles and a can of coffee. Bummer because I found a cheap cafe just outside the botanical garden. Then I went on a longer hike towards the Mountain View trail. On the way was a really nice viewpoint of the mountain. There I met a British girl with her guide. I went the rest of the way to the Mountain View trail and it was quite the disappointment. Plus I feel and really hurt my hand. On the way back I met a super sexy Belgian guy but he was heading to an island and then Singapore. He dropped me at the HQ on his motorbike. I picked up my luggage and went to the road to hitchhike to Ranau.

6 September 2018

I took the bus to a hostel in kundasang. It was freezing when I got there and there were hardly any other backpackers but the shower was kind of warm and I had the room to myself so that was nice.
Today I went to two of the islands of KK. Manikin and Sapi. It was a bit disappointing as the islands were crowded and not much to see and we didn’t get too much time on them but the weather was nice. I left my backpack at my hostel. They were nice enough to keep it there for me for free. Then I went to the bus stop and booked a van to Kinabalu Park. I wish I would have went to Kadut instead to do a river cruise and see the tip of Borneo. I might still do it, we’ll see. Before I left I got one more order or roti cobra. It was very different from the first but very good. Good news is that I got the money from that stupid kid who ripped of Ajie and Boy. I contacted his mom on Facebook and she messaged me back and sent the rest of the money.

5 September 2018

Haanii and her friend needed their sleep from being hungover the day before and the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t leave for the jetty early enough again today. We went by to see if they were still running boats but they weren’t. So we had lunch, got coffees and went to signal hill instead. It was nice. Then we went back to Haanii’s and I took a nap and finished editing photos. Haanii dropped of Hair and picked up her friend from the airport and was out late again so I went to bed.

4 September 2018

Today we were supposed to get up early and I was going to go to the islands but Haanii stayed up all night drinking. So she came home and slept and I read all morning. When she woke up, I met you friend Hair and we went for some port noodle soup for breakfast. Then we went and got my boots and dropped off my jacket. I also got some things from the pharmacy. Then we went back to Haanii’s and she and her friend went to play frisbee. I stayed home and edited photos. They brought me home some food.

3 September 2018

I woke up and met Haanii for lunch. We went to Yee Fung where they supposedly have the best Laksa. Haanii got laksa and I got clay pot chicken rice. It was ok. I was jealous of he Laksa. I’ll have to come back for that. Then we walked around town for a bit. We went to the mall and we dropped my boots off to a guy on the street that fixes shoes. We hung out at the waterfront and got a bunch of snacks and then we ate cheese roti at a place near her house. I was super tired but Haanii went out with friends.

2 September 2018

I arrived in KK and immediately found a girl to stay with named Haanii. I booked a hostel that was really cheap RM14 at Akinabalu Youth Hostel and ate dinner (for something called Roti Cobra YUM) then I went to meet her and her friend Chung where they were eating dinner at the jetty. On the way I went through an outdoor market where they were selling some delicious looking seafood. Then we went to a beach and built a fire and just hung out and talked til about midnight.
Today I woke up and tried to do the last free trek but it took way longer to get there than the map said so I went to the start of the trek and then went back to shower and pack. I ate lunch and then took a taxi to the airport only to find out that the airline only takes cash. I had to walk back to the park and get cash out with them (they charged me a fee) and then walked about to the airport just as all the tourists were arriving. I waited in line forever to check my bag and finally got on my plane to Kota Kinabalu.

1 September 2018

I did the Paku loop walk and went to the waterfall in the morning. Then ate lunch and did the Deer and Lang cave tour. It poured rain on us so that was pretty uncomfortable but the caves were cool. I got back to the hostel, dried off, got dinner at the neighboring cafe and then tried to book a flight for the next day but the internet was so bad I couldn’t get it to work.

31 August 2018

Today I woke up hungover. Peeled myself out of bed and went to do laundry. There was a woman there also doing laundry who was so sweet and gave me some detergent so I didn’t have to buy a whole big thing. I have her my left over tokens. I had breakfast next door and had some not very good kolo mee but really good coffee. I finished my laundry and went back to my hostel to pack. They let me check out late which was really nice. Then I took a grab to the airport and stopped at an atm on the way because there are no ATMs in mulu and it sounds really expensive. Thinking I’ll only spent two nights and most likely heading to sabah in a couple of days.
Arrived in Mulu and took a taxi to the park for RM 5. Checked in at the hostel. The guy there was kind of a dick. The hostel is mostly empty which is great. I basically have my own room. I walked around getting a pay of the land. Took a nap and then went on the botany walk at sunset. It was cool and peaceful. Lots of sounds.

30 August 2018

Today I woke up and went back to tasty point to find laksa. It was closed again! I got some at the food court across the street and it definitely wasn’t as tasty as it was back in Kuching. Then I met Ezra for coffee. Is went back to the hostel to figure out my finances and edit photos. Then I met Ezra and his friends again at Ming Cafe. There was one guy who was a tour guide at Bako that I don’t think liked Americans very much. We went to another bar called Bar thyme to see a live band and then we went to a place called Alice in Borneoland to see another live band. Was fun but I drank too much.

29 August 2018

Today I explored Miri. I went to Summit cafe for brunch. The food was really good. Has some veggies and chicken and black rice. Then I went to the handicraft museum. The stuff there was really awesome, I wish I could afford it and had room in my bag. Then I went to the fan park and read for a bit. Then I went back to my hostel for a nap and then I took a grab Canada Hill. There is a petroleum museum on top of the hill and a cafe with a really great view of the city and the ocean. I saw some people climbing up through the forest and I thought that was a short cut but it wasn’t. It just made a loop. I got some good photos of the sunset colors through the trees but I got very dirty. I took a grab back to my hostel for a shower and the. Set out to find some of the restaurants I’d read about. I went to tasty point for laksa or curry noodles but it was closed and so was a cafe center called WZT. I figured I’d try them both in the morning. I settled for a Ramly burger.

28 August 2018

I got out of the cave, went back to my hostel and took a shower. Then I called the taxi from the night before and went to the bus stop. There I picked up a bus to Miri. It was insanely bumpy and about 2 hours. I arrived in Miri and went to my hostel: coco house which is also a diving place. I have the entire form to myself with air con and the rest of the hostel is pretty dead as well. I ventured out for a bit for some dinner, came back, did some yoga and now I’m going to sleep.
Today I woke up a bit late and went to the headquarters to register and get a map. Then I ate breakfast. The guy working in the cafeteria was super rude. He said all they had was fried noodles. It was good at least. Then I went to the jetty to cross the river. I was surprised to see that the river was super small so I assumed we would travel down the river a ways. The boatman told me to get a headlamp from the museum. So I did. Then I went back down to the jetty to go down the river. The boatman picked up three other tourists and brought them over. They went up to the museum and I figured the boatman wanted to wait for them to come back down before he took me. I waited and waited for about an hour until I finally went up to the museum to hurry the trio along. The museum staff told me the trail was to the right of the museum. The asshole boatman let me wait for an hour without saying anything to me! Smh. Anyway I started on my trek. There were lots of butterflies and the walk was nice.
The first cave was beautiful. It was huge and had a nice view from the mouth at the mountains across the way. It was very sweaty and there were tons of bats which I thought was cool. The walk was tough... up a lot of stairs and dark at times. The second cave was enormous as well with lots of green colors. The third cave was kinda meh but apparently there are rock paintings and some coffins were found there. There evidence of humans in these caves from 40,000 years ago. Pretty wild.

27 August 2018

I got off the bus... was SO bumpy... I hurt my back from flying up and out of my seat. I got to the bus terminal and asked for a taxi as there was no Grab. The guys standing around all laughed at me but eventually pointed me towards someone that would drive me. The guy wanted RM50 for a 15km ride. I argued with him for a while, agreed on 40 and scolded him the whole way. In the end I told him I’d give him 30 and promise to call him to get me the next day. He finally agreed. I arrived at the hostel and was surprised to see that it was completely empty. I had the entire place to myself. The cafeteria was closed but the lady made me some dinner anyway.
This morning, I took the time to do my hair and put on a bit of makeup hoping it’d make me feel better. It did. I had breakfast and talked with Jeremy a bit and then took a grab to the bus station. There were dudes waiting there that ushered me to a counter where I purchased a ticket for RM35 which was 5 under the usual price. I booked a hostel inside the park for RM40 for tonight.

26 August 2018

I arrived in Sibu around 8pm. No one was at my hostel. I had to call to have them let me in. The room was big and I was alone so that was nice. I went out to check out the night market. The walk was actually pretty scary. Not a whole lot of people spoke English and lots of guys slowed down to stare at me. The night market was the worst I’ve seen. I spend RM 10 on dim sum and I couldn’t ben finish it it was so gross. I ended up talking to Brad and it was really awkward. I went to bed feeling pretty dumb and alone. So I’m going to Niah tomorrow. Hoping some good nature and maybe some other backpackers will put me in a better mood.
I told him if he wanted more money, he needed to get it from Kipli because I’d over paid for the boat ride. Then he pointed to the traffic and told me what a pain/how much work it was to bring me back to Betong. I told Tiffany what was going on and she got pretty upset. When we finally arrived in Betong, Tiffany was pretty worried. I realized I’d scared her telling her he touched me. She seemed really worried about me. We got lunch and went back to her place so I could get ready to leave for the bus. We picked up the bus on the side of the road. It cost me RM 30 to get to Sibu.
When we got back, Kipli told me the driver would be there at 10am. When 10am rolled around and he wasn’t there, I noticed Halima and Kipli talking about something and I sensed that my driver was either late or wasn’t showing up. Finally the driver showed. I got in the car and we started driving away. He was really strange and kept burping. Then he touched my leg and said something about my tattoo. He told me he was sick and that’s why he kept burping and asked me for medicine. Then he asked me how much my homestay was. And asked how much I was supposed to give him. I told him 30 like we’d talked about the day prior. He said no that wasn’t enough. He said the other driver couldn’t make it and that he was called last minute and he was told he was driving two people. I said that wasn’t my problem. At this point I was pretty irritated. He was weird and bothering me and I’d already spent way too much on the trip.
Today I woke up at 6am. Halima made us breakfast: fried noodles with eggs. Then Kipli took me in the boat down the river. We stopped at the park headquarters so I could pay my entry fee (RM20) and then we went down the river for about an hour. We only saw a couple of common monkeys but the ride was peaceful. I found a caterpillar on my shirt but other than that the ride was pretty uneventful and I was feeling a bit disappointed, like I’d spent way too much on the experience for what it was.

25 August 2018

Today Tiffany and I woke up at 6am, went and got breakfast and then headed off to Maludam. The ferry was easy, was like it was waiting for us. We drove for about 30 minutes before we finally found the Maludam village. We called the park office and he gave us the number of a boatman/tour guide. We met up with him and he told us the water was too low to go down the river today but that he could take us tomorrow early in the morning. He said all the animals are around early and go back to hiding during the day. He said it would cost us RM200. I thought that was way too much but he invited us to a cafe for coffee to tell us a bit more about it.

22 August 2018

Today I woke up at the Boi and Ajie’s, nursing a hangover. We went to the studio. I had lunch at the Chinese place again. Kolo mee, this time the special with orange noodles.

21 August 2018

Today I checked out of my hostel and came to the studio. Boi made some changes to my piece and then I got tattooed! The last hour was very painful. Then we went back to their place and ate dinner, drank tuak and beers until I couldn’t anymore and then I passed out.

20 August 2018

Today I didn’t do much. I came back to the studio with the guys and I sat and did some reading and looking through books for my tattoo design. I decided to add some more detail to the dragon, add a blooming flower instead of a leaf and a spider. Then I went back to my hostel and relaxed. I met up with a Romanian guy from tinder for dinner.

19 August 2018

Today I took a Grab to Ajie’s. I met his housemates and we went with his friend, Ezra to a longhouse in Annah Rais. We met a musician there who also makes instruments. Ezra was getting bamboo to make nose flutes. We sat and talked for a few hours. I got to take a look around and take photos. We drank rice wine and tuak. Then we got Kolo mee and went home and slept. Talked to my sister today, she’s pregnant!

14 August 2018

Today I woke up early, ate my Nasi Lemak and got a grab to the bus terminal. I didn’t have any single ringgits so my Grab driver said not to worry and gave me the ride for free! The girls at the ticketing counter were really sweet too. Yesterday I tried to buy the bus ticket online and the website crashed but it took my money. At the ticketing counter, the ticket printer ran out of paper. I wondered if this was a sign that I wasn’t supposed to get on my plane. I picked up some snacks at a stand, I hope they let me bring them in to the gate.

13 August 2018

I arrived in Johor around 5pm. The bus station was crowded. I ordered a Grab and went to my hostel. It’s very cute. It’s called Memory guesthouse. Run by two men who are very helpful. The place is clean and friendly with cats, birds and fish. Lots of weird old men staying here though. I got settled in and went to the night market. It was great. Busy, had lots of food and vendors. I got Laksa and rojak that we’re just meh. I got some tasty looking Nasi Lemak for breakfast tomorrow though. I bought a vintage silk bomber that I think I paid too much for but it’s ok because the kid selling it to me was adorable. He wanted to see my Instagram and got a photo with me and asked if he could tag me in it. I walked back and felt bad because a man walked with me and I think he was harmless but he asked way too many questions.
Today I woke up, packed my bag, had breakfast and got on a ferry back to Mersing. We sat on the ferry for about a half an hour and then they made us get onto a new ferry. Not quite sure why. I was very worried about my bag. The new ferry barely had any room. I sat next to a family of four all of whom were sleeping. One of the boys was taking up two seats and the Dad next to me was holding his youngest and her head was basically flopping in my lap the whole time. We docked in Mersing and they didn’t lose my bag (yay!) I got a ramly burger and went to the bus stop where I ran into the Italian boys again! They missed their bus to Singapore because it was full. We played a game of scopa and boarded a bus with no air conditioning (it was SO hot today) to Johor Bahru.

12 August 2018

I found out the tattoo guy in Kuching isn’t available until Thursday so I have a few days to kill. Amandine suggested I go to Singapore but I’ve decided against it. It’s too expensive to fly from there and I hear Singapore is expensive.
Today I woke up a little late and had egg roti again at the Indian place at the end of the beach. Then Amandine and I set off to hike to Monkey Bay. We left around noon, did the 15 min trek to Sanuba and then about an hour more to monkey beach. It was beautiful. We had a rest there but kept going to monkey Bay. The trail was a bit unclear so we got a little lost but we made it to Monkey Bay. It was beautiful and secluded. We did a bit of snorkeling but Amandine got stung by a jelly fish so we went back in. We were going to take a water taxi back but it was a bit expensive so we decided to walk back. The walk back was much faster, about an hour and half. We got back, I took a shower and we met for dinner at the same place we had dinner yesterday. We got chicken curry and veggie curry and shared. At the restaurant there was a kitten that was causing fights with all the other cats. After dinner I went back to my room to do some research.

11 August 2018

Today Amandine and I had egg roti at Nazrine’s, the Indian place at the end of the beach. Then we set off to hike to Juara Beach. It was hard. Took us about 3 hours. The first part was mostly uphill on a paved road. Stopped at waterfall otw. When we got there we ate lunch then we laid on the beach in some hammocks and read and took naps. At sunset we decided to walk back. About ten minutes in, I saw a car driving by so I stuck my thumb out. He stopped and said he’d bring us back for RM 30 which is less than half of what the taxis were charging. So we did it. The guy was super funny and showed us some stuff on the way back. He informed us that we didn’t go the right way to get there. We took the road instead of the trek which is twice the distance! And also more of an incline at 1400 m. That made us laugh. When we got back to ABC we took showers and found a place for dinner that served big portions. Then we went to the bar that has live music and had a beer each. Went to bed around midn

8 August 2018

Today I woke up, went to the corner that the hostel manager told me about has cheap food. There was only one stall and there were about 30 policemen tearing there. They all stared at me, pointed and laughed and talked about me and then took photos of me without asking. The food was ok. And it wasn’t that cheap. Then I took a nap, packed and took a grab to the bus station. I took the bus from Melaka to mersing. Got my ferry ticket sorted and changed my hotel room because there were some nice indian ladies waiting for us at the bus station that knew of a cheaper bed in a hostel. I met two Italian boys and had dinner and dessert with them.

7 August 2018

Woke up and went to the sky tower for sunset and went to Ee Ji Ban for chicken rice balls which were overpriced and very disappointing.
Woke up around 11 today. Walked around the block looking for food. Ended up going to a Muslim place around the corner. Went to Porta de Santiago and St Paul’s cathedral then walked to Jonker street. Stopped at some Buddhist temples then walked back to the hostel for a nap and a shower.

6 August 2018

Then I decided to catch sunset at the floating mosque so I walked about 20 minutes to the Malala straights. It was beautiful and the chanting at sunset was the best I’ve heard so far. So magical.
Got to my hostel. It’s lovely. I have a private room for $5. It’s super cute, well decorated, very clean. The common area is very nice. The manager is sweet, knowledgeable and very friendly. Plus there’s a cute cat that was sleeping in the entryway when I arrived. The showers are nice... warm water!!! Close to everything but tucked away in a quiet street.
I contacted a Turkish guy I’d been talking to on couchsurfing and he said he was at Jonker walk so I started heading there. Someone saw me walking alone though and said it was dangerous so he offered to drive me. Jonker walk is very cute. I’m excited to see it during the day. There are brightly lit bikes all around with music playing on them. I walked up and down one street and found a cute cafe with life music. The Turkish guy met me there, we had some teh Tarik and then he invited me to his hostel for dinner. There I met a Spanish couple that had driven to Malaysia all the way from Spain!
The hostel manager suggested I go to the mall nearby and get some food in the food court. I was surprised to find out that he was right, the food was local, looked delicious and was very cheap. I settled on an Indian place and got vegetarian chapati with tea.
Today I’m heading to Malacca. Matt was really nice and drove me all the way to the TBS bus station where I could pick up the bus that goes straight to Malacca. I had a rough morning. Woke up late and realized that my external battery still wasn’t all the way charged. He gave me a new charger and a cord which was really nice of him. Then my backpack zipper broke and he was able to fix it. Then I got my period. So he really made my morning easier. When I got to the bus station, it was really easy to buy a ticket and it was only RM10. They also had a really cheap food court where I was able to get some Nasi Lemak and a Kopi Tarik. The bus is really nice and comfortable. I’ve booked a room at The Lavender in Melacca. It looks really cute and I have my own room.

5 August 2018

After the caves we went back to chinatown to look for a place to get a drink. We went to The Berlin because I’d read a lot about it and they had 2 for 2 monitos. When we got there, it was completely dead and a bit awkward so we ended up going to The Attic again and had some fancy cocktails. I had a gin drink and Justin had a rum drink. Then we went a place called reggae bar which was much more casual and they had cheap drinks. We got two pitchers of margaritas. Then I walked to the bus and caught the last one home. On the walk back, I stopped at the Chinese restaurant again to see about the waffle sandwiches but they were closed :(. So I went to an Indian restaurant around the corner and got roti instead.
Today I got a late start. I went back to the Chinese restaurant SS8 to look for the waffle sandwiches but they didn’t have them so I got some Wantan mee soup instead. Everyone stared at me and everyone seems to be frustrated with serving me. Then I messaged A guy I’d been talking to ton Tinder, Justin to see if he wanted to go to the Batu caves with me. He said yes so he kindly bought me a grab to meet him in Subway, a suburb north of the city. Batu caves were nice but everything was being repainted so there was an annoying bright floodlight in the middle and all the totems were covered. There were lots of monkeys! We got to do a tour through the dark caves which was really nice.

4 August 2018

On the way to look for Merdeka square I passed by the eco forest so I decided to stop through for a look. It exceeded my expectations. There’s a canopy walk on elevated bridges above the trees overlooking the city and with nice views of KL tower. It was lovely. Until I tried to get out. I walked for a while and it was getting dark, it was very hot and the mosquitos were coming out. Every time I thought I reached an exit, landslides were blocking the pathway or the gate out was locked. I started panicking thinking I’d have to call the police to let me out. Also I came upon a family of monkeys that wouldn’t let me pass. I finally retraced my steps back to KL tour and saw a guard outside the gate would unlocked it and let me out.
Then I headed off to Bukit Bintang as I was supposed to meet some Couchsurfers at 8pm at Jalan Alor for dinner. I loved it! It was a huge open air night food stall market. The food was a bit pricey but awesome and so much to choose from. I spent about two hours there waiting for some couchsurfers to show up and nobody did. There was a girl who finally showed up around 10pm but by then I’d realized I needed to catch the last bus back to Perdang by 11:30. So I left and found a bar that had been recommended to me to have a beer and charge my phone. It was called The Attic, which is a hidden cocktail bar on top of a trendy hostel called Travel Hub.
Then I attempted to head to Merdeka square but my phone died so I went to a coffee shop across the street called Lucy in the Sky. There my phone’s internet stopped working. I thought it had something to do with my antenna again but after a few hours I realized the basic internet that came with my SIM card was not sufficient. I tried to buy a plan but my card would t work. Luckily Matt was there again to save the day and he was kind enough to load my credit up for me. My internet started working again and all was well
Today I left the house in the afternoon because I wanted to check out the city at night. First place I went to was a Hindu temple called Sri Mahamariamman. It was 20c to put my shoes in a box. The temple was very colorful.

3 August 2018

Today I woke up and had a FaceTime with Ashley. Then I took a shower, packed my bag. Some Indian men arrived late last night and had overtaken the bathroom. They stared at me a lot and were very loud hawking loogies and coughing up, what sounded like, an organ while brushing their teeth. One of them pissed all over the floor and the toilet seat and sprayed their ass water all over the bathroom stall. It was very unpleasant and kinda freaks me out about going to India. It also made me glad that I have a different place to stay tonight. I left my bag at the front desk of the hostel and went out to explore.
First, I explored nearby Chinatown. It was vibrant and busy with tons of delicious looking food. I got a pork bun, some chicken Nasi Lemak and a bag of iced tea and did some window shopping. Then I went out to get my self acclimated with the rest of the city. I wandered to KL tower but it was a bit bright to get any good photos. I wanted to go to the top but it was very expensive. I took the KLgo bus there which was free. Then I found my way to the Petronas Towers and Bukit Bintang. The park surrounding Petronius Towers was lovely. But I still couldn’t get a great photo. Bukit Bintang was a high end shopping center with places like Louis Vuitton and Guess and Burberry. So I mainly just hung out for the air conditioning.

2 August 2018

I arrived at The airport in Kuala Lumpur. I found the airport bus easily and took it to the city for RM 10. Then it dropped me off at KL central. The bus driver was very crabby when he was asked about how to get to chinatown. I walked up and down the sidewalk trying to find out what minibus I should take to chinatown. Finally the transport manager took me to the right bus and a friendly Indian man brought me all the way to my hostel. When I arrived, I immediately noticed that there were lots of attractive dudes sitting outside. I went to my room which was quite small and there I met another young Indian man and a Spanish girl. The Indian man asked me if I wanted to go to dinner. I went downstairs to find him and he kind of ignored me. So I talked to an African dude that had been at the hostel for a while. He took me to dinner at an Indian restaurant around the corner where we had roti canai. It was DELICIOUS. I’m hooked.