North America · 13 Days · 155 Moments · June 2017

Voyage to Canada and New England

8 July 2017

MS line 😊
Nashvegas....almost back...
Teaching Doc Waze and collecting states. Just missing Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Rhode Island....
Lunch on the road. Thankful for the south πŸ˜‡
Back in Virginia again πŸ˜…
Leaving our gas station stop....scott starts to drive off and leave me....good thing the in laws said, "are you going to wait on your wife?"
We thought we might make West Virginia but it's actually just Virginia again. We looked up why we have West Virginia and Virginia and it related to counties that did not want to succeed from the union dating back to the civil war.
We saw Juneteenth street. We looked it up and it is the African-American Independence Day related to abolition of slavery. Who knew?
Cool church in downtown Winston Salem
Dean Smith Center - UNC Basketball
Duke Tip camp
Architecture at Duke University
Entrance to Duke University

7 July 2017

Welcome back to the south! And they had biscuits....
Sent drawbridge picture to Vickie Morgan Cochran....not her favorite for sure!
Snack/dessert after Subway late lunch is Charm City Cakes' marble cake πŸ˜‹πŸ’œ
October 19, 1781 This is Surrender Field where Cornwallis surrendered. They were not awarded an honorable war surrender as Lincoln was not respected wth such in our defeat in Charleston.
American redoubt
The American Line (redoubt or Forge line #10 and the French was # 9). The main line created to take out the British.
Auto tour led by CD of the Battle at Yorktown
2nd French siege line
French battery line across from the British line
The British inner defense line (stop A on the auto tour within Yorktown)
A little wildlife. A deer family.
Yorktown Museum
Supposed to be 100 degrees today. Whoo!! That's warm.
Doc liked it too
Went to the Jamestown visitors center twice to get Luke a sword.
Luke and Scott shared and "Amanda" Coke Zero with me πŸ˜‡
Black trail hike. Luke and I ran back! Proud of ourselves.
Doc learning the proper way to eat a banana 🍌

6 July 2017

Williamsburg shops
Homewood suites - Yorktown
Just a little rainy today. Was a good day to be in route.
The further south we get, the better it gets because there's not much there....Doc said my statement was very profound and true!!
Traffic Jam...
Fresh pasta lunch πŸ˜‹
Charm City Cakes! #weloveduff
Edgar Allen Poe house
National Dentistry Museum

5 July 2017

Dinner with cousins and family
A long awaited visit with family πŸ’™
Naval Academy and Museum and WWII Memorial of Maryland
Naval Academy and Museum and WWII Memorial of Maryland
Naval Academy and Museum and WWII Memorial of Maryland
Naval Academy and Museum and WWII Memorial of Maryland
Lu orders southern fried chicken at a crab house.....we learned to shell our own and man was it a lot of work but worth it. Excellent seasoning!!
Oriole's field

4 July 2017

Traveling through Delaware on the way to Baltimore
And a cannoli in the "I...Talian" district.
We chose Pat's for our Phillie cheese. πŸ˜‹
Big Bus Tour Phillie
The Liberty Bell
In Philadelphia for Independence Day. Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

3 July 2017

Just a stroll in downtown Phillie
Chinatown in Phillip
The uber experience
Museum of the American Revolution
Entering Philadelphia
Washington Memorial Chapel
Valley Forge
Amish Country

2 July 2017

Hershey's tour
The bean doesn't fall far from the tree....
Reese's and a free chocolate tour. Heaven?
Our next point of interest is exciting for each of us.....chocolate makes everyone happy πŸ˜‹
Covering 5 states today....lots of riding in the car. A good day after such a long day in Boston. 😎
Hello, Pennsylvania! 😊
Just a dunkin donut snack πŸ˜‹our one stop in New Jersey.
So far only one 1 mile accident delay. Not too bad for over 2,000 miles.
Luke...this trophy is lit. can use it like a microphone. Ah!!!!
Just a quick lunch at Panera bread in route to Hersey, PA.
My attempt to capture the welcome to Connecticut sign...πŸ˜“
The trophy for Free Throw king!
If my parents would just get along today.....
Free Throw Shooting Competition- So Luke was the Free Throw Shooter Champion at the Basketball Hall of Fame!!!! What a cool experience. There were 41 competitors. As competitors #21 and 22 Scott and Luke made it to the second round, and Luke made it to final round. He won by being the only one to make 3 out of 3 in the finals!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
How big is my wingspan, mom?
Basketball Hall of Fame

1 July 2017

Enjoying our blueberry pie from Maine. πŸ˜‹yummy!!
Dinner at Red Heat after a long touring day in Boston
Plymouth Rock
The Boston Trolley Tour
Boston Trolley Tour and Harbor Tour
Breakfast! Luke orders carrot cake and a Reese's cup. Doc and Mimi order egg sandwiches and milk. The server asks "Do you want your milk cold?" I immediately say, YES, please.
Made it to Boston

30 June 2017

A quick trip to target. Why not?
Pressed Cafe....excellent panini's and Stubborn soda. A Hit! I had pineapple cream soda, the McDonalds had lemon/berry, Luke had root beer and Scott had black cherry πŸ˜‹
Massachusetts state line
Bridge that is New Hampshire's state line.
On the way to Plymouth's open 24 hours. We said that was good because traffic was rough. Doc says, "it's just a rock"....we all laughed 🀣it's just a dang rock....
Maine Lobster
Just a snack at Wicked maple whoopie and blueberry milk...Luke: peanut butter whoopie and chocolate milk...scangle: oatmeal cookie whoopie and chocolate milk. πŸ˜‹
Original LL Bean Store
Only in Main in the summer can you buy a cute wool hat πŸ’
Camden, ME
Lincolnville, ME
Great breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor, ME

29 June 2017

Snack time 🍬🐻
We is now in Maine.
We found a fantastic lobster roll local spot (The Red Barn). Yum!!! The seafood stew was the best and even the onion rings were a hit. The best part was when they called, "Barbara" all of us were outside at at the table but Doc. He said when he went to get the food every eye in the whole place was on him. We said, "you should have said 'don't ask' and walked off". Was hilarious.
Crossed over into New Hampshire
Cabot cheese factory
Braggs Farm for the true Vermont maple experience
The skinny pancake was the selection for lunch. Luke enjoyed the local chocolate milk and we enjoyed crepe sandwiches. Scott had the BLT and I had the Lumberjack (ham, Cabot cheese and apples). πŸ˜‹
We came...we saw....we conquered the minivermonster!!
Locally grown strawberries at a really cool local market

28 June 2017

Forgot the cranberry Cole slaw!! So good πŸ˜‹
What a great find! Southern/Louisiana influenced restaurant "Hattie's". Loving the fried okra, blackened catfish, red beans and rice, fried chicken (their famous dish) and wagyu skirt steak!!
Only in New York would people stop in the middle of the road and stop traffic on both sides for PICK UP AN ARMADILLO and carry it to the side of the road....seriously!
Another Hall of Fame in the books. This time Baseball. Definitely worth the trip. Tons of memorabilia and history. Luke's favorite part was the ring collection. #takemeouttotheballgame #america'spasstime
What do you do while riding in the middle of nowhere New York? Eat your maple leaf sucker from Canada or Canananada as Luke would say.
When in New York eat Pizza. Even if it is Pizza from Boston πŸ˜‚
Doc relaxing not long after crossing the border in the car. Was a long uphill hike back from the falls! 🚘
Driving down the road and Luke says, "will got his phone back!" It was the highlight of his trip πŸ’š
Tim Horton's doughnuts and Wendy's poutine πŸ˜‹
Made the first ferry at the falls!

27 June 2017

Hanging out waiting for the fireworks and light show on the falls....the casino across the river in the US posted, "Got Gas?...We do!....starting at 2.35/gallon". Highly entertaining!
Lake Ontario (2 of the Great Lakes down)
Butterfly Conservatory at Niagra. Luke even had one land on his arm and hang out.
Canada Border
Yum! Home of the original Buffalo Wings.
Doc enjoying some zzz's while in route. 😴
Harbor on Lake Erie
And the tolls begin πŸ˜…
Made it to New York!
Lake Erie! One of the Great Lakes.
Arriving in PA
Even the rest areas have surprises :) love the daisies!
Last night we enjoyed the Bison burgers at Mulligans.....Back in the van headed to Buffalo, New York. Considering for lunch the original buffalo wing location. Do we totally focus on food all the time? Maybe so, but it is vacation. It's about a 3.5 hour ride. The plan for today is to check out the butterfly conservatory and maybe the bird kingdom near Niagara falls. The hotel is supposed to have a view of the falls. Let's see what happens!!

26 June 2017

Great meal at the end of a long road trip day! I ordered the charbroiled filet mignon Pittsburgh style (with French Fries on top) and blue cheese dressing. Very interesting but really good!
Stopped for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Saw the inductees busts, super bowl rings, and watched the behind the scenes play by play of Super Bowl 51
Luckily we checked Waze before we entered Cincinnati, because we were able to take an exit and avoid a good bit of traffic in Covington, KY just across the state line.
Thank goodness for Waze! Helped us avoid a traffic jam resulting from construction.
Quick Lunch stop....I chose BK and walked across the street for it. Everyone else had Taco Bell. How fun were the sauce packs! Doc had already talked about how he did not bring his wedding ring. We said, "Guess that means your available! The casserole committee is on their way." Ha! Well....his sauce pack said, "I'm taken". Perfect. Scott's said "it's just the beginning." Mine (borrowed from Luke) said, "I'm yours forever". We all posed for picture opps.
In route to Canton, Ohio. Traveling through Kentucky along the Indiana line....hoping to get to Canton in time to tour the NFL Hall of Fame. Should be there around 6, and it closes at 8...
Sweet Potato Pancakes and country ham πŸ€”Yes, please! πŸ˜‹
We did have to pitstop for McDonalds mochas on the way out. Thanks, Doc!
And we're off. Headed to Nashville's Pancake Pantry. Just a little traffic, but so far a smooth ride in our loaded out Dodge Caravan.