Canada, Australia · 21 Days · 20 Moments · March 2017

25 March 2017

Well our time in Australia has come to an end. Today we completed our last tour which took us up to the Blue Mountains. There we saw the Three Sisters rock formation and the Katoomba Falls. We also got to ride a skyrail, cable car, and the worlds steepest railway. On our way home we got to see the Olympic stadiums and take a cruise down the river back to the harbour. For dinner we ate at the Lindt Cafe. We're up bright and early tomorrow to head to the airport.

24 March 2017

We paid for the hop on hop off ferry today which came with a $1 Sydney Tower Eye ticket. We rode the ferry to Fort Denison first which used to be like a protection station for the inner harbour. Next we went to Manly Beach. At Manly Beach there was a big volleyball tournament. It was raining so they gave us ponchos to sit down and watch for a bit. After riding the ferry back to Sydney we hopped a bus to the world famous Bondi Beach. We finished off the night with a trip up the Sydney Tower.

23 March 2017

After a chill day in Byron Bay we hopped on an overnight bus and we made it to Sydney! Today we went for a walk and found the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and an observatory. It was raining at night so we went for a walk inside two different malls.

21 March 2017

We're in Byron Bay (aka hippieville)!!! The beach is so gorgeous. We hiked up to the lighthouse today and had the most amazing view. Hopefully the weather holds up for tomorrow!

20 March 2017

We made it to Surfers Paradise today and it's exactly like the name describes. The waves are huge and the beach goes on forever. I did some surfing lessons today with Cheyne Horan and it was awesome. I managed to stand up a few times. I've got quite a few bruises and got stung pretty good on my hand by a Portuguese Man'O War. After a nice hot shower and a towel wrap all of the welts have gone down. We walked around all the shops and then wandered the beach to finish off the day.

19 March 2017

Today we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and it was so fun. We saw dingoes, wombats, lizards, kangaroos, and of course koalas. We got to feed the kangaroos and hold a koala!

18 March 2017

We made it to Brisbane and it's amazing here. The whole city is situated along either side of the Brisbane River. We hopped the free city hopper ferry over to South Bank which is absolutely amazing. There's a cycle/walkway for as long as you can see along the river. There's also an awesome pool with a beach along one side of it. We managed to find the Brisbane sign and the Brisbane wheel. On our way home we stopped of at Kangaroo Point and had a great view of the sun setting. Now we're laying in bed with dinner and a $4.50 bottle of wine 😊🍷

17 March 2017

After a very long bus ride we finally made it to Noosa! Although we didn't do much here, I really enjoyed it. It's a posh little town with a gorgeous beach and a pretty cool national park. We wandered the park with the hopes of finding a koala bear. Although we didn't find a real one, we didn't find a tribute to a poor koala bear who was killed by a dog a few years ago. In the morning we're off to Brisbane!!

16 March 2017

This update is coming to you from the Greyhound bus at the start of our 17 hour bus ride to Noosa. Yippee. At least the bus has leather seats, A/C, and free wifi! Today we had an amazing trip out to the Whitsunday Islands. Our day started off bright and early at 6:30am in the Port of Airlie. We hopped a ferry to the beautiful Whitehaven beach. This beach is 90% silica and has been voted the best beach in Australia for many years. It was so amazing (see photo). Next we went to Daydream Island where we saw wallabies!! So cool!

15 March 2017

We safely arrived in Airlie Beach this morning and it had to be 38 degrees out. There was a thunderstorm last night in Cairns. I've never seen so much water fall in a short period of time nor have I heard thunder so loud! Anyways, after a long hike up a hill to our hotel, we packed our bags to head down to the beach. We sat in the lagoon for 2 hours then picked up some food at Woolworths for a fantastic homemade dinner. Now we're sitting on our bed in a nice air conditioned room listening to a crap ton of cockatoos screaming at each other.

14 March 2017

We rode the train up to the village of Kuranda today. It was such a neat experience. The track consisted of 98 bridges and 15 tunnels. At one point we stopped and got to hop off the train and check out the Barron Falls (unfortunately those photos are only on my camera, so you'll have to see those later). We rode the Skyrail down and it was amazing to see how the rainforest just went on forever and ever. We finished off the night with a walk around the night market. Now we just have to kill time until we catch our bus at 1am....

13 March 2017

Today I got to go back out to the reef ❤ We left the hostel at 7 to head to the Jetty to hop aboard the Compass Cruises boat. Snorkelling the reef with Mom was such a cool experience. We saw some huge bump-headed parrot fish and I got to see a turtle. Tomorrow we're off to the village of Kurranda

12 March 2017

Today I just relaxed and hung out at the lagoon and in my nice air conditioned room. And guess who made it here?!?

11 March 2017

Today was a nice and relaxing day. Aside from still being boat drunk, (aka land sickness) I managed to make my way to the Cairns Botanical Gardens. While I was there I hiked up part of Mount Whitfield. Tonight I think I'll make my way down to the night markets and see what I can find for dinner.

9 March 2017

So we got lost again and we didn't get to see Bryan (not Bruce) but....... WE SAW A SHARK. And I still have all of my fingers and toes. It was a white tipped reef shark and about 2m long! We did get to see more turtles today and some pretty huge fish. Hopefully tomorrow we won't get lost :) (ps - when we get lost, we aren't really lost, just surfacing cause we aren't sure where the boat is)

8 March 2017

Well our journey out to the reef came to an end today :( We did find Nemo though!! I had a really awesome time and am sad to be back on land but happy to be able to take a warm shower and just lay in bed for a while. Tonight we are having dinner at a restaurant on the Esplanade and then it'll be time to say goodbye to my new friends.
So far I have done 5 dives and they've all been amazing. We've seen so many huge fish and a couple of turtles. They tell us that tonight we might see Big Bruce, a 140 year old green sea turtle! Yesterday I had a turtle almost touch my face and today we got to follow one for 2 minutes. Our first dive on our own we got pretty lost and the boat had to come pick us up! Today we got less lost and managed to make it back to the boat safely. The food on this boat is amazing and all of the staff are awesome and hilarious. Hopefully the rest of the dive will be hurt as good!

7 March 2017

Today was a super chill day. I decided it was probably best to avoid the sun considering how bad my sunburn is. I still had to take a dip in the lagoon though. I wandered the Cairns Central Mall and then made my way to the dive shop to try on my gear. I also made a pit stop at Reef Teach where they taught us where to look for specific organisms. Now I'm all set to head out to the reef tomorrow!

6 March 2017

I'd have to say my first day here was pretty awesome. Aside from getting my first sunburn, I spent a few hours swimming in the 28 degree ocean and at the Lagoon at the Cairns Esplanade. I successfully found a didgeridoo store and managed to ride the bus all the way to gorgeous Palm stop: Woolworths to buy more sunscreen.

3 March 2017

Well, the day has finally come. After months of waiting I'm on my way to Australia. After a short 14 hour and 40 minutes flight I will officially touchdown in the land down under!