Sri Lanka · 9 Days · 14 Moments · November 2016

Surfing Trip to Sri Lanka

12 November 2016

Last supper with the surf crew at Cafe Ceylon. We had the mahi mahi w wasabi mash and chicken w mushrooms, pumpkin and green beans. Was perfect 👌

11 November 2016

Nov 10 - Day 9: Regular morning routine for me, Aaron went w the guys to a bigger break called Lazy Right which looked crazy! I caught 10 good ones on the hard board so tomorrow I will go to a bigger break as well. After surf and lunch we had free time until dinner so we went to this hotel called W15 and hung out at the pool. Read our book and ordered mocktails, had a contest w a surf instructor and snowboard instructor on who could swim the farthest holding their breath and I won by a long shot! Lots of practice from swimming laps in the pool in Thailand I guess:) A storm looked like it was rolling in so we headed back and prepped for dinner - the most amazing fish & handmade chips w an onion, beetroot & mango salad. Great stuff!

10 November 2016

Nov 9 - Day 7: Regular morning routine, then off to surf - my first day on a hardboard! Had been using a foam one to practice, much easier, but felt I was ready! Was really tricky getting used to, very wobbly at first but kind of got the hang of it, enough so to be able to catch 7 waves and want to go out again for free surf! Second time we went after lunch was really windy though so a lot harder but I still caught 5, Aaron's shoulder was really hurting him after the huge morning he had (did so well!) so he hung out on the beach until I was ready to leave. Came back and had a cooking class, learned how to make dahl, fresh coconut milk (which I knew from Thailand) and a few salads. Such fresh ingredients, the food has been phenomenal and so healthy!

9 November 2016

Sunset at Wijaya: After exploring Galle we went to Wijaya beach (also the name of a restaurant where we had dinner) and went for a swim in the Indian Ocean. The rip current was so strong you could just float all the way along the beach, great workout trying to get back! Then we had dinner w the group from surf camp, lovely table on the roof overlooking the water, dinner was fabulous the got a tuk tuk home and crashed - amazing day!
Beautiful lunch at Poonie's Kitchen in Galle: pumpkin fritters w beetroot salad, veggie fried rice w chicken & coconut lime sauce, and coconut banana bread w passionfruit butter!!! 😍 All out of this world. Dinner was at a local beach place in Wujaya, we had mahi mahi, a wood fired pizza w chicken, feta & onions and passionfruit coconut cheesecake for dessert. Best diet cheat day ever! On the downside, we got the news that Trump is President. Was in shock, felt almost sick to my stomach but then remembered I don't live in the US anymore so it doesn't affect me so much and that I should stay positive and hope for the best! I think surfing and yoga is making me a lot more zen 😇
Nov 8 - Day 6: Exploring the city of Galle; Had yoga in the morning and bfast then headed out to see the main town near here. There's a nice lighthouse and a huge old British fort, along w some Dutch churches and Muslim mosques, very interesting mix. After a few hours exploring we headed for lunch to a great spot recommended by the owners of the surf camp.

8 November 2016

Devils Island & Secret Beach: Had a bday party for one of the surf instructors at the beach, hey rough snacks and drinks and music, but I was wiped so I had a little lie down on the sand then went in for a swim. Really beautiful spot, the waves were crazy! (No we didn't surf there:)
Nov 7 - Day 5: Yoga then breakfast, fruit and nuts w coffee & coconut milk. Headed out to the island again, were w Shazza on the right side to begin, caught a couple solid waves then after an hour we moved to the other side. Was really disgusting w so much garbage in the water from the huge rainfall on Sunday, very distracting, caught only 2 more decent ones then called it quits. Back to the villa for surf theory because there was a bday party for one of the surf instructors at Secret Beach so would not have class later. Then a beautiful vegetarian lunch, beetroot salad, dahl, rice, cucumber curry. After lunch we all hung out and read, played around in the backyard - was really amazing to see some huge lizards wrestle and watch the monkeys 🐒 in the trees right behind the villa. Tried to walk this tightrope they have strung up between 2 trees, will need a lot more practice!

7 November 2016

Day 4: After a beautiful lunch of fresh veggies, we had a review of our surfing and I did really well! (As I predicted:) Need to work on my turns now and speeding up my paddle but very pleased. Then we went for tea at a local surf shack, where they served some local cakes like a coconut & palm sugar crepe, deep fried Dahl, savory coconut Roti and fried doughnut. All the stuff we're trying to avoid on our diet but was a great chance to bond w the group & try some new things. Afterwards we had our 2nd yoga class, we read for a bit then had surf theory class where we talked about wave selection & etiquette, then tucked into a fabulous dinner of fish salad, Roti & homemade hummus - a different one from the day before. Didn't stick around long after that as we were wrecked...showered & watched the LAST episode of House of good! Slept like a baby. Hope tomorrow's sunny!
Nov 6 - Day 4: Up at 5am for yoga at 5:45. Slept ok except for some loud 🎶 from the neighbors 😣 Then had a nice bfast of buffalo curd (haha) and fruit w scrambled 🍳 & ☕️, best of all the sun was out! Off to surf at 8am to a bay about 15mins away. Don't know why we were worried about our performance, we both nailed it! Even got up on my first wave like no time has passed. Best feeling in the 🌎...very natural, even took some steep ones which would have scared me before. Overall, I had 8 solid waves so ecstatic to see how I will improve over the week. After 🏄‍♀️ we stopped for a veggie roti and checked out Rams Head area, very advanced maybe someday. Back to the villa for 🚿 & 🍴 of fresh veggies & salads. Super healthy, no meat which is great because I'm giving up beef & pork until 2017. All part of the detox which I can't wait to see the benefits of. Off to our surf review now!

6 November 2016

Nov 5 - Day 3: woke up a bit late today since I couldn't sleep last night...up at 1am til 4 so at 9:30 I pushed myself to go to the gym even for 15mins. Ran 2k and did push-ups and sit-ups to prep for surf camp then hit the road. Approx 2.5hrs to Ahangama from Colombo. Rain was pouring down, the whole area by where the surf camp "Sunshine Stories" is seems flooded but aside from the bare bones accommodations & cold 🚿 the people are super friendly and the food was fantastic. Huge local 🐟 w fresh veggies, green beans & beetroot tomato salad w homemade hummus. No pics of the food as I felt a bit strange being the only person to take one! Also had a surf class to go over the basics, teachers seem 😎 2 guys from 🇬🇧 and one girl from Australia. Up super early tomorrow for yoga at 5:45am! Yikes! Fingers crossed it doesn't ☔️ tomorrow!

5 November 2016

Nov 4 - Day 2: Up early and hit up the gym, ran 3km in 20min and did 40 push-ups & 300 crunches. Not bad considering we haven't worked out in weeks! After we arranged for a car to take us on a tour around the city, weather stayed ☀️ for us! Stopped first at Ministry of 🦀 for garlic 🌶 🦀 w Avacado 🦀 salad, phenomenal! Restaurant was in an old Dutch hospital. Then walked through the "floating market" and drove around town to end up at the oldest temple. Really bizarre mishmash of antiques and Buddha sculptures w a spirit tree in the middle. Still hungry so headed to Barefoot Cafe which we saw in Anthony Bourdain, and they didn't even serve Sri Lankan food! What a farce! Did have a 🍌 & peanut butter shake...Then we took the drivers advice & went to Upali's for some local cuisine. Fish and veggie curry, blackened chicken w coconut sambol - everything was excellent and really reasonable. Back to pack, watched Jaime Olivers sugar doco, last episode of Stranger Things & a Breaking Bad...
Garlic Chili Crab from Ministry of 🦀 & curries w blackened chicken from Upali's 😍

4 November 2016

Nov 3 - Day 1: Arrived in at 6am after 32 hours of travel from Oslo. Stopover in Doha, Qatar where we grabbed a curry and I had a long overdue 💅 and got taxi to Ozo hotel. Luckily a room was ready for us to crash for a few hours before heading out to explore. Unfortunately when we awoke it was ☔️ so grabbed the 🌂 and strolled to the shop to buy some fruit (wood apple?) then hit up a local restaurant on the way back called Yaal. Served a mix of Roti, dohai, and other Sri Lankan dishes. We opted for the masala and onion dohai which were served w several dipping sauces and of course to be eaten w our hands! Delicious! Back at the hotel we ordered room service which was underwhelming, curry crazy 🌶 & 🦀 cakes super salty, more like 🐟 cakes but the dessert was 👌 then I had a good chat w my mom and we crashed...slept like a 👶:)