United States of America · 5 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Maizi's adventures

26 June 2017

Hooray I am in my house! I am so much happier and calmer! Too bad it's only for the day.

24 June 2017

First off, they left me alone today. And tried to gate me in the kitchen. Well I didn't like that so I left some nuggets of joy for them to find. Then the pasty white one yelled at me when she found them after being gone hours. Yelled at me and made me go outside. Well I showed her and took a tour of the neighborhood. Some people tried to grab me but I'm just too fast. Eventually I came back. I've made peace with the pale one. For now. But girl better watch herself!

23 June 2017

In today's episode of "Find maizi" we have 2 photos where maizi is in super stealth mode. Let's see who can find the maizi!
The squeaky little one has totally taken over my bed and my toys. Not sure how I feel about that....so I will just turn myself into a seatbelt for her mother. Yeah she ain't going no where today!i also kindly helped with the laundry.

22 June 2017

Practicing my lounging today. The bright white one was moderately comfortable. The police one let me use him and his gear which was cool, but I'm lone wolf who just needs her space! Especially when the small squeaky one gets in my face!
Waiter, this isn't what I ordered. I asked for steak! This luxury resort is not what my mommy and daddy think it is!
First off these crazy folk went all orange is the new black on me and locked me up! What is this nonsense! But I'm gonna lay on their couch and take up half of it even though I am tiny. What now!

21 June 2017

I found the perfect spot for dinner. The tiny one drops a lot of goodies. Then the children did something weird and took off their outer layer and got wet. Humans are weird!
At least someone is interested in the food! Enjoyed a walk after the storm
Maizi's dog bed. Hot spot for children. Results in poor maizi hiding!