United Kingdom · 12 Days · 19 Moments · October 2017

tour through Northern Ireland DLPC 2017

1 November 2017

31 October 2017

24 October 2017

The Carrick-a-rede And so to the final day and our last adventure. The windy, blustery raging crossing that is this little rope bridge. A brief experience but what an exhilarating one. To stand over the Irish sea with storm squealed winds buffering against you.

23 October 2017

The Giants Causeway Is a fine example of a place created by the wonder of nature and being detracted and destroyed by man. It was however lovely once the last bus had gone and only a few of us remained. The boys had gone to the upper pavement whilst me sue and Katharine plumped for a seat on a cluster of colomns overlooking a little bay where the the stacks went from honeycomb to black in colour. And the sunset cast a glorious golden light
Kinban castle. A mere 200 + steps to the bay and the castle itself. It was a fab bay where I located a nice bolder to sit and compose said photos whilst a seal played inquisitive in the bay coming a bit closer each time. It is also where Kelly throw herself down the top three steps and cracked a rib and a camera
This morning the Dark Hedges called to us. So we arrived in the dark to secure the only good parkingspace and waited for the gentle glow of morning to kiss those twisted branches. We managed to get the place to our selves for over an hour, disregarding the odd car that hurteled down the to. The light was not stunning, but beautifully soft. And we enjoyed it there until the coach loaded is tourists arrived and it was off for breakfast

22 October 2017

And so to sunset at Dunluce. And the sun was having none of it after we negotiated our way under barbed wire into the cow field where Andrew made some new friends in the form of 3 juvenile jet black cows. Very interested were they in photography equipment. So we hunkered down on little bits of soggy bank and waited for the sky to turn a different shade of grey
Of course once you have traversed the dangers of ruinous windswept cliff top castles, there is nothing more civilised than popping to the Wee Cottage for scones and hot chocolate
Mighty Dunluce Castle atop it's mighty cliff now in slanderous ruin and still a tad windy at 25mph. I had waited many years to stand here and gaze upon her ancient stones
Official group photo the DLPC adventures club
So what does one do ad a team of photographers when your main shot is too dangerous because of the high winds - well a fab stretch of beach to do an artic fashion shoot
Ninjered up for the cool slightly brisk weather
So after a somewhat disappointing sunrise at Dunluce because storm Brian decided to make landfall with winds of 50 mph we decided to head back to Ballintoy Harbour where the roaring see had whipped itself to foam and slimy spray. Still smelt like a dead walrus

21 October 2017

Dinner at the hostel with the team. Chinese take away all round
Deseverik falls and castle. Where waterfalls meet the ocean, mad photographers stand on slippery rocks and ruined castles succumb to storm lashed cliffs
A spot of lunch (cake orientated) at the little cafe on the harbour wall. Little being the operative word
Ballintoy Harbour aka the iron islands in GOT Lovely little spot with amazing basalt pillar islands and a stench worse than a rotting walrus carcass.
A fab painting to the butchers shop below the cafe where we had breakfast in cadtlerock
Dawn shot at Downhill Castle but sadly the wind was upon us and promise of glorious skies quickly faded as the drizzle took hold

20 October 2017

First stop The fabulous woodland walks at Glenariff take you down deep into the valley and the thunderous waterfalls