United Kingdom, Spain · 15 Days · 34 Moments · November 2017

Mandy and Peter holiday in La Gomera

15 December 2017

Here comes the ferry..
Waiting for pick up...

14 December 2017

Up and about to leave...see you soon Cornwall x

13 December 2017

Sunny, windy walk to the port...coffee time.

12 December 2017

Lovely indian last evening. 2nd time we have been here this holidays.
Sea crashing on rocks below our roof terrace...

10 December 2017

Last nights sunset over Valle Gran Rey and troubled skies , now!

9 December 2017

Short stroll up the valley

8 December 2017

Another hard day by the pool and at the moment the wind has dropped.

7 December 2017

Getting in the hippy groove...
Coffee break time, oh yes and a sticky bun! Yum yum!
Tad breeze up on our roof terrace! Our room is the only one with a roof terrace. Warming up now will move to pool area later.

5 December 2017

4 December 2017

Trying to fit in with the local hippie look...not sure we are succeeding.

3 December 2017

Breakfast view...

2 December 2017

Our first sunset, accompanied by the local hippies beating drums, playing pipes and dancing on the black sanded volcanic beach.
We have hired bikes...
Day one, out exploring. Glourious sunshine, though mountains behind covered in menacing black clouds!
First morning, quick explore of views from our hotel...exploring time. Well after breakfast.

1 December 2017

Our hotel and leaving Tenerife...drinks time.
Killing time waiting for the ferry. Its such hard work eating ice cream, drink beer and taking in the rays!
On the coach heading to the port, for our transfer to La Gomera..
Exeter airport lounge...all very civilised.

30 November 2017

Reminds me of my on the road days with Asda.
Now at The Hilton...much warmer.
Quick supper at The Twisted Oak, haven't been here for 30 years...Dont think we will be back...really cold.
Heading along the wet and windy A30..