Portugal · 11 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Porto, Lisbon & Sintra Oh My!

13 September 2016

Tues Sept 13th: Day trip to Sintra, world heritage site full of forts and castles. Like something straight out of a fairy tale...or a Lord Byron poem. He actually took up residence there and wrote about the area which is understandable because it is magical! We went to actually go mountain biking but started out with a tour of the town before heading to the park. Bought some Ginja (cherry liqueur) to bring to Morocco and postcards, then headed for the trails!

6 September 2016

Day 4 - Dining out, final night In Porto - food was majestic! Tapabento served us some Douro oysters w shallots w cava, then fish & gazpacho soup w Verdejo (green) wine, and for the main course an Irish Angus cooked to perfection in a port reduction w balsamic mushrooms & roasted potatoes and aioli w the local red. Dessert will go down in history: peanut butter air w chocolate crispy bits and then a Graham's 11year old ruby port - my fave port this far:) oh! And then we got locked out.... Good one๐Ÿ˜œ but home now and was An amazing night so thankful for these nights. Even if they are perfect and shit happens, remember always the good. They will bring you happiness:๐Ÿ—

5 September 2016

Porto Hair transformation! I have never dyed my hair another color in my life, but for some reason, on this trip and after finishing the Camino I felt I needed a change - only a temporary one but something different. Well I did it! Didn't turn out exactly as I had planned but I'm rolling with it and pretending I have super powers now for the time being:) over 4 hours in the salon, and they couldn't get the purple right, so I blame the language barrier (even though I had pictures!) was an eye opening experience. Whatever your hair color, style, length - do what makes you feel best about yourself! Right?
Day 3 - Kicked it off w a morning at the gym, Pilates, cardio & yoga then into town for some lunch. Famous Cafe de Santiago serving up the famous Franchesina sandwich, basically the most decadent hangover sandwich I have seen, 3 different types of meat, cheese and bread topped with a fried ๐Ÿณ & beer sauce. Only shared one, didn't feel guilty at all after the great workout morning we had! Back to the Port side for a drink, dinner at a famous restaurant Abadia serving the cod dish Zi de bippo, which Aaron had been craving forever. Was surprisingly hard to find! They made it special just for us, delicious!

4 September 2016

Magical moments of Day 2 - Walked around the city to explore through one of Aaron's walking tour apps. Strolled through mazes of streets and alleys, popping out at churches and cafes dotting the way, and ending up at the river. Lot of festivities going on, a band was playing a show with some Caribbean type music. Walked across the bridge to try and make it for a port tour but we're too late so had a few drinks at Sandeman bar, along w a goat cheese chicken panini, then headed back for dinner. Heeades up to bar street and found a great bar that also served food, phenomenal fish & salted caramel brownie for dessert.
Day 2 Porto - I'm so in love! Went to go check out Virgin athletic club about taking a yoga class, and saw a different part of town. ๐Ÿ˜

3 September 2016

Amazing first day - egg tarts, caldo verde, Brazilian Bon bons, port wine, suckling pig rice and sea bass w pea purรฉe (in Aaron's pics). We walked 10k anyways so we earned a bit of gluttony but was lovely to have so many options! Portugal sure seems to be much more of a foodie experience than Spain & they have Uber & speak English here which is nice not to have to try all the time! Loving it!
First day in Porto!
Train ride arriving into Porto from Vigo...