Italy · 3 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Amanda's adventure in Rome, Italy

16 August 2017

TATTOO DAY! Mark and I were the only ones participating, and we got to drive with our tour director, Francesca, in her car to her usual tattoo shop. That was an adventure in itself! While we were waiting for Mark's tattoo to be drawn up, we explored the neighborhood and got some espresso. It's hard to believe this is everyday life for some people. I love it here. After our tattoos, we explored the city more and eventually met the group for our Roman Dinner and Wine Tasting. Five courses, each paired with a different wine! It was delicious! Upon finishing dinner, a group of us went to see the Trevi Fountain lit up at night (which was amazing) then took a cab back to the hostel. Tomorrow we travel to Florence!

15 August 2017

Today we got up early and did a walking tour of the colosseum and the Roman forum. Afterwards, we saw the main square and, as the Romans call it, the Wedding Cake. Mark and I, and some of our trip mates, participated in a pasta making class! We first did a vinegar and olive oil tasting, then made our own pasta and got to eat it too! It. Was. AMAZING. We'll definitely be making fresh pasta at home. After all that, Mark and I went off on our own and saw the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. We then came back to the hostel to clean up, and headed out again to see one of the most beautiful fountains and views of Rome. This was a day to remember. I never want to leave.

14 August 2017

Early morning flight to Rome!!! We arrived around noonish, came to get our rooms at the hostel, then made our way to Vatican City. This place was beautiful. We were able to see all of the amazing art and, above all, the Sistine Chapel. People are not supposed to take pictures in the chapel, however some of our trip mates are rebellious. Also prior to our trip to Vatican City, we were escorted to a restaurant which serves classic Italian Spritz as well as the best bruchette and margherita pizza I've ever had in my life.