Czech Republic, Germany · 8 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

Amanda's adventure in Prague, Czech

27 August 2017

Kutna Hora today! We woke up early to take the train (an adventure in itself) to the town with the Bone Church. Legend is that a monk went mad and decorated the entire church with human bones. Before seeing the church, we went to the center of town to see St. Barbara's cathedral and have a traditional Czech lunch. After we got back from Kutna Hora, we met up with our group for the Beer Flights and Feast excursion. The feast part was underwhelming, but the beer tasting was extremely informative. We were served SEVEN (almost full-size) beers and were given information about how they are brewed and with how much of each of the 3 ingredients Czech beer is allowed. Afterwards, a group of us visited Anonymous again as a final goodbye to this amazing city.

26 August 2017

Today, though I would describe it as 'chill' (aka we took naps), I still got over 20,000 steps. In the morning we went on a guided walking tour, where our Czech guide has been to more US states than I have. After the tour, we came back to the hostel for laundry (and naps) then went with some of the group for a ghost tour of old town Prague!!! I was nervous, but it ended up being very educational and our guide Kristen is originally from Youngstown, OH! Our first tour guide said that one of the best traditional Czech dishes is roasted duck with cabbage and Mark's interest was immediately piqued. We searched all around the hostel, but we couldn't find a decent price. We ended up getting an Uber across town and got the best damn roasted duck EVER. For cheap too, the whole meal (half a duck for us to split plus sides and two beers) was only about 20 American dollars. Overall, it was a great day!

25 August 2017

We left Munich this morning and made our way to Prague. Along the way, we stopped at Dachau Concentration Camp. We did a self guided tour and also watched a short movie about what happened there. This was a really moving, emotional, and educational experience that we are all having a hard time talking about. After Dachau, we rode the bus for a while more, spending a few hours in Regensburg, Germany for lunch; finally arriving in Prague three hours later. Mark and I hadn't been planning on doing anything that evening, as we were exhausted from traveling all day; however, our tour mate had done some research and found what sounded to be a very cool bar. We decided to go and we were NOT disappointed! It's called the Anonymous Bar, based off the movie V for Vendetta. This was THE intro to Prague that we needed. Best night of the tour so far.

20 August 2017