France · 1 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Amanda's adventure in Paris, France

5 September 2017

In the morning, we boarded the bus for a guided driving tour of the city (which was a welcome change from walking). Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and SO Parisian. We're also trying to figure out what his day job is because he said he got invited to participate in Paris fashion week... After the tour, Mark and I and a few others went to a supermarket to get supplies for a picnic! We bought a bunch of bread, cheese, meats, and crackers and made our way back to the Eiffel Tower. It was surreal. That was one of my best memories. After the picnic, we walked down the Champs-Élysées and we bought lipstick from the flagship Sephora! We did some more walking around and finally got back to the hostel. For dinner, Mark and I decided to have a date night. We went to a restaurant our tour guide recommended and holy moly he was right. Mark got roasted duck breast, I got classic, from scratch French onion soup, and we split a plate of escargot. It was a great, classically French meal.
We arrived in Paris today! It was a long bus ride to get there, but we got to watch Forrest Gump so that's a win. Once we got here, we rested for a bit and then headed off! We did a cruise on the river Seine, which actually was a little disappointing. Oh well. After that, we went to Notre Dame (while mass was being held!) and then were treated to crepes by our tour director! Mark was starving for real food, so he got a steak one and I got apple compote with cinnamon drizzle. We were both too hungry to get pictures before we devoured it 😂 Then we went to the Eiffel tower!!! It was beautiful. We got to see it glitter 3 times, once while we were on the 2nd floor of it. 💖

4 September 2017