North America, Europe, Australia and Oceania · 11 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Tim & Amanda's adventure in Italy

14 May 2017

First night in the Villa. ;0)

8 May 2017

After Como just Tim and I went to the Cinque Terre to stay at Vernazza for just one night. It's a very small ancient village built in a ravine on the cliffs along the Mediterranean Sea. We took a boat to see all 5 towns as the only other way to see them is by hiking. We had lunch on a high cliff above the rocks and water, then sat in the plaza to watch the day slowly come to a close. Our flat was up, up, up..... 71 huge stone stairs!! Crazy! The next day we were on to reunite with the kids in Rome ❤

6 May 2017

3 May 2017

JFK to Barcelona. We stayed in Montgat, just outside of BCN right on the beach! We had an amazing view is the Mediterranean! We visited a famous outdoor market that has been operating for many many years! Fed pigeons in the plaza, waded in the waves, tried all kinds of new food! Squid, fried and grilled, grilled scallops, mixed assortment of olives, muscles, sea bugs, tiny fish.... and that was just lunch!!! Visited the Sargarda Familia Bascillica built by Gaudi. Wow! It was amazing! Didn't get to go inside, but spent nearly 2 hrs just looking at the sculptures on the outside! There were 6 different species of birds carved into the art work of the church! Then in the park a man was creating bubbles for the children, Benjamin has a great time chasing and popping them. The sun was rising over the train tracks as we boarded it to go to Como Italy, far too the northern border just 10 min from Switzerland....
Tim and I left SLC at about 9pm. We are standby on JetBlue. We will arrive into JFK around 6am. We'll have to find something to do until 3pm when Benjamin, and the others, will finally arrive!!