United States of America · 2 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

Amanda's adventure in Holden Beach, NC, Unite

30 June 2017

Friday was a rainy day at Holden Beach, but we managed to make the best of it! 😎 Karl and I took a walk on the beach that morning and came back to fry a few slices of bacon for the crew. After sipping on our coffee and lathering on the sunscreen, we headed out for a few minutes on the beach. Within less than an hour, though, we were running back to the condo because of the rain. A few members of the crew were brave enough to stick it out, but Pops, Carmen, Dylan and I decided to start a game of Star Wars monopoly. We abandoned it around 4, though, since the sun came out and it was our last chance for beach time. We all stayed out on the sand till almost 7:30pm. After cleaning up, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Main Street Cafe just across the bridge. The pictures are of us posing in Dylan's new cool hat! 😜
Jasmine gets to enjoy the beach with us!
Karl and Dylan having some fun playing frisbee and making some outstanding catches!

29 June 2017

Chris and Tracy were AWESOME and made us their famous ziti for dinner. Yummmmy! It was the perfect treat after a long day in the sun. After dinner, we all hopped in our cars, drove across the bridge, and enjoyed an epic round of putt putt. And to the shock of all, I actually won.
We jokingly call our set up at the beach the "fruit stand." As you can see, there's no way to miss us! Karl and Dylan quickly got to work on a few additions and renovations to gorilla sand man - adding a pyramid and castle.
Karl and I started our morning with coffee on the balcony and followed up with a walk ago the pier. When we returned, the rest of the gang began waking and we got ready for another day on the beach. As usual, Karl set up our umbrellas next to gorilla sand man (beachgoers are still impressed and ask permission to take its picture, btw!). I started A Year of Magical Thinking and went for another long walk on the beach before settling in for the afternoon. Dylan was the first to join us on the sand and he and Karl rode the waves till they could ride no more. 😉

28 June 2017

My first day joining the family at Holden Beach! It was a beautiful, sunny day on the beach. After grabbing a bite to eat at our lovely condo, we made the short walk to the beach. Karl, Chris, Tracy and Dylan got to work on the sand sculpture and created a gorilla man that impressed all the beachgoers. Karl and I made tacos for dinner and after letting our food digest a bit, we walked down to the pier for ice cream. Slightly disappointed with the service, we opted out of ordering anything... only to be surprised with a free bowl of Chocolate Hazelnut from the guilt-ridden owner! 😜