Australia and Oceania, North America · 11 Days · 36 Moments · July 2017

Amanda's adventure in Hawaii

12 July 2017

Uncle Bo's. Our final dinner in Hawaii :( Hawaii, you have been so good to us, I will definitely see you again one day. For my final meal I decided to go for something light so salmon was a good option. This was actually a pretty good restaurant, I must say.
So whenever I leave my hotel I smell the most amazing waffles, but never go in to have a taste. It's our last day and we finally decided to try it and they did not disappoint. Peanut butter ice cream with mini Reese's cups in it.. Mmmm
When can you ever go wrong with Hard Rock Cafe.. We decided to come here for lunch today and then just take a stroll down the main strip and do any last minute shopping.. AGAIN.. I mean no regrets, right?
Snorkelling hanauma bay

11 July 2017

Tonight was a good night to just dine in. I wasn't feeling too good so we rented a movie and decided to order piazza in. Best decision ever because these pizzas were actually so good. I was so tempted to eat more than I could have.
Paddle boarding!! I actually stood and paddles on a board, in the water!! It felt pretty good to be able to do it on the first go. I was pretty proud of myself. Would I do it again.. Yess!! 100%

10 July 2017

Buho. Time for some rooftop Mexican food. I have to say this would be the lightest meal I've had this trip and probably the first time I finished a meal without feeling bloated. Buho I will see you again one day.
Cheeseburger Waikele. All we've done this trip is eat. But these burgers were so worth it. They were the juiciest burgers ever. And they were only walking distance from our hotel this whole time :O
Pearl harbour. I love learning about History and educating myself with the wars and what happened years ago, so this was a fun day for me. The highlight was definitely the memorial where I found out that some of those who survived the shop wreck and passed away a few years ago actually came back to be buried with their brothers in arms who didn't.

9 July 2017

Germaine's Luau. So tonight we went to a luau. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party with entertainment. And they did not disappoint when it came to entertainment. Dinner, a pig cooked under ground. The juiciest piece of meat I've ever eaten. Plus we were on the beach so shoes were optional which is always a good thing.
Leonards Bakery. So today we came back to Waikele outlets to buy a "few" things we were missing. I bought more this time round than the first. But that's not the point. The point it that we bought doughnuts from this bakery food truck and they are the fluffiest doughnuts I've ever eaten. Oh wow!!
Best way to start the day is with Mass. We received shell leis for being new comers. The people here are so nice and so welcoming.

8 July 2017

Duke's! O. M. G. Wow!! I think this is my absolute favourite restaurant and the only reason why is the dessert. Yummy!! We were told one pie would be enough for 4 girls.. I think I could've eaten it by myself. But oh wow.. It is amazing.
Day 6.. First stop breakfast then shopping.. AGAIN! We stopped and a nice diner looking restaurant. Servings are pretty big in America if I haven't already mentioned that and I still feel like we havent gotten used to it. Next for shopping and there are two things I need to stop buying.. Shoes and makeup. Which I think neither is going to happen because a girl can never have enough of either one.

7 July 2017

The girls thought it was time for a drink. We'll too bad I'm underage in this country. So we settled for a beach side bar at a different resort, well I settled for water, and then McDonald's. Typical late night snack after drinks. The girls have been going crazy all night. They've had one drink (light weights!) and we'll let's just say it's gotten to their heads and very quickly.
Sunset on the beach and then fireworks! Probably the best part of the day. The sunset was so beautiful to look at. That view and right from my resort is something money can't buy. And then the fireworks were so good.
Time for food! Garlic shrimp from Giovannis shrimp truck. And chicken katsu from L&L drive in. I think we like our food too much! But it's awesome!
Welcome to the North Shore. Time for the most fun part of the day and the part we were looking good forward to the most. Swimming with the turtles! Snorkelling was something I've never done before but it was so fun! Getting to see all the different kinds of fish and seeing the turtles was an awesome experience.
Dole Plantation. Forth stop of the day. We got to see where the pineapples are planted and learned a few fun facts about the process of plantation to harvesting. But the most fun part was the pineapple sip cup we drank/ate.. Yum! Pineapple juice with pineapple flavoured soft serve.. So good!!
Manoa Waterfall. Not as tough a treck as diamond head but because of the slippery surface it was quite challenging. Plus we weren't wearing the right shoes for the event but the view at the end was absolutely amazing.. Yay for ticking things off our list.
Kahala Resort! Wow! This is a private resort but the trick is to act like you belong there. We were dropped off and told to walk down the stairs and go straight through the glass doors, over the bridge and then turn left. Little did we know there would be dolphins there. They were so cute!!
Casa blanca De ha.. Just a quick drive past Kanye West's House. Which was Humphrey Bogart's old home.
Diamond Head beach. The day has just begun. First stop of the day. What a view. Hawaii is such a beautiful place with views wherever you go. Fun fact, this was the exact place Amelia Earhart flew across. She was the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to North America.

6 July 2017

First time this trip we've eaten an early dinner and damn did it feel good. Dinner was nice. We went to P. F. Chang's. Service was good as usual and dinner tasted even better. With the exception of a few dishes but who's judging. Bring on a full day ahead tomorrow..
We have successfully climbed to the summit of Diamond Head. Mount Leahi rises 760 feet above sea level and 560 feet from the crater floor. An unpaved 0.8 mile long trail with 271 steps through a narrow stair case. The reward... A panoramic view of South Oahu from Koko Head to Barbers Point. After our descent... Shave Ice!

5 July 2017

The Cheesecake Factory. I think one if the most talked about restaurants to visit and one of, if not, the busiest restaurant. Portions are huge but taste amazing. Was it worth the 1 hour wait. Definitely. Would I go again. 100%. Just maybe order something a little smaller.
Finally got to Waikiki Beach! First time swimming at the beach and it was awesome. The sun and the water were amazing. Time to get our tan on. Hawaii, you are amazing. The weather has been so good. Hot but with some wind which is the perfect match. There's no better way to swim thank with a donut floaty. 4 girls with 4 floaties.. Not a good idea. Trying to stick together proved to be quite difficult but in the end it worked and it was entertaining which is the main point.
Beach day today! Finally! We haven't been to the beach yet because we were taking advantage of the sales. But as always first stop breakfast. IHOP is definitely somewhere I'd go again. Yum!!
After dinner we decided to go see the fireworks for the 4th of July celebrations. With a detour on the way it was a race against the clock to get there. First stop Street dancing, which I must say was pretty cool. After getting confused over which way to go we decided it would be a good idea to follow the crowd. Wrong decision. We got to the destination and there were no fireworks in sight. Let's just say we thought the flashing light off a building was one. And once we finally saw some, the building and trees blocked them. So we didn't feel the full experience but we tried which is the main part. So to make up for the missed fireworks we decided to go ahead and shop even more. With the exception of two more detours. First stop mermaid lady made out of sand which just needed a selfie. Second stop was an attempt at a selfie with the 4th of July decorations on the trees, which was a pretty good effort. I'm pretty sure we can say we've shopped until we dropped.
So on the first night here we made a "pact" to all remain calm and collected throughout the trip, or as Dalia likes to call it, ZEN. And there are also actions. And pictures to prove it. Although I must say there have been instances where remaining 'zen' has proven to be quite hard. Instance number one... Dalia decided it would be a good idea to put salt into my water. As payback, I put chilli flakes in hers. But to remain Zen she still drank it. All fun and games in Hawaii

4 July 2017

Dinner time at California Pizza Kitchen.. Haven't eaten since our McDonald's breakfast at 10:30 this morning just before shopping so we were so hungry. But it was worth it.
Happy 4th of July. Day 2 is all about shopping. We've brought our suitcases along to Waikele Centre so we don't have to lug around bags all day. First things first though.. Breakfast. We woke up late so that requires a quick breakfast so we can get to shopping faster. And what better breakfast to get on the go than McDonald's. 7 hours of shopping and who knows how much money later and it was still not enough. I think we need to go back. But I must say the 4th of July sales were unbelievable. Thank goodness we decided to shop on this day and not wait until the next day.

3 July 2017

Last stop for the day.. Dinner. We ate at the Tropics bar and grill, a restaurant in our resort.. And Wow. Food was delicious and service was great. Whats better than having an amazing dinner by the beach at sunset with live entertainment.
Finally found the spa in our resort. Took us a while, but it was so worth it. After 10 hours in an aeroplane it felt amazing to just be in the water and relax.
Welcome to Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. Home for the next 10 days. 9 hours later and we're in Hawaii. Bags are checked in and now to begin exploring. First thing on the agenda.. Breakfast. Who can go wrong with pancakes, bacon and eggs.. Fuel to start the day

3 July 2017

And we're off!! We've had our pre flight drinks and now it's time to get on the plane and endure the 10 hour ride to Hawaii. It's been a long time coming but we're finally here and can't wait to spend 10 days in the heat as opposed to the freezing weather in Sydney.