Australia · 11 Days · 17 Moments · September 2015

Amanda's adventure in Australia

19 September 2015

Monday 14/9/15 The start of training! We all went to springbrook farm first to be briefed and buy boots and sort tings out. Myself, Jade, Clara, Michelle, Tara, Lisa, Lisa, sophie, Julia and joline all went to a different farm about 5km away- we had heard that this is horsier but loads more hard work! We got there and met the family who owned the farm. It was MASSIVE, hundreds of horses, the most adorable doggies and puppies, a goat, a rooster, sheep, millions of cows. They had literally hundreds of acres, where they worked cattle and broke horses in and Justin was a celeb in polo crosse. On the first day, me and jade went to do some fencing with rasmus (a Danish guy who worked there) and rode the quad and made a new barbed wire on the fence. We r such handywomen! We met the most adorable babys. A baby cat who fit in our hand (born on that day), a foal who was born who was chestnut and so beautiful! I wanted him to be called princess. And puppies and some parrots we found in a tree!
Sunday night at noosa. We were all dead tired but pete and Alfie and Simon wanted a tinny obvs so they turned up at our hostel again. We were having a beer and laughing about how weird ad is, at the bar the night before he kept ordering the wrong drinks and is generally not quite right and massively awkward. Having a massive pisser about this and the next thing we hear (it's dark cos she hostel is closed now) 'cheers guys thanks for that' ......Adam was listening from the balcony. He is so strange. I squealed and cried cos it was so funny and the guys left before they got into trouble.
Me and jade to take part in a 'special treat' having no idea what it was. It was this massive thing....Justin brought him up for us to ride. He was terrifying- lumpy! LOL!

18 September 2015

The rest of the week was awesome. We learned to ride horses western style, saw Justin break in horses, help out and learn how to break young horses, muster cattle on horse back and on a bike and with a dog, ride motorbikes, injecting/dehorning/branding cows. The horse side is so much different to English style, I was practically a beginner. On the first night me and jade both had job offers. Jade is going to a cattle farm in Adelaide and I'm going to be a horse riding instructor and work on a riding school yard two hours from Sydney. Super exciting!!!! There was massive drama when Lisa emerged from the stables two and a half hours after everyone else covered in straw...shed been down there with doogle and we gave her loads of stick for it!!

13 September 2015

Sunday- BEACH DAY! Last night we partied with our new roomy Celine who is a hilarious French lady. Then we came up the beach today and played in the waves.... THEY R MASSIVE! Totes nearly drowned 100x. Tonight we are going to walk around the national park with our Canadian surfer pal and in the morning we go to spring brook farm for training 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

12 September 2015

One strange evening.... I was in bed on Friday night at the hostel after coming in from the strange irish club (galloping home) at 3:30ish. Then I wake up to somebody top and tailing in my bed... Assuming it was Jade I went back to sleep. A few minutes later- said person is actually our mate Lauren who is in our room, she's sitting up and talking in her sleep!!!! Then she gets up and goes to the bathroom, returns and starts blasting akon on her phone. French cecile is very confused and unimpressed at these goings on at 5:25am, as Lauren is furkling in people's luggage. What an odd evening

11 September 2015

At noosa we did a fab JUNGLE WALK with a bunch of people from vizitoz. It was glorious and jungly and Jade was scared of bumping into a spider. A character called ad came and some also German girls.
That night we met up with Katie's boyfriend Pete and his two friends from England..who were all in noosa too! We ended up in various strange bars including one where people stripped to win trips to Fraser Island and tiny bikes. Then we got loads of shots in an Irish bar which we returned to the next evening with a bunch of weirdos from the hostel and they remembered us. I think we are weirdo magnets and it's awesome

10 September 2015

On Thursday we went back to Brisbane airport at 7am to meet our group and go to Brisbane. Over the time at noosa we found the 19 people who were on our ranch programme, mostly Germans with some English people. The trees are beautiful in noosa!!!

9 September 2015

Wednesday 9/9/15 was the best day of my life. We went to the koala sanctury and held koala bears, saw Tasmanian Devils and kookaburras, best of all, we went to the kangaroo field where you could FEED AND CUDDLE THEM!!!! This was so much fun they are so so soft and beautiful. I love them! There were joeys and even a disabled one with one eye. Best day ever! This day was followed by $6 steak down the road with some people from bunk and then tranny bingo which was strange.
...anything down. Luckily me and jade found this hilarious and managed to par them off for some friendlier looking guys who ended up being on the same ranch programme- starting last week who were waiting to start their jobs. Then we met some guys who had sailed to Aus from America for 90 days, real life pirates but friendlier! They were also pilates. This could all be made up but sounded super impressive. A few jugs of beer later we got kicked out of the bar cos it was closing (we also came last in the trivia round). I just woke up from the most glorious sleep and am starving! We didn't eat all of yesterday cos we had 5 meals on the plane. Apparently it's unlimited cereal for breakfast which is FAB!:)
Bunk backpackers hostel. ...was still being built apparently as it had a giant crane outside. We went in and it was lovely and the staff were nice and there were super comfy sofas to chill/collapse on. We found some energy to go sort out banks out before check in.. Mine too 1hr and jades took 15 minutes as we chose separate branches for some reason. My guy was new and trying to be super friendly, he was from fiji 😍 and we got free tea and coffee (amazing). then we went back to the hostel for to check in and a 20 minute optimum nap lasted a couple hours- never mind. We got our free cocktail, showered and then headed to the trivia night. After making friends with a wasted NZ guy and creepy Italian guy at the bar, we tried to make friends with some group of people on a big round table but they didn't speak English. Fortunately 2 said creepy men followed us and continued to do what creepy wasted men do by either hitting on us or completely failing at life when trying to talk or write
...plastic bags. He was strange. The train to the hostel was super simple however by the time we got to out of the station it was obvious that id picked for us to stay in the equivalent to burslem... The ghetto of Brisbane. However it was sunny and the guy from the charity shop gave us some directions. Woohoooooo we made it to Aus! Just the 35 hours after leaving home! 😀😀😀😀😀
... He wasn't too happy, especially when the Lipton iced tea followed. Jade did her hilarious I find this funny manuover consisting of going bright red, completely silent and crying... People must have thought we were wasted. It only got better from here as we managed to get an entire 4 seat row to ourselves on this plane meaning I could sprawl and sleep- then on the final plane we got 3 seats each! Winning! The mil-dar flight was odd. The feller by us was from NZ but lived in Aus, going to the phillipines 'to party' for one month out of every six. He goes and sees all of his girlfriends there, apparently it wasn't even awkward when he went out with four exs' and one current girlfriend. 'They don't mind as long as they get to go out'. He then returns to Aus to be picked up by a Chinese girlfriend who he likes for he cooks him tea for 8pm every day and doesn't mind when he goes away as long as he brings shoes back. We saw him get picked up and hand her the knock offs out of white
... Police were keeping an eye on him. We then spoke to some people with Australia hats on and their friend was saying bye with a dog which was super cute. I hit a lovely phillipino lady in the face with my broccoli in the queue and she ended up being so nice! Saying we were gonna have a fab time and her English husband was telling us about Brighton balloon festival (hot air balloons, luckily not everyone letting their balloons go cos that sucks.) They then later found us this super posh girl with heels and red lip stick on to be friends with called Alice, she was staying with family in Brisbane and then travelling and working in Sydney alone. Not sure if she liked us cos she kept walking off but then she asked for our Facebook so we can hook up here which was nice. Highlight of the plane ride- we got on and I shoved jades backpack into the overhead locker. What I didn't know was that her giant 750ml water bottle was gonna fall out and land triumphantly on some guys crotch....
The journey here! Sunday- the day we set off- came around so quickly and jades family and my family ate some food at a dodgy pub near Heathrow- for some reason they'd forgot that I'd made a table booking. It smelt like my grandmas old farm but was friendly enough, and the sweet potato fried were amazing. After this my dad took the lead on the journey to terminal 4 and jades dad was gonna stick right behind. What he didn't know was my dads hilarious and decided to drive the wrong way up a single carriageway road up to the big roundabout, before calmly exclaiming 'oh my goodness' when a Land Rover approaches us from the front. This was hilarious! Leaving them at the airport was sad, my mum and dad are fab so I gave them loads of hugs ❤️ jade calmly said bye (I don't think she cries) and we trotted off to find out flight. Obviously everyone was hilarious while we looked around... A strange Asian man was pretending to be an airplane, making noises and swishing around. I think the armed