Netherlands, France · 2 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Amanda's adventure in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 September 2017

WE GOT TO SLEEP IN!!!!!! Mark and I went off from the group for our free day today. We did some shopping and went to the floating flower market. We also had KFC for lunch 😂 When we went back to the hotel to put all our stuff from shopping away, we went to a festival that was in the hostel's backyard! We got a burger and baby fluffy pancakes. Afterwards I told bad puns for about an hour. Then it was bedtime.

1 September 2017

In the morning, we did the bike tour of the Dutch countryside! It was filled with constant spectacular views and we stopped at a little tiny restaurant and had Dutch pancakes, which are kind of similar to crepes. After the bike ride (that lasted about 4 hours), Mark and I explored the city before heading to the meeting place for the canal cruise. In our exploring, we ate mini fluffy pancakes made by Tony, we saw the Cheese Museum, and we had a slice of the World's Best Apple Pie. And I don't like pie. But this stuff was amazing! The cruise was gorgeous. It was also all-you-can-drink so there were a few problems, but otherwise it was very fun. Following the cruise, some of us went to a karaoke bar; then we got ice cream and went back to the hostel.

31 August 2017

Travel day! Up bright and early to take the train to Amsterdam! It was a very long train ride, but we finally arrive around 3pm. Afterwards, we make our way to the hostel and get ready for our guided tour of the city. The guided tour was spectacular and the guide gave us SO many suggestions! In the evening, a small group of us visited the Condomerie (yes, a place that sells funny condoms), got some food, then hung out at a microbrewery for a bit.