North America, Europe · 10 Days · 36 Moments · June 2017

Three Edwards in Three Countries

28 June 2017

Another morning on my favorite front porch #home

27 June 2017

Sunsets look warmer somehow when you're flying home
Small town American airport on a sunny day
Trenton, NJ was a nice stop

26 June 2017

Those pretty, purple flowers send their salutations again 💜
Clean, quaint, and quick stroll through Keflavick
Drinking Italian coffee in a tropic themed restaurant in a London airport terminal #jetlag

25 June 2017

Just a stroll through Green Park... after mastering the London Underground and watching the changing of the guard performed!
I stopped by a lavish woman's house to say hello but she wasn't home

24 June 2017

London Bridge is falli.... No, wait. It's just a boat coming
Sights and savors of greater London!

23 June 2017

Back to London tonight night for proper tea and cooler temperatures
Paris is always a good idea

22 June 2017

The museum is the art.
Dining like the locals... I guess warm, "sweet" tea is ok
Brilliant even in shadow
My favorite day in Paris. 1. Wearing an awesome dress 2. Bought a hat from a sweet, Senegalese man 3. Watched children play in the sunny courtyard of the Louve 4. Smiled all day over family love

21 June 2017

I could have stayed and lived in that tiny apartment forever. Breathtaking how simple can be so much
Every small place and every small moment was precious. The entire city seemed to fit me. Doing laundry was even exciting in a familiar way
A Lady always looks her best for guests 😍
Arc + Alyse = 😁

20 June 2017

I knew it was the City of Lights but I didn't know it would shine this bright ♡
If I must travel, please let it be some by train 💛
Perfect first night in Paris. Drinking a cold beer by the street on a warm summer evening is something I could quickly get used to
I almost wish my train was further delayed so that I could enjoy the train station and neighborhood a bit longer
Dreary but dreamy London.
First time in England! Spent a great day in town before heading to Paris on the Eurostar
What a welcome! Hello down there, England 😁
It was rainy and freezing cold but the layover in Iceland felt just as divine as those little purple flowers in the meadows

19 June 2017

Checking documents then we're clear for our first international flight!
"Hey, dad look at the arc!"
I was looking for the huge library of books but found something else to stare at longingly while in BKLYN
$20 for two Vitamin Waters sounds like the harshest part of my day until I tell you I walked three miles to get to it 😩 but I had a nice rest in a pretty park afterward
Walked the Bridge a bit with the commuters early this morning

18 June 2017

Leaving NC for NY and the good omens for Europe start already
Father's day family time before our family vacation begins