North America, Australia and Oceania · 70 Days · 115 Moments · February 2018

AlyAnn's journi to New Zealand

24 April 2018

23 April 2018

20 April 2018

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29 March 2018

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17 March 2018

Golden Bay Day

9 March 2018

My walk to class 😍😍

4 March 2018

Nature and Bridie bought us whistle lollipops. Yes, two in one, whistles and a candy dessert.
Berry land adventures and kids TRYingATHOLON

28 February 2018

My favorite class “Te Pū” where I am learning the kiwi language, Maori!

26 February 2018

First Day of Class.

23 February 2018

Trying real figs, falling asleep on the beach..,views, festivals, and operas

22 February 2018

Camille and I left our fish and chips @TheVic to drive up to Princes Drive for this sunrise. #wisechoices
I walked 30 minutes to get my sea time.

21 February 2018

A day around the city and finally a dish with Brussels sprouts🙏🙏

19 February 2018

Got out early for the sunrise and mid day time at the beach!

17 February 2018

This is Kyles favorite park in the city; he likes it for the wishing well, so we walked through it on our way to the Nelson Market where I tried some amazing fruit and the best peaches I’ve ever had!!!
It took us about 10 minutes from home to get to the bottom of this mountain and only 30 minutes to hike up it!
My little brother and I about to walk up to the Center of NZ. He wanted to hold hands the whole way up and also guide us all the way there, and he did get us all the way there.
This is my host mom and brother (Lenette and Kyle), Kyle calls me eight (means older sister) Al or or AlyAnn, he never runs out of questions or energy! The cathedral is an Anglican Church that is a 40 sec walk from our home!
My first “When to open” letter 🤗🙏

16 February 2018

My view in my room for the next semester.
I was so lost when I arrived in Auckland and thought I was going to miss my flight or they weren’t going to accept me into the country, but then a nice man told me all I had to do was follow this green line 1 mile to the domestic terminal.

12 February 2018

My last night in Lincoln with some beautiful friends to send me on my way. || Only next time they could be standing with me in New Zealand recreating the picture with some mountains in the background!