Singapore · 60 Days · 6 Moments · December 2017

Al's voyage in Singapore

1 February 2018

Flying from the Maldives to Singapore is just a five hour flight once you get in Singapore make sure you get your Sim card and your transport card which is really cheap and you’re going to use it all the time if you’re using public transportation the trick is buy it at the airport they have a little kiosks and that’s the cheap way to do it. If you’re going to Singapore make sure you stay two or three days no more the place is small very expensive and you will probably be able to do everything in one or two days. If you’re thinking of having a beer or a couple of drinks it is not cheap so remember to buy that bottle and duty-free and pregame before going out because a drink will cost you almost $20 and a beer will cost you around 18 and that adds up really fast. I will be writing more about Singapore on the following days but one of the places you have to go visit is universal studios Santos the beach you have to take the picture at the gardens

6 December 2017

Walking around the must see sights of the city
His pictures were taken in Universal Studios Singapore the entrance to the park it’s not expensive like Orlando and it’s a good time to spend a half a day or a full day if you have a couple of days to spare in Singapore

5 December 2017

You will meet a lot of people and this is one of the guys I met at my hostile name is Craig now he is working at a resort in Vietnam he was supposed to continue traveling but things changed and he is in one of the most beautiful places on the planet working in front of the beach with beautiful people from all around the world. We’re still in touch and one day I’m gonna come over and hang out with this guy’s in Vietnam
That’s my hotel room it’s a capsule very popular in Japan and in Singapore very comfortable you in a hostal But you were able to close your door and it makes it feel like you’re actually in an old hotel room is the best way to meet people from all around the world and probably friendships that will last forever