Thailand · 15 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

Al's journi to Thailand

30 November 2017

The most important thing if you’re going to Thailand come here with an open mind thinks here are different and you have to respect and embrace all you will see. You’re not in your country so respect! Some of the things you will see here you might not approve of but hey like I said before respect and embrace it Bangkok or we can say thailand in general is very different from any other place I’ve ever visited.
I don’t need to explain what or what not to see Bangkok has a lot to offer and all you have to do is get out there get lost it’s an amazing city grab a book and see what you’re interested in going to see and head out there have fun lots of temples lots of bars lots of nice type people to talk to you just be careful for pickpocket are‘s always carry your money up front pocket or in a fanny pack. A lot of people get their bags slashed and get their belongings stolen so I’ll be always in the alert. All I have to say is have fun get out there it might look scary but it really isn’t thai people are one of the happiest people I’ve ever met .
Accommodation is Avastin Bangkok if you’re a backpacker small boutique hotels or if you like the hostile environment are the best way to go I stayed at Smore hotel in Silom It’s a small hotel but it gives you everything you need for single or if you’re traveling with someone. Staff is great and they will be there if you need.
Once you land make sure you order Uber or grab because the taxi drivers are going to charge you upfront 780 THB Plus once you are already in the car they will say 100 THB more because of the toll. Take Uber or grab price is going to be 400 or less. Don’t get scammed!

23 November 2017

Amazing experience with tigers and elephants in Phuket

16 November 2017

Here are some pictures of the temples and amazing people I got to meet and. Interact with during my trip to Bangkok and Phuket.