United Kingdom · 55 Days · 38 Moments · January 2018

Al's journi

20 March 2018

Canal walk looking for signs of spring. It’s also the most miles Miley has done in one walk (PB-6miles)
Bulbs that I planted are coining up for the first sign of spring. (Front garden)

18 March 2018

Getting ready to explore Quarrybank Mill in the snow
Just waking up before a walk

13 March 2018

After a walk down the canal and along the old railway
New book and routes thanks Country Walking

11 March 2018

Nice 4miles exploring Brimstage and Thornton Hough

10 March 2018

Brynn chilled
Miley destroys my pillow

9 March 2018

Olly’s and Lindsay’s Wedding At Rivington Hall

8 March 2018

Des showing how much her and babies eating

7 March 2018

Managed to get hold of the Trail Magazine just need Country Walking

6 March 2018

First walk along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. 5mile circular walk both dogs chilled at night he end

4 March 2018

Walking around Lindow Common and Newgate Nature Reserve trying to find evidence of the Prehistoric Bog Man

3 March 2018

Checking out the Terracotta Army

2 March 2018

Miley’s and Brynn’s medal
Winter walk around Arrowe Park

27 February 2018

Miley’s first time in the snow

26 February 2018

Babby scan no 1

24 February 2018

Walk around the River Weaver

22 February 2018

Walking on the Could National Trust

20 February 2018

Mileys first time in Wales

19 February 2018

Trying to get a selfie with the dogs for cw dogs section

18 February 2018

Birthday Meal with family

15 February 2018

Got my pipes fixed, some spearmint oil and some CBD

14 February 2018

Valentine’s Day

5 February 2018

Mileys night walk along the Prom
Need a visit to here - North Wales

3 February 2018

Mileys first walking adventure at Risley Moss

1 February 2018

My new guide book. Got loads of walking destinations planned once Miley has grown up. It a nice reward for not smoking

29 January 2018

28 January 2018

27 January 2018

Brynn and Miley playing
Love this shot of Brynn

25 January 2018

A little reward for not smoking. Hope to have many grey adventures

24 January 2018

My fundraising pack came for dogs unite
Saw this picture and thought about the 1000mile walking family. Only had one meeting last year this year I am planning on meeting more members of the group and planning my own meetings.