Hong Kong S.A.R. · 21 Days · 5 Moments · November 2017

Al's adventure in Hong Kong S.A.R.

29 November 2017

Flying to Asia is something that I started doing two years ago for personal reasons. I totally fell in love with the culture the food and how people mind their own business when walking the crowded streets, Something you don’t see in America. In my own words I describe Asia as “another planet .“ The first Asian country I travels to was Japan and I did it with one of my best friends. I consider her like family because she has been there with me in the good and the bad times, you know who you are if you are reading this! I miss you and I love you and I am very proud of you. It’s a very long time to start a blog but here it is. AA125 Dallas -Hong Kong. (17 hours) 11/08/2017 I have to say I like American Airlines domestic. International flights not so much. The only good thing about the very long flight is that my seat L20 on 777-300ER is a great seat. I don’t like window seats but it’s a bulkhead last row of main cabin extra so I can stand up with no issue and walk around to stretch

13 November 2017

This location is called the salty pig it’s in Kowloon side cheap drinks and always a good time.

11 November 2017

Ocean park is an amusement park in Aberdeen fine if you like to see animals and if you love roller coasters in the picture you can see me and the best girl ever Kelly Tong native of the Hong Kong the sweetest little girl.
Just heads up the room you see on this picture is something I’ve been where Airbnb Hong Kong is not the best place to book a stay on Airbnb so just don’t do it picture look Totally different for what I got I think prison is better than that room.

9 November 2017

Landing in Hong Kong after a long 17 hours flight from Dallas best seat for this flight is 20 L