United States of America · 2 Days · 12 Moments · April 2013

ALOHA Hawaii (Oahu - Honolulu - Waikiki)

7 April 2013

The president's island... For the ones who didn't know... Barack Obama is originally from Hawaii (Oahu), so we went to see the places he was born in, went to school and worked as a teenager!
Famous movie spots We saw a lot of famous places of movies like Lost, Jurassic Park etc. It is amazing to stand where these famous movies were filmed!
Famous beaches We found this Island cruise on a flyer that we got in the city and it was the best thing we did on Oahu! When you walk around in Waikiki, a lot of tourist guides will offer tours and you'll also find flyers at the hotels. Just pick what you find the most interesting! You need to call them and reserve seats for the tour in advance. It was so much fun and we saw a lot of different parts of Hawaii! For example, the beautiful beaches, where also a few Elvis movies were filmed at...
Hawaiian hotdogs!!!! We found this place and the hot dogs are delicious! There are even vegetarian hot dogs, to which they add banana, coconut or mango puree with sweet or hot chili sauce - it's so worth trying it! Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the hot dogs, we were too busy enjoying their taste ;)
Hiking to the Manoa falls It was a rough but very funny path to the waterfalls! It suddenly started raining and we were totally wet and had to throw away our shoes afterwards, but it was worth it ;) When the bus drops you off, you'll have to walk into the forest - just follow the other people, there are many people taking this short hike! To get to the waterfalls, it will take you about half an hour one way. I would not go with kids or older people, as the path is rough sometimes, but we saw a lot of families with kids, so I guess it is possible... There is also a restaurant to stock up on snacks at the beginning of the trail.

6 April 2013

Sunset We took beautiful pictures in the evening at the shore...all along the beach you have a great view - just walk down the road to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.
Hard Rock Cafe I take a picture of the Hard Rock in every city I visit... but you can also get your meal there :)
State flower of Hawaii We found them Downtown and I think it is a must to take a picture of the Hawaiian state flower: Ma Ľo hau hele! :) Honolulu's nature is stunning!
Sightseeing It is really easy to go from Waikiki to Downtown Honolulu. There are good bus connections and it takes you about 30 minutes to get there! We haven't done Pearl Harbor, but that's probably the most famous sightseeing place in Honolulu. There are statues of the first queen and political buildings. If you are interested in history and want more than just lying at the beach, it's worth going there. Attention: Some areas of Downtown are a real contrast to the touristic areas (old buildings, drunk people, dirty streets etc.)
Waikiki-beach One street from the hotel. Not so big and a little overloaded during the day, but if you go at the morning you'll get a good spot. The water is crystal clear and warm - it really is amazing!
Nature next to tourismn If you stay at the Stay Waikiki Hotel, you are just a few steps from the Waikiki beach, the shops and the restaurants - so, where all the tourism takes place! Still, if you take a little walk down the road, away from the shops and the beach, you'll find nature right there. Just follow the Kalakaua Avenue. On the way, you'll also pass the Pearl Harbor Memorial Gate.
Cheap and good hotel It's a small, but very nice hotel. Nice and clean rooms, very friendly staff, small and simple breakfast and central located (one street from the beach of Waikiki)! The hotel has beach stuff to borrow and washing machines/dryers. I was absolutely satisfied!