Luxembourg · 1 Days · 5 Moments · June 2016

Almost back to the UK... Lux-Be

29 June 2016

What I should have mentioned was that 3am this morning Jon excitedly shook me awake. Jessica Holly - our beautiful new niece was born last night. Woo new Bates team member.
The day was longer driving than we thought and this whole motorway thing is getting boring. We rounded it off nicely by getting thoroughly lost finding a campsite. We then found campsite (giving in and using European expensive 3G) only to find it full. Typical. Our last campsite on this leg and it's full!! Luckily we found another one 10km away. We did nothing again other than eat dinner and have epic showers. It'll get interesting again in a couple of weeks...!
So before heading off into the big wide world of ... Err... Belgium we had to get the tyre changed to the spare. Ironically (not sure it is but felt like it) we managed to get it done in Schengen. They didn't seem to mind we weren't part of the agreement... Hehe.
I asked Jon if our tyre should look like this. No no it shouldn't.
So last night we stopped off in a Marina in Luxembourg. I had a nap and that's about it. Sorry people - boring. This chap stared at us this morning.