United Kingdom · 3 Days · 4 Moments · December 2016

Dublin, Ireland

19 December 2016

Do's: - Walking Tour - Book of Kells - Trinity College - Local Pub in Temple Bar Area - Betty Library/Museum - Queen of Tarts - Street Fair - Academy - Cliffs of Howt - Guinness Storehouse

18 December 2016

12.18.16 We went to Cliff of Howt with Candace. It's so breathe taking. It felt good to be in nature again hiking. If I knew how to swim, i would've probably joined the group of people that were cliff diving. Later we decided to go to Guinness Storehouse. It was a great experience but not what I expected. It was cool to learn how to pour a pint of beer. The beer was disgusting although the views from the Zero Gravity Bar were great.

17 December 2016

12.17.16 We later met up with a friend of Candace, Cat. She's also from the US. She's traveling around on her during winter break. She's going into her third year in college. She said she was unconscious for awhile, lost all movement on one half of her, and had to learn how to speak and move again. She's amazing. Now she's traveling and volunteering around the world. This goes to show that anything is possible.
12.17.16 I went out with Jade, and Angel to 'Academy'. People do dress up more than they do in Manchester. It felt like an actual club and was definitely more spacious than Fifth or Factory. There was three different floors but of course we stayed in the hip hop area. It was a good night. Probably the last night I go out in awhile. Jade was treating me to mixers. I had a slushee with Vodka and a Fanta Orange with Absolut Vodka. They were yummy. I was pretty tipsy but as soon as I seen Jade and Angel were drunk I had to sober up. I went into the toilet and wet up face while repeating Julio's name. Jade ended up losing her passport and bank card that night but at least she got home to Belfast safely. Angel and that guy are sorta dating now. I woke up the next day thinking I had a hangover but it was just my sinuses acting up.