North America, Europe · 9 Days · 35 Moments · July 2015

New York City, Nova Scotia, & Boston

5 August 2015

I am finally home! What a great adventure this has been! I look forward to copying the scone recipe and trying to make chilled soups! But now I must prepare for the start of school and getting back into normal life.

4 August 2015

Pretty much every plane has this incredibly boring view. But, I'm thrilled to be heading home after a wonderful and exciting trip!
Saying goodbye to the wonderful and beautiful "Queen Mary 2" as we depart for the New York Airport from Brooklyn.

2 August 2015

The Old North Church in Boston, Massechusetts
The Saint Charles River in Cambridge, Massechusetts
The rest of Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massechusetts

1 August 2015

The Acadian Maple Store, where I bought some pure Canadian maple syrup and we met the owner/entrepreneur, Brian.
Peggy's Cove and Saint Margaret's Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada

31 July 2015

Tonight was the Cunard Line 175th Anniversary Ball & Formal. Here is Grandma and I posing in our formal wear in the Grand Lobby after dinner and before the dance show, "Crazy in Love"!
Afternoon teatime is AWESOME! They load the buffet with cucumber, egg, and ham and cheese sandwiches, scones and cream, lots of types of tea, macaroons, tarts, and fruit! Oh, I just wish they had Cambridge delight! I am determined to try the select cheese dish every night with my dessert, and so far I've hated two out of three but I'm writing down the cheeses for future research and favorites. Ah, and Papa lets me have some of the sparkling white wine one we retire for the night. I'm seriously in love with the British lifestyle.
First day at sea: such beauty, such elegance, and all I did was sit by the indoor pool and read my book and nap!
The QM2, and the Three Tenors as our late night show after dinner! It's crazy that they use real silver utensils everywhere except for the buffet, including for 24hour room service!

30 July 2015

The Britannia Restaurant on the Queen Mary II
Lady Liberty from our stateroom window, like the Lady of the Lake
First view of the ship in Brooklyn: the majestic Queen Mary II
Last pictures of NYC before heading out to Brooklyn to board the Queen Mary 2!
The New York Times building right next to the Port Authority Bus Terminal where we were sheltered from the rainy afternoon.

29 July 2015

My "I just got kicked out of Times Square" selfie taken in the cab right after a security officer in Times Square told me I couldn't play the bagpipes even though 1) I had been there playing for half an hour, and 2) I asked two Times Square police officers not one hour before if it was alright and they said they've seen and heard crazier. I'm just glad I got to keep the Kuwait dollars because those dollars alone were worth $181 U.S. Dollars!
Bagpiping in Times Square! In one half hour I acquired tips that amounted to 55 Kuwait dinars, 10 Qatar riyals, $0.82 American cents, and $0.02 Australian cents. With exchange rates for the Qatar and Kuwait money, my total was barely over $200!! In just half an hour! A little girl with red hair and freckles gave me the change, and she was fascinated by the pipes.
I never thought I'd be able to come here, but I actually did. The 9/11 Memorial. What a beautiful place to remember. Pictures from the South Pool.
Lady Liberty, again
New York Skyscrapers from the Staten Island Ferry
Wall Street, The New York Stock Exchange, The King's College, and The Bull
Our lunch stop today had my favorite soda of all time: Stewart's Key Lime. And at the market store, I found a wall entirely dedicated to Bob's Red Mill grains
The Flat Iron and a glimpse of the Empire State Building
Saint Patrick's Cathedral
The Naples/Pompeii mosaic in Strawberry Fields of Central Park. I remember seeing the inspiration mosaics in Pompeii in August 2013.
Sites around Manhattan

28 July 2015

Instead of hailing a taxi cab after seeing "Wicked," a man driving a pedicab offered to take us to our hotel via Times Square. What a gorgeous American skyline Times Square is! I can't wait to play my bagpipes there sometime tomorrow!
"Wicked" at the Gershwin Theatre! Now, I've seen a Broadway play in Durham before, but "Wicked" was stunningly WICKED! Like the Creole equivalent for the word "wicked", it was super awesome! I have a much deeper love and appreciation for Broadway plays now!
First views of Manhattan!
The Charlotte Douglas International Airport

27 July 2015

We are all packed and anticipating our adventure to New York City, Boston, and Halifax! I can't wait to sail on the Queen Mary II! The Cunard Line is celebrating their 175th anniversary this year, and there will be a celebratory ball on Friday evening for their long history of luxury ocean liners.