Italy · 16 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

#SUMMEROFF - 7 - Siracusa

30 August 2017

Greek and Roman amphitheaters and the ear of sunset!

29 August 2017

Exploring Castello Maniace w Silvana and Marieke!

25 August 2017

Fab afternoon and evening out on the water off Ortigia with my classmates!

24 August 2017

Sunshine @ Solarium Zen w my girl Chloe!!

23 August 2017

Just another afternoon in Ortigia... Grillo, Etna Bianco, Moscato, oh my! @EVOÈ Wine Bar Shop
The Ascension by Antonello w my own tour guide, Chloe :)!

19 August 2017

Lovely afternoon and evening in Raguzza w Chloe, Marie, and Anna! Dinner courtesy of Monsù!
Modica, you are a charmer. And oh, the chocolate.
A hike, a swim, and a picnic at a secret river near La Giasira... heaven.
Dynamite tasting @ Marabino

18 August 2017

Tasting @ Barone di Villagrande near Etna

17 August 2017

Evening strolls near the Duomo. And the daily wedding sighting :). Not pictured...Chloe and my books as we did our homework while drinking in the square...

16 August 2017

Apperitivo and then spaghetti di zucchine. It would have been healthy if not for the mountains of ricotta... @CortileVerga

15 August 2017

Buon Ferragosto!