Italy · 3 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

#SUMMEROFF - 5 - Lecce

7 August 2017

Great evening @ the Cooking Experience with chef Gianna and her daughter Maya! Focaccia Pugliese, fresh pasta and sauce, caponata, stuffed peppers, pork roll ups, and panna cotta. Sono molto pieno!
Lovely early morning jog. I had the city to myself!

6 August 2017

Amazing cocktails @ Quanto Basta on a hot night under a big moon.
Morning walk before things get hot...well, hotter...
Amazing local breakfast. Pasticciotto - filled with cream Caffè in ghiaccio con latte di mandorla

5 August 2017

My beautiful roof. Party for 1 but could fit 30! Click in for pano!
My lovely apartment up the stairs - Corte dell'Idume And in a small world moment...I realize the door to the right belongs to the cooking school I will attend on Monday. Long walk. Ha!