United States of America · 6 Days · 20 Moments · July 2016

Allison and Caroline in NYC

12 July 2016

Yesterday: After missing our alarms and breakfast reservation at Sarabeth's, we quickly ordered room service, zipped up our bags, and took a car to the airport. Side note: Laguardia is not our friend. 🙃 We had a very long layover in Denver... YouTube was watched and Mexican food was eaten. 🌮🌯 Home and, shortly thereafter, to bed after midnight. 💤

11 July 2016

Fun Home and the best pizza ever ❤️
Caroline and I took the metro like big girls, and made our way to Soho for breakfast with Emily 💗☀️ we shopped a little, talked a lot, and had a really fun time!

10 July 2016

BROADWAY THAI first of all, has the BEST noodle bowls I have ever eaten. Secondly had a three piece live jazz band. And then random diners would pop up to sing song for this one man's birthday. One woman even tap-danced the scat section. It felt like we were in the middle of a flash mob - if it consisted of 70+ year old jazz singers.
Next came two shows and my favorite restaurant experience of all time. The Crucible - intense, twisted, and consisted of indescribable acting. People were literally spitting with passion - Broadway is the bomb 👌🏼 Fantasticks - very cute and fun to see again from a new perspective. The theatre and ticket booth were located up a random set of tiny, narrow stairs 😂
After purchasing absolutely legitimate purses from cars on the street, we took a trip to Papyrus and had entirely too much fun in a stationary store.
Starting the day off right with French toast and waffles at a.cafe 😍😍

9 July 2016

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime was a really unique show. I found myself forgetting that I was watching a play. We walked home in our first real NY downpour and went to bed after tea and chocolate- dipped fruit.
Dinner at Toloache - a modern Mexican restaurant near Broadway 💕 •amazing guacamole and salsa •sweet plantain slices •carne asada •chicken quesadilla •beans and rice
Update: after seeing She Loves Me, we have died and gone to heaven. It is our current favorite musical of all time and we cannot praise it enough. The main male actor, Zachary Levi, gave one of the best performances I have ever seen - hilarious, detailed, captivating - AND THEN We got a picture.
High Tea in the Palm Court We got the Eloise Children's order (😁) and had to bring all of the desserts back to our room, due to full tummies.
At the end of the day we met Alexis, who was writing free poetry on the sidewalk of 5th Ave. we had some interesting conversation and left with an interesting poem. We rushed around in the rain and met up with Justin Heftel for pizza before seeing Runaways (super unique show). To end the night we walked all around NYC to a coffee shop with a friend.

8 July 2016

Went to Café Sarbarsky near the Met for a really late lunch of amazing Austrian food. I had pea soup with mint and sour cream with an Elderberry drink, Caroline a wiener schnitzel kertoffelsalate and Elderflower drink. Aaaaaand thenwe ordered another entreé of asparagus with hollandaise sauce. P.S. Elderflower syrup in sparkling water is the definition of DELIGHTFUL.
Today we rushed through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our fav exhibits were the Manus x Machina (haute couture), Elizabethan Furniture, and Southern America Jewelry.
The jet-leg is catching up with us, and we got out of the room around noon. But not before we repackaged our groceries in ice, due to a room temperature mini fridge. It's gorgeous out today, and the walk to the Met, through Central Park, was filled with art and amazing music 😍

7 July 2016

This afternoon we found a little grocery store and packed our mini fridge with fruit and milk for our cereal. Next we went to Fiddler On The Roof in the Broadway Theatre, along with Caroline's awesome cousin Lauren. After the show, we had pastries, fries, a tuna melt, and awesome conversation 🍮💯
After a nap (Caroline) we walked around Central Park, avoided a scammer, and took some photos of us and #neature. 🌳 Fun Fact: there's a tiny amusement park/ circus dealio in the middle of park. Cool.
After a morning of rescheduling shows, we had brunch/lunch at Sarabeth's right next to our hotel. Pictured: •The best OJ we've tasted to-date •Crab (Ew. -Care) and Guacamole Chips •A HUGE Chicken Pot Pie •Caroline's favorite tomato soup with adult grilled cheese

6 July 2016

After settling into a luxurious room at the Plaza we grabbed some authentic NYC hot dogs from a cart on wheels. We tried - and failed- to walk to our first show, and had to take a taxi, where we gave the wrong address. 😁 #LearningCurve An Act of God was great, and we explored Broadway for the rest of the night, including the theatre for Hamilton. I already love this city. 💗💗
GEG to NYC - LAG We got up at three and flew to Denver, had a delicious breakfast of friend toast and artichoke dip, and I, Allison, have already lost my sweatshirt. So nothing unexpected has happened yet.