France, Italy · 10 Days · 9 Moments · June 2018

Alli's ACLE adventure - first stop Nice!

24 June 2018

Of course we had pizza for dinner - when in Rome... (Or Piazzolla!)
A day filled with Italian architecture and great fun with our host families :)

23 June 2018

Now 4 of us are on this beautiful route to Cittadella to our first camp to put what we have learnt into practise!

22 June 2018

Spent the last week in this beauty spot 😍 Sanremo :) Learnt EVERYTHING I need to know to teach at ACLE English camps in Italy and had a super time with lots of interesting people.

16 June 2018

Super excellent, tasty and filling lunch 😍
Having a lovely morning in the sunshine! Found myself a vegan cafe for lunch :) Got the last table - they were all reserved! I’m anticipating good things!! 😋🤗😍

15 June 2018

What a *Nice* welcome 😂
Yes Wagamama’s! Vegan Katsu Curry - at the airport no less! Don’t mind if I do...

14 June 2018

Last supper! Nice Kayal dinner before leaving - Sarah’s was nearly as big as her head!