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Adventures in the USA...✈️☀️

31 August 2017

C H I C A G O • P A R T • O N E I know I keep saying this but I think Chicago is now my favourite city!! It's just like New York but a lot cleaner, safer and the people are happy!!! It was a very very VERY long drive day to Chicago so we did an evening bike tour of the city! It was amazing! All the buildings were lit up and the parks are full of fairy lights! Surprisingly (or not so surprising to people good at geography...) there is a big beach in the city as well!! So we biked along there and heard stories about the history etc - the tour lasted about 3 hours so we covered a lot! The next day we got up early and went for breakfast in a lovely diner - the bacon here is SO much better than back home! We then went to the zoo - which is free?!! And it has so much in it too! Lions, monkeys, reptiles, kangaroos, penguins, FLAMINGOS!! We spent a few hours there before heading back into the centre to the John Hancock tower to do the "tilt" experience....
M O U N T • R U S H M O R E • & • C R A Z Y • H O R S E We stopped at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse on our way out of Deadwood...Crazy Horse is a famous native Indian that fought for the people way back in the day! The story behind it was a lot more interesting but I only have one paragraph to explain everything! The statue has taken like 80 years to get just as finished as it is now - so far they have just about carved his face. Apparently they felt a statue of 4 white presidents was far more important to fund and build...anyways when it is finished it will be 2000 times bigger than the presidents heads! We drove about 10 minutes to the famous Mount Rushmore - it was pretty impressive! There's a short walk you can do to get right to the bottom of the faces - there was a lot of history to it and why those 4 presidents were chosen. I can see why it's easy to get caught up in the patriotic-ness of America...We then got back on the road and drove to Badlands National Park...

30 August 2017

C E D A R • P O I N T Well just to clarify, this was nothing like Blackpool pleasure beach! If I'd of done my research, I'd of known that this is the rollercoaster capital of the world! With 72 rides and at least 3 of the worlds most favourite coasters! Safe to say I wasn't prepared for the day ahead! We'd only been in the park for about 2 minutes before we were on the first ride! There were ones where your legs hang, you lay flat, you go backwards, upside down! It was amazing! I went on the worlds second fastest rollercoaster! 0-120mph in 15 seconds! It was over before i could even be scared! "Millennium Force" was my favourite! This is the worlds best "steel" rollercoaster whatever that means! It's hiiiigh and faaaast! I think it only went 100mph but was so much fun! We spent the whole day running around rides like little kids! We headed back to camp when we got kicked out and had a fire and smores with 2 other trek groups! Up early for the last day of the trip! A 🍍
C H I C A G O • P A R T • T W O you go to the top of the tower, roughly 1000ft high and then can stand in a full length window that moves out so you lay above the skyline! It only extends about 45 degrees but it feels a lot when you're that high up! We got an amazing view of the city! We then headed to the Nutella Cafe for some treats! I had Nutella ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries! Mmm they were gooood! We walked back to the hostel via the mirror "Bean" sculpture- it has a much more cultured name than that but that's what we know it as! We spent the evening at a baseball game! The Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates - it was good game - still don't know what was happening but the crowd was massive so the atmosphere was fun! Cubs won! Yay! We headed back to the hostel, reluctantly avoiding a night out, as we are leaving at 5am tomorrow to get to Cedar Point!! 🎢🎡☀️ A🍍

28 August 2017

Y E L L O W S T O N E • P A R T • T W O to leave camp at 4am to go and see some wildlife! We were hoping for bears but sadly no luck! It wasn't a total waste though because we saw a million Bisons, coyotes and even WOLVES!!! Who can say they've seen wild wolves?!! The bison were so funny! They have little afros that bounce when they walk! They have the WHOLE park to roam around in but decide to walk on the roads and hold up all the traffic! It was fine though coz means you can get right up close to them! And there were little baby ones running around too! After our wildlife adventure, we decided to head to the natural boiling springs to wake ourselves up! This really tripped me out! It's a river like something back home but one half of it is boiling hot! Like 60 degrees and the other half is freezing cold!! So you have to woddle in avoiding all the bits that burn you or freeze you and just linger in the middle where it's like a bubble bath!! It was so relaxing!! We stayed here for a
Y E L L O W S T O N E • P A R T • O N E So this was one of the coolest things ever! As if actual volcanos and boiling pools of water exist in real life!! The first day in Yellowstone we went to a main area of the park called "Mammoth Springs" - they have loads of smaller geysers and rock stuff to look at! We had a walk up to the bigger geysers - one was called "dragons breath" because it was basically a cave of boiling water that steams and sounds like its growling coz the water is bubbling so loudly! It was pretty cool! There was also a mud volcano which I kind of wanted to see explode but would of regretted if it happened! To give an example of how hot these geysers are - they are not allowed to even make a pathway for you to walk on to see them - everything is on a raised boardwalk and you have to stay on it - people have died by going off trail because the floor cracks open and you fall into a boiling hole!! That took a dark turn sorry...the second day in the park we decided to

26 August 2017

B A D L A N D S • N A T I O N A L • P A R K Badlands - our FINAL hike of the trip!!!! The whole park looks like one giant mountain that people have stuck their fingers in and made weird holes! It looks like something from an alien planet...we did the "notch trail" as our last hike - it was so steep it has a ladder built into the side to get up it! HOWEVER this was by far the easiest hike we've done - it only took us 45 minutes and had a nice view st the end of it. In the evening it was the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match so we really wanted to watch it - there was only 2 bars in the whole park so we headed to one - it was so stereotypically America - each local had their own bar stool, cowboy hats and beers - but not in a good way! They were super racist and Trump fans! Didn't help sarah was wearing an "Obama forever" t shirt...luckily we couldn't get the match to stream so we legged it out as soon as possible! It was like Sams bbq all over again... A🍍
D E A D W O O D • B L A C K • H I L L S "Take me back to the black hills, the black hills of Dakota..." Calamity Jane references aside deadwood was an eye opener that places like that even still exist! They had legit saloons and old western style buildings etc! I think it helped that there was an old school car show on the day we went as it really took you back! Deadwood is a tiny town, not much in it but the locals - we wondered around the whole place and it only took about an hour! I played everyone the calamity Jane song and explained the story but no one really got it! Haha! We walked passed Saloon 10 where "Wild Bill Hickock" was shot and learned about the "dead mans bluff" hand in poker - 2 aces and 2 eights....we headed back to camp in the evening and made smores and chilled by the fire. Up again tomorrow and driving to Badlands... A🍍

24 August 2017

• C O D Y • SARAH SURPRISED US WITH TEEPEES!!!! We left Yellowstone via "Ribbon Lake" and did a small hike to a viewpoint - it was such a big park that we had enough to see in 3 days! We then got back on the road to Cody - home of the rodeo! We arrived at camp and were about to unpack the soggy tents from the night before when Sarah surprised us with 2 giant teepees! We were soooo excited!!! They were massive!! Once we calmed down we got ready to go for dinner - now I'm gna call Cody - "Texas part two" from now on because we went it for ACTUAL steak! At an ACTUAL restaurant!! It was giant and amazing and the cocktails were so good as well!! With full bellies we headed to the rodeo - apparently this was where it was invented! We sat in a crowd full of Trump supporters - all very awkward! We sang the national anthem and drank beers and then headed back to camp for more games before we all passed out snuggled up in the teepees! It was a short stay, but a really good one!! A🍍

23 August 2017

Y E L L O W S T O N E • P A R T • T H R E E while and then headed to see "Old Faithful" - now I know I'm shocking at geography but I was pretty sure this was a volcano...turns out it's just another geyser that erupts every hour!! We waited in the crowd for half an hour to see it - turns out "old faithful" wasn't feeling that faithful today coz it took forever for it to erupt! I'm glad I saw it but I don't really see the appeal! It just bubbled and then shot up boiling water for about 5 minutes...of corse everyone oohed and awwed and then clapped haha!! We finished the day off at "Grand Prismatic"! Now this was amazing!! It's a giant hole filled with boiling water and it has rainbow colours all round it from the sulphur and thermophiles in - that's right - Einstein eat ya heart out!!! It was one of the most beautiful things ever - and was only ruined slightly by the over whelming eggy smell!! A 🍍

22 August 2017

G L A C I E R • N A T I O N A L • P A R K The first day in Glacier, we did a smaller hike to see a nice view of a lake and some mountains - I can't remember what it was called but it was a nice scenic hike! It looked just like the hills from "sound of music". We headed to camp and set up the tents and had dinner and then we spotted some Moose in a field near by - they were so cute! It was a mum and 2 babies! We got up early in the morning and headed to a different area of the park. We decided to be brave and attempt a 10 mile hike to Iceberg Lake. It was pretty scary coz we had to carry our own can of bear spray and hike in groups of 4 or more only! Me being the sensible person I am thought - what if we get confronted by a bear and the spray doesn't work?! So I decided to test it at the start of the hike! This was a bad idea - it was like inhaling pepper spray times 10000! Killed me off before I'd even started the hike! And to top it all off there was a man "downwind" from us so he...

21 August 2017

S O L A R • E C L I P S E • D A Y Our main priority for today was to get close to Yellowstone and make sure we see the eclipse in the morning! We decided to have a layin and get breakfast at a diner because they were doing all you can eat "mooncakes" - these are just normal pancakes but they're the moon.... The eclipse was not as romantic as it sounds - we had to make viewing boxes from cereal boxes and we watched it in a gas station car park! Haha! It was fun to see though and glad we were there for it! We got about 86% totality which apparently is quite good! We met a lady who was more excited about getting home to see what her chickens did when the sun went out.... We then got back on the road and headed towards Yellowstone! We camped right next to Yellowstone river and the sunset over the mountains as we set up camp! This was one of my favourite campsites for sure! Tomorrow we have a little bit of a drive and then two days exploring Yellowstone! A🍍

20 August 2017

G L A C I E R • P A R T • T W O caught up with us and had a go at me! Oooops!! Rather safe than sorry! Anyways! After Bear Grylls had a go at me we began the hike! 10 miles up hill but we did it! We passed waterfalls and wildlife and finally got to the icebergs! It was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen!! Photos really can't do it justice and I felt so proud we got there to see it!! The water was ice cold and bright blue! There were icebergs floating in it - we had lunch at the top and took it all in and then headed back down. We saw one bear on the way home but it was miles away so we were okie - it was a black bear as well so not too dangerous! If you told me I'd of been saying that 2 months ago I'd of laughed in your face!! Tomorrow we are up early and driving to watch the solar eclipse and get close to Yellowstone! A 🍍

19 August 2017

B A N F F I can't decide which place is my favourite anymore!! I've fallen in love with Canada a little bit!! Banff is way more beautiful than the name makes it sound! It's a little mountain town full of fairy lights and little shops! The first day in Banff we went to Lake Moraine and Lake Louise! They were so pretty!! The mountains are massive and the lakes are soooo bright blue! It makes you want to jump in but the water is about 2 degrees so you'd quickly jump out again!! At Lake Louise we did a 3 hour hike to a tea room on the side of the mountain - it's the oldest tea room in Canada and apparently is "the selling point of the hike" - turns out I'd hiked 3 hours for a bloody cup a soup because they have no electricity up there!! The views were worth it though and it wasn't the hardest hike we've done at all! The staff have to hike up and down each day - in the morning they have to bring all the food for the day and in the evening they hike down with all the rubbish!
R E V E L S T O K E This stop was in the middle of no where - but the good thing about the middle of no where is that it's totally unspoiled scenery! The mountains were amazing and the lakes were so blue! There's been about 100 forest fires recently so sadly there's a lot of areas that are completely burnt out and there's a lot of smoke still in the air! I feel quite attached to the wildlife from being on this trip so sad to think of what's happened to them as a result of the fires! We woke up early to leave Vancouver and stopped off to do a very mini hike to a waterfall - it was literally about a 15 minute walk but with my hangover it felt like Angels Landing all over again!! We chilled for the rest of the day, cooked dinner and set up camp. We were up super early the next day to go white water rafting!! This has been one of the highlights of my trip for sure! It was so much fun! The water we were on is from a melted glacier and was only about 12 hours old! It was freezing! We were

17 August 2017

B A N F F • P A R T • T W O you could not pay me enough to do that job! Nooo thankyou! After the hike we headed back to camp and got ready to go to the town. We found a cute bowling place that did beer and pizza! Just so happens it was half price cocktail night - be rude not to! I lost at bowling as always but it was a really good night and felt like being back at home! Canadians are so friendly and polite - they really do fit the stereotype! I resisted the urge for a night out as the idea of being hungover in a tent was horrible! We headed back to camp and had a layin the next day! It was a free day so me and Lauren went for a shop and then met everyone in the evening. We went to the Hot Springs which is a pool heated by a volcano! It was 40 degrees in the water and surrounded by mountains! It was beautiful- if you could get passed the smell of egg from the volcanic gasses!! Back on the road again now heading back into the USA!! Glacier National Park here we come! A 🍍

16 August 2017

R E V E L S T O K E • P A R T • T W O lucky enough to all fit into one boat so we got to experience it all together. The rapids ranged from class 1 to class 5! We experienced all of them!! We had to learn all the signals and rules of what to do if you fall in but it was pretty simple really - JUST HOLD ON!!! The first half was pretty tame - some big splashes and dips but then we stopped off for lunch on the riverbank. They cooked us BBQ food and fresh watermelon and then we were on the boat again! This section was so much fun! We were up and down and splashing everywhere! Waves literally went over our heads at some points! It was freezing but so much fun you didn't notice!! Lauren fell in - it was hilarious!! I was laughing so much I couldn't even ask if she was ok but luckily she was! We finished the rafting and Sarah found a local wolf sanctuary near by so we stopped off there for a little cuddle with a 4month old pup! We howled and hey howled back! All in all a great day! A🍍

14 August 2017

V A N C O U V E R We arrived in Vancouver around lunch time so we went to a street market to grab food and look around the shops! It was a lot like Camden in London! We had a wonder and then met up again to head to the hostel - we chilled for a bit while some people went on bike rides and the rest of us got ready for a night out! We went and tried "poutine" for dinner which is chips covered in gravy with cheese curds on! It was horrible!! Cheese curds should never of been invented!! We sat on the rooftop of the hostel and played games and had a drink before heading out! The rest of the night was a bit of a blur (sorry mum!). I remember singing karaoke and dancing on the bar to spice girls and getting pizza on the way home! I woke up next to a can of Dr Pepper and then had to somehow pack everything up ready to leave in time! It was a struggle! Luckily I didn't throw up in the bus though and we made it to Revelstoke without any dramas! Alice 1 - Hangover - 0! A🍍
S E A T T L E • D A Y • T W O We had an ACTUAL lay in this morning!!! We headed to Pike Market around lunch time and met the others for food! We wondered around the little stalls - they had a gorgeous flower market with giant sunflowers and lavenders! We then went to find the famous "gum wall" which is an alley way covered in bubble gum! I don't know how a piece of gum on a brick became a tourist attraction but it was a fun little stop! We saw the first ever Starbucks - apparently Seattle is where is all began! There was an hour long queue so we just popped in for a second to see what all the fuss was about! We then headed back to the hostel via the Chocolate Factory - omg! I was in heaven! They had chocolate everything! M&M everything! Oreo everything!! I wanted it all!! Sarah planned a surprise for us in the evening - we were having dinner somewhere but she wouldn't tell us where - turns out her aunties live near by so we went to theirs for a BBQ! They were the sweetest people...

13 August 2017

S E A T T L E • D A Y • T W O • P A R T • T W O They were called "Maggie" and "Katie" and they lived in a cute little bungalow which was COVERED in fairy lights! They even had a flamingo decorations in their garden! I was obviously in heaven! They were so welcoming and happy to hear all out stories! They insisted on cooking us homemade burgers and souvlaki chicken!! I was even more happy now! It was delicious!! We had smores by the fire for dessert and sat talking for a while hearing all their stories about where they grew up and what the family was like etc! It was one of my favourite evenings so far!! Mainly because they were adorable but also coz I havnt actually been in a house for almost 2 months!! We headed back to the hostel afterwards and packed up early this morning! We are now driving to Vancouver and will spend the next week in Canada 🇨🇦🐻 A🍍

12 August 2017

O R E G O N • A N D • S E A T T L E We left Redwood really early for a long drive through Oregon! We stopped of for coffee half way through and had lunch at Sunset Bay - we looked for whales along the drive and I'm 99% sure I saw one - although it could of been a rock so not sure if it counts?! In the afternoon we went to the sand dunes and sand boarding until the evening! We had a lesson from the world champion sand boarder - he was really nice and didn't judge how bad I was!! Safe to say I won't be entering the olympics anytime soon!! We headed to camp in the evening and joined up with another trek group! We stayed up to the early hours drinking and making smores with them! In the morning we drove to Seattle - it took about 8 hours! We went out for Chinese food in china town and then up the Space Needle! 360 views of the city was really pretty even in the night! We are going to layin tomorrow and then head into the city to explore :) A 🍍

10 August 2017

R E D W O O D • N A T I O N A L • P A R K So Sarah is smashing it as the new tour leader!! Not only did she let us have eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast! She also let us have a chill day!!! We went on a mini hike around Redwood, but it was so misty and creepy it was really relaxing! They filmed parts of Jurassic Park and Star Wars where we went! The trees were giiiiant!!! Some had been struck by lightening so you could climb inside them! We had a relaxing afternoon at the beach, eating lunch and laying around! We saw some seals and dolphins playing in the waves! We spent the whole afternoon just chilling out!! We headed back to camp in the afternoon and cooked, had a few drinks - even had a cheeky game of bingo in the clubhouse! Margret kept getting the balls wrong! She was such a babe!! Haha! After some "corn hole" we headed to bed -no bear last night though! Safe to see America for another day!! Now on the road traveling to Oregon - first stop, surfing in the sand dunes! A🍍

9 August 2017

S A N • F R A N C I S C O • P A R T • T W O Alcatraz! Been waiting years to go here and it didn't disappoint! The audio tour was just as good as people say it is - it was really creepy seeing things in person after reading all the stories! We got the ferry back and explored the city a little more. We had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp - omg it was amazing! So many prawns! We went for a little wonder round the shops and then walked up the mountains - I mean hills - to the top of the city. The 'crookedest' street is called "Lombard Street" it was pretty fun! We headed back down to the seafront and went to pier 39 to see the Sealions! They were adorable! We headed out on a sunset boat cruise that took us all around the bay and under the bridge! We had a tiny sunset but then "carl" came and ruined it...We ended the night at the Cheesecake Factory! I had an Extreme Oreo Dream!! This morning we walked over the bridge and now back on the road driving to Redwood! A🍍
S A N • F R A N C I S C O I feel like San Fran needs to be named the Windy City!! Despite how cold it is and nearly being blown away it's a really pretty city! When we arrived we went for a wonder around the Haight area which is full of hippies (druggies) and boutiques (charity shops) but I got a new suitcase for $10 so I'm happy! We then saw the "painted ladies" which are some colourful houses on a hill....we got pizza for dinner and went to find a sunset! However famous the sunsets are in San Fran - the fog has other ideas! We couldn't even see the city, let alone the sun! It was quite funny though and we saw a raccoon eating doughnuts out of a bin...the locals have nicknamed the fog "Carl" - catchy huh! Sooo not letting "Carl" ruin the evening, we went to see Mrs Doubtfires house - love that film!! It was having work done on it worth $4.4million dollars!! We headed back to the hostel for drinking games and a chill out before the full day tomorrow! We woke up early and went to

7 August 2017

Y O S E M I T E • N A T I O N A L • P A R K I think I'd forgotten what green trees looked like until this point! So long desert and hello forests! Yosemite is beeeautiful and still warm so get the best of both worlds! It's nice to not have to worry about rattle snakes every time I need to go for a late night pee! The first day in the park we did a "walk" - it was NOT a walk - to see 'Half dome point' which is a mountain that looks like it's literally been cut in half! It was pretty cool, I've never seen anything like that and these national parks definitely open your eyes to how powerful Mother Nature is! (Cor that was a bit deep wasn't it!!) on the way to camp we saw a real life bear!! It was sooo cute! I mean it could of eaten us all but it was on the bucket list and wasn't expecting to see one so early on in this half of the trip! There's a saying we learned "if it's black - fight back...if it's brown - lay down" - black bears are apparently really dumb so you can make noise and...
Y O S E M I T E • P A R T • T W O scare them off - but turns out "black bears" can actually be brown as well so the whole rhyme is kind of pointless and you are basically always gna poop your pants if you see a bear of any colour!! We chilled at camp in the evening, made smores, played corn hole and got to know the newbies! We were up early again in the morning for a day of - yup you guessed it - hiking.... It was actually quite a nice hike because it was cooler and shaded. We did "the mist trail" which ends at a massive waterfall! You get soaking wet from the spray as you get close but it was worth it for the views! We spent the afternoon wondering around the park a little more - the others wanted to do another hike but me, Lauren and Tina went and hid in the visitor centre cinema so we could have a nap haha!! The evening saw us drinking and more corn hole and a game of "cards against humanity" - if that's not an icebreaker I don't know what is!! Now on the road heading to SanFran A?

5 August 2017

S A N T A • B A R B A R A Yesterday was a pretty quiet day, we met he newbies and drove back into Hollywood for a few hours. They seem nice, one boy and three girls - still coming out of their shells a bit but hopefully we'll get close like the others :) we drove to Santa Barbara and had lunch on the beach - we wondered down the pier but sadly the traffic in LA was so bad it held us up so couldn't stay here for long! We got back on the road and headed to Santa Margarita where we camped for the night! Sarah - our new tour leader - cooked us Fajita Soup it was goooood! She told us loads about what she's got planned for us! It all sounds exciting! Next stop, Yosemite! A🍍

4 August 2017

• L A • I was expecting LA to be very glamorous and clean and celebrities just walking around doing food shops etc but it wasn't at all! It was quite grubby and super touristy! It's was tacky but I still kind of liked it! We stopped of at the walk of fame to see the stars on the floor - obviously I hunted down Tom Hanks! There were so many - most I hadn't heard of! We spent the evening at the hotel as we had to say our goodbyes to Connor and Annie - it was so sad! Miss them already!! In the morning we went to Venice beach! We saw the gym at Muscle beach with all the sweaty bald men! And we hired bikes to go along the waterfront! We biked to Santa Monica Pier and checked out the rides! We walked to the end and saw a little seal swimming around! He was trying to steal the fish off the fishing lines! We headed back along the beach and met the others for lunch and then went on a Hollywood Tour - be rude not too! We saw a lot of celebrity houses - and by houses I mean gates, trash cans...

3 August 2017

L A • P A R T • T W O Roofs from a distance! Katy perry, Justin timberlake, pharrell, Michael Jackson, Playboy Mansion, Marylin Monroe - to name just a few! After the tour we wanted to visit the Griffith Observatory so we drove up there to watch the sunset over the Hollywood sign. It doesn't matter how many we see, the sunsets never get old!! We had an early-ish night as we begin the next month of the trip now with 4 new people! We had to say goodby to Kelly and Dom before hand! It was horrible!! The Originals are all broken up!! :( let's hope the new group are just as nice and they'll be lots more adventures and laughs along the way! Our first stop will be Santa Barbara... A 🍍

2 August 2017

V E G A S • P A R T • T H R E E They all have casinos in them, atleast 5 restaurants - banks, rollercoasters, cinemas!! We went to Fremont Street to do the Slotzilla Zipline! I was terrified but it was so worth it! We laid on our fronts like superman and it got up to 40mph!! I think I screamed the entire time, the people below us gave some funny looks but they looked like ants so I didn't care! We got another frozen cocktail on the way back to the hotel and had to quickly get ready to go out - we went to a was a lot better than I expected! We then met up with everyone else and found a mechanical bull!! We had a completion to see who could stay on the longest - I could just about get on it so obviously I didn't win! A few games of giant jenga later we were back in a casino and had another little gamble! We got back to the hotel in the early hours again and back on the road driving to LA - 4 of the group are leaving us today, so have to make the last night a good one!! A🍍
V E G A S • P A R T • T W O Venetian hotel first - we wanted to go on a gondola but it was like $100!! We had a bit of a gamble - no idea what we were doing! But we won $30 by just pressing random buttons! We then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch - giant burgers and giant ribs! Definitely helped soak up the cocktails! I lost my marbles in M&M world and then headed over to a shooting range to shoot REAL LIFE GUNS!!! Omg it was so scary when we got in there but they just see it as an everyday thing! I shot an MP5 gun - it was biiig! After I manned up and actually pulled the trigger it was really fun! They definitely pack a punch so my aim wasn't that great! On a high from adrenaline I thought - you know what my days missing- sharks! We stayed in the Golden Nugget which has a shark tank in the swimming pool with a slide going through it - obviously I went on it! Saw a shark for about 0.5seconds before I got the water and got a wedgie!! The hotels are on another level of big...
V E G A S • P A R T • O N E Vegas has been my favourite by far!!! The first day was amazing but sooo tiring! We had been up since 4am doing the hike in Zion and then only had a few hours to get to the hotel in time for the party bus to arrive!! It all got a bit out of hand - 11 drunk people and a bus that speeds round corners isn't a great combination haha! The bus stopped at the White Chappell drive through wedding venue, scenes from the hangover movie and the Bellagio Hotel with the fountains! We went to Caesars Palace, New York New York and loads of other famous hotels! Everything is as big and over the top as you can imagine! And there's so many street performers so you can have a great night without even going in a club if you want! We got home in the early hours and basically passed out! The morning was a bit rough but we struggled out of bed to make the most of the day - we had dominos for breakfast and frozen cocktails from Fat Tuesdays to help wash it down! We explored the

31 July 2017

Z I O N • A N G E LS • L A N D I N G Today's the day - the big, scary - could fall off and die - hike! Only 1500ft high up - and nothing to keep you on there apart from some rusty chains! One of the hardest hikes you can do - people train for it and we decided it would be a smart idea to try it....we got up at 4am so we could get to the top before it got crazy hot! It started with about a mile of "switchbacks" - yeah that's right I know terminology now ;) these were soo hard! You basically walk uphill for an hour and then you finally arrive at the scary bit! We had to climb to the top of the mountain - there's no pathway - it's all rocks and trees! They've put chains up to help you not fall to your death! It was weirdly quite fun! I was adamant I wasn't going to do it, let alone get to the top - BUT I DID IT!!! The views were amazing - photos don't do it justice! The whole thing took us about 4 hours which is pretty average, feel very proud of myself! Angels landing 0 - Alice 1 A?

30 July 2017

B R Y C E • C A N Y O N I'm kind of fed up with hikes by this point - While half the group went on ANOTHER hike yesterday I went on a horse back ride around the canyon! Turns out I'm more scared of horses than I realised - mine was called "peek-a-boo" and was pissed the second I got on her!! The start of the trail saw us walking over the side of the canyon!! It was pretty scary - especially when our cowboy leader told us they are basically blind and have slipped in the past...I was warned peek-a-boo had a mind of her own but when she decided to wonder off from the group and ended up on the side of a cliff I thought this was it - "date in the diary" as Kev would say!!After Cowboy Joe gave her a telling off it was much better and I could enjoy the views!We walked all the way down to the bottom of the canyon and there was loads of burnt trees - apparently they get struck by lighting whenever there's a thunderstorm...Mother Nature then decided this was a cue to thunder and lightning on us

29 July 2017

B R Y C E • C A N Y O N • P A R T • T W O i was less anxious about getting zapped by lightning than peek-a-boo killing me, so we eventually ended the ride and then had to waddle to meet the others! Even this morning my bum feels bruised!! When we set up camp and finished dinner we walked down to a rodeo! It was fully American!! Like cowboys, denim, beer and flags everywhere! I enjoyed the horse stuff but had to leave after i watched the bulls! Didn't agree with it and it looked horrible for the little cows :( I spent the rest of my night cooing at all the babies in their cowboy hats! 🤠🤠 Back on the road again this morning heading to Zion national park! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful but I'm too distracted by the fact that tomorrow is the day I have to do Angles Landing - one of the hardest/most dangerous hikes there is... I guess the name would be kind of ironic if I did end up falling off! 😇 A🍍
G R A N D • C A N Y O N • P A R T • O N E One of the seven wonders of the world and can totally see why! As none of us had seen the Grand Canyon before Bryson made us all close our eyes as he walked us right to the edge! We then all opened them at the same time so we had the wow factor! It's so much bigger than you could ever imagine! It's 1 million (miwwion kate lol!) acres of just cliffs and rock! We got up at 4am on our second day to hike into the canyon - I did the 5 mile one to be safe! It's easy(ish) to get down but back up - oh my god!! Hardest thing I've ever had to do without a doubt! It took us about 3 hours! I'm surprised how close they let you get to the edge - we were literally so close that rocks were falling off the edges as we walked! We hiked down to "cedar point" where they had a little stable for the horses - it was nice to be able to appreciate the views before we had to prepare ourselves for the hike up! By this point we couldn't even look at the views...

28 July 2017

L A K E • P O W E L L This stop seemed to fly by! It was a few hours drive so we got here in the afternoon! We did a mini hike to see Horse Shoe Bend - by this point it was about 42 degrees - so a mini hike felt like a mission!! It was beautiful! I had no idea what it was until I saw it and recognised it! Again - we stood right on the edge so our feet were hanging down! It was a 1000ft drop (sorry mum!) but we couldn't resist! It's so hard writing about this stuff when the pictures don't do it any justice! In the afternoon we visited Antelope Canyons - again didn't know what this was but it's that famous Microsoft screensaver!! Recognised it instantly! We walked through the bottom of the canyon! It was so amazing I've never seen anything like it! The rocks made different shapes when you looked up - one was a heart! It was bright orange and really cold inside! We got back home (via an off road jeep) and then cooked and relaxed! Back on the road now heading to Bryce National Park... A ?

27 July 2017

G R A N D • C A N Y O N • P A R T • T W O views because we were too busy concentrating on how to breathe!! We finally got to the top and just caught our breath as one of the guys on our group appeared - he did the harder hike 2 miles more than us and he looked in a baaaad way! Turns out we ended up having to get him an ambulance! He was ok in the end - he was suffering from exhaustion, heat stroke and hydro something or other coz he drunk too much water too quickly! Kind of scary though and made us all a bit nervous for the next few hikes! All and all though the views were beautiful- so beautiful it makes you lose your mind a bit as people were doing extreme stuff to get the perfect selfies! We watched a group literally climb off the edge of a the evening we all went out for Mexican food as a reward! We also detoured to take a look at Route 66 - we fought off the mosquitoes while we took photos and then legged it back to camp! Packing up early and driving to Lake Powell... A?

26 July 2017

M O N U M E N T • V A L L E Y It was still thunder storming when we woke up so we went to a diner for breakfast! I got told off because apparently its crazy if you don't eat bacon with your hands?! We then drove to Monument Valley (via the road Forrest Gump ran along) and did an off road jeep tour of the mountains! It was amazing - looked like the middle of the Wild West! There were horses and cactus everywhere and local Navajo people selling jewellery and other things. Our driver was called Frank - he definitely didn't looked like a Frank though - I'm gna call him Josè instead! He told us all the ancient stories about the shapes in the rocks and played us music under "Suns Eye" - it was very spiritual! We ended the day in the middle of the desert eating tacos at a private garden! They were delicious!!!! They were cooked by local Navajo people so really authentic! We then got back to camp and had some drinks as we watched the sunset and stars - I saw 2 shooting stars this time! A 🍍

24 July 2017

M O A B • U T A H The first thing we did in Moab was drive up into the mountains to see Dead Horse Point. It was stunning! It looked exactly the same as the Grand Canyon and we got there just in time for the sun to set - we were 6000ft up and I sat right on the edge with my feet dangling off! It looked a lot like the lion king haha! The next day was hike day! We got up at 5am so we could "beat the heat" as Bryson likes to say! We hiked 8ish miles through the Arches National Park - it took us 5 hours and it was 40 degrees but so worth it. It was a lot more climby than I expected! I thought it would be a trail but there was nothing apart from rocks! We literally had to scale rock faces and climb over trees to get to each arch but it was very rewarding when we finished it! The day ended with a massive tropical storm, which we were right in the middle of! It rained so hard our tents flooded so we spent a few hours hiding in macdonlads until midnight! Now driving to Monument Valley.. A🍍

22 July 2017

C O L O R A D O So we are all in love with this campsite! We have our own hot tub and there's a bar as well! I can't remember the last time we camped on grass either - the little things in life! Apparently there's a baby bear that's been visiting at night - we might of 'accidentally' left a little food out in hopes he came back but no luck! We went on our first official hike today - 5 miles in the Colorado rockies! It was so worth it! We hiked all the way up to the waterfall at the top! It was raining the whole time but it was better than boiling hot! We followed a trail most of the way but the end half was literally climbing over trees and rocks and jumping over streams! It took us about 3hours and apparently is still nothing as bad as the "biiiiig hikes" to come! Once we hiked back down we got the ski lift to a town at the top and ate pizza in the cold! We are back at camp now, drinking beer and making smores! Pretty happy here in Colorado - but seeing a bear would make my day! 🐻 A

21 July 2017

S A N T A • F E • P A R T • O N E Another day, another campsite in the middle of no where but enough amazing views to keep us going! The good thing about being away from everything is that it is pitch black! We've spent the last three nights drinking under the stars in the dark! I saw a shooting star the other day - remembered to make a wish (but I'm not saying or it won't come true!) The bad thing about being in the middle of no where is that it is the perfect home for anything that wants to bite you..we've seen scorpions, tarantulas, beetles but luckily no snakes! I'm so on edge I'm gna see one that I've made everyone use a code word - snakes are now referred to as "gummy worms" because I feel like I could handle a situation much more rationally if someone says "Alice there's a gummy worm by your foot" - hopefully this theory never needs to be tested!! Anyway on to the good stuff! We drove into Roswell first thing in the morning and had IHOP for breakfast...
S A N T A • F E • P A R T • T W O we had giant pancakes and coffee and then headed to the UFO museum! We ended up making tinfoil hats on the way and were dared to keep them on all afternoon - challenge accepted!! We ended up attracting more of an audience than the actual aliens - people wanted photos with us and we are gna be put on a postcard and sold in the gift shop hahah! A lady even said she's writing an article about us for her paper! #famous When we were done in Rosewell we drove further through Santa Fe and went on a little wonder around - they have the oldest church in the USA and oldest house too - I mean I don't really find that stuff interesting but it was nice to see the town itself! It felt really Mexican! We ended the evening at camp, there was another Trek group there so we all joined together and drank by the fire and made Smores! Always a good way to end the day! Now back on the road driving to Colorado Rockies... A🍍

19 July 2017

W E S T • T E X A S So I've woken up with at least 50 mosquito bites during the night - this has to be the worst thing about camping!! They bit me THROUGH my clothes....apart from that, West Texas has been fun! We had quite a drive yesterday so we only managed to see the Carlsbad Caverns but it was worth it! It's the biggest cave in the USA and goes on for like 30 miles...we got the lift down there but then decided to hike the 800ft trail to the surface! I wasn't sold on the idea but despite how challenging it was and EVERY person passing us on the way down calling us crazy, we did it! And in 45 minutes as well which is quite impressive :) it's practice for the biiiiig hikes we have coming which will be more like 4-6 hours...........just letting that sink in!!! This morning we are in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we're going to see the Aliens at Roswell!!!! 👽👽👽👽 A🍍

18 July 2017

T E X A S • P A R T • T H R E E Our second day in Texas took us to Barton Springs! It's a man made pool but filled with natural spring water - basically a lake but without all the creepy crawlies and snakes in it! By this point it was almost 42 degrees so we spent most of the day swimming and sunbathing instead of exploring the city! We wondered down to a local graffiti park later in the day, sprayed our names and took some selfies! In the evening we went to our first baseball game! It was a great atmosphere! They did dollar hotdogs and soda so a few of the boys took it upon themselves to have a hotdog eating competition! I had a yard of frozen mojito and got a bit drunk in time for the game to get started - I didnt know what was happening or who was playing so just cheered for everything! Fireworks went off randomly - which I'm guessing was for something important!? Anyways! I've not seen any cowboys yet but next stop is West Texas, so should be lots to see there... A🍍
T E X A S • P A R T • T W O I'm not sure if it was the polostyrene plates or brown tap water that should of been a warning sign. But despite the wrong food being slapped on the table, we decide to try it anyway! It was a mistake. Even the safe bet of green beans that I ordered was bad - they were brown.Things went from bad to worse when the "chef" gave us a LOAF of bread to go with the was three days out of date. We legged it out as soon as we could! Although this was the worst experience of the trip (perhaps my life) it was definitely the funniest!! It didn't dampen spirits either as we headed to the famous Lady Bird Lake to watch the bats! Now I wasn't sold on this - but it was so worth it! The sun was setting as we got there and there were loads of people - suddenly about a thousand bats fly out from under the bridge and fill the whole sky! Apparently they're flying to Mexico to get fruit from the farms...dno why they don't just pop down the road to Walmart...
T E X A S • P A R T • O N E So the first night in Texas was eventful to say the least! After salivating over the thought of a proper Texas steak we decided to go to a BBQ house for meat meat and more meat! However - the salt lick was fully booked so we had to find an alternative - Luckily Bryson heard of a recommendation that was "really good". So we all got dressed up and excited, we're finally gna taste a giant steak - we get in the van - we drive - we keep driving - we're in the ghetto now. We stop driving - we're at the BBQ house...surely not?It was the dirtiest, crumbliest, half falling down house i've ever seen..and the restaurant was THE FRONT ROOM OF THEIR HOUSE!!! It was a bunch of miss matched tables with any chairs they could find scattered around! I'm not exaggerating when I say one of the chairs was an exercise bike...we didn't want to be rude (or shot) so we stayed and ordered food...after writing out orders ourselves on a piece of newspaper, it arrived at our table...

14 July 2017

N E W • O R L E A N S • P A R T • T W O So last night was the ghost tour of the French Quarter! We saw lots of locations of gruesome murders, a vampires house, a place where voodoo originated and some creepy pirate stuff! Now either, I'm getting super brave after all these close calls with creepy crawlies or it wasn't actually that scary coz I didn't freak out once! It was really interesting and our guide (Christo) was so good! The freakiest part was avoiding cockroaches as we went! In the morning we packed up after a lovely lay in and headed over to the swamp tour! Safe to say I still have a bit of 'Steve Irwin' in me coz it was so much fun! We were on a rickety old boat and they came right up to us! We fed them hot dogs and marshmallows and even saw a cute little raccoon on the way!! We ended with a rare visit from the 12ft gator "Black Jaw" -he was MASSIVE!! He freaked me out - deffo stared at me while he munched the hot dog...Think I ate his mate the night before - sorry! A🍍

13 July 2017

N E W • O R L E A N S So we have 2 nights in our very own house while we're here!! Our own rooms, beds, plug sockets haha! We are so excited! We chilled for a bit while getting ready for dinner - Bryson took us to a delicious seafood restaurant in the French Quarter - "Oceana Grill" I had authentic Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta - oooh my god it was delicious!! I was brave enough to try alligator! It was really tasty too! We went out for drinks after dinner and got 'hand grenades' on Bourbon Street. They tasted like watermelon! We spent the night drinking cocktails and shots and went to so many different bars - piano bars, jazz clubs, karaoke bar! We had such a good time! Again think I lost my voice from singing out of tune so much but who cares! We had a lay in this morning and eventually braved getting a cup of coffee! We're planing on just relaxing today and then tonight - I'm going on a late night ghost tour of the city!!! Oh god!!! A🍍

12 July 2017

D E S T I N • B E A C H So I've been to Mexico now...well the sea at least!! We didn't have long here unfortunately but it was definitely worth the stop over! The campsite was like something out of a horror film! We were greeted by a sign saying "be bear aware" and "be careful of the alligators"...I've never been so on edge ever! The walk to the toilet was through a bloody forest!! I'm not even exaggerating, we got lost on the way back and there were noises and creepy crawlies EVERYWHERE! As soon as the tents were up we couldn't get to the beach quick enough! It was beeautiful! The sand was literally white and the water looked like a screensaver!! There were little jelly fish floating around but by this point - I'll take a jelly fish over a bear or 'gator!! There were massive pelicans flying around as well! They dived in right next to us and ate all the fish (rude!) but it was cool to see in person!! All packed up now and legged it out of the campsite - next stop - New Orleans!! A?
O R L A N D O • P A R T • T H R E E We literally fell asleep the second we got in bed we were all tired from the adrenaline and sugar highs of the day! We woke up early this morning and packed up the tents and had breakfast - turns out that in the night, squirrels got into our food box and stole the peanut butter and Parmesan haha! They had chewed the lids off the jars and scattered cheese all over the campsite! There were little bits of plastic lids dotted around - safe to say they looked very happy with themselves this morning though!! Anyways - we're all packed up and back on the road now. It's about a 5 hour drive today to Destin Beach - last day in Florida! Can't believe we've already been in the "sunshine state" for 8 days!!! Sad to leave, but happy to leave the mozzys here... A🍍
O R L A N D O • P A R T • T W O we floated past all the dinosaurs and then it "accidentally" detoured into the raptor section where they had all escaped! So we had to get out there as quick as we could up all these log flumes and then the lights all cut out and all you can here is the rumble of a TREX and then he comes face to face with you and tries to bite us so the floor drops out and we fall into water! It was insane - I was genuinely scared at a few points hahah!! we finished off on the King Kong ride (or Hong Kong as we kept saying - oops!) it was a 4D simulator rollercoaster which was really good but the queue was easily the funniest part!! There were people hiding in the walls and then they jumped out at us to scare the crap out of everyone!! I couldn't even move at one point coz I knew they were gna grab us! It was so funny! By far the best theme park I've been to!! A few of the others went to Disney and Volcano Bay instead so we picked them up and headed back to camp -
O R L A N D O • P A R T • O N E!!! So basically the only thing we did in Orlando was the theme park but it was amazzzzing! We went on every single ride they had! The Hulk, Jurassic Park, King Kong, 4D Spider-Man, Harry Potter world! It was just amazing - lost my voice from screaming so much! We went to Island of Adventure rather than the movie part so sadly no minions running around but was still worth it! We had lunch in the Jurassic Restuarant - obviously I was in my element with all the dinosaurs! Even Harry Potter world was really good and I'm not a fan! The ride was insane! We went to a wand show (sounds dogey I know!) and the wizard guy called Connor up to pick a wand - it was so funny! He made him do spells in front of like 20 of us - so funny coz obviously they all went wrong!! He is now known as "the chosen one" among our group... The Jurassic park ride was my favourite though (obvs!) it was designed like a boat tour around Jurassic world -

8 July 2017

K E Y • W E S T By far one of my favourite places ever!! Although the drive from Miami was a long one, it was so worth it! Key West is full of sunshine, palm trees and pastel colour everything! When we first arrived we made it in time to Mallory Square to watch the sunset over the ocean - it was amazing! Bryson brought us authentic key lime pie to eat as the sun went down! There were street performers all around us and a man who had the most amazing voice singing to everyone! It was all very "warm" as my mum would say (haha!!) The second day was even better! We had a whole day of water sports in the middle of the ocean! After qualifying for my jet ski license we headed out on the boat. We jet skied, parasailed, snorkelled and jumped off inflatable slides and things! It was so much fun and the best way to tan - oh and surprise - turns out I get really sea sick! In the evening we went to Duval Street for shopping and ice cream - a great end! Now driving 9 hours to Orlando... A🍍

7 July 2017

M I A M I • D A Y 2 I want to live in Miami forever!! We spent the morning shopping in Lincoln Mall and wondered round the shops for a few hours - then headed over to Floridas Arts District to see Wynwood Walls. It's basically a neighbourhood covered in graffiti murals, really vibrant and colourful and perfect in the sunshine! We then wondered round a bit more and had lunch in a Tiki bar (filled with pineapple stuff yay!) we then met up with everyone else and headed to the beach for the rest of the afternoon! Easily one of the nicest beaches I've ever been to! The water was so warm and blue and you could walk out for miles! We all kept freaking out if seaweed touched us but apart from that it was lovely! We sunbathed and then went out for dinner and a bit of a late night shop around the city. Back on the road again now (reluctantly leaving our beds and electricity behind) next stop - Key West!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️ A🍍

6 July 2017

M I A M I Que the Will Smith song...I'd only been in Miami for literally 15minutes before I fell in love with it! It's amazing! So colourful and friendly and beeeeeautiful! There's fairy lights everywhere and palm trees! We stayed at a hostel last night and it is lovely! We're all in bunk beds (lol) but the place itself is lovely! We chilled by the pool with cocktails as soon as we arrived and then got dressed up to go for dinner at "Havana 1957" Cuban restaurant on Espanola Way. It has loads of little Mediterranean restaurants and everyone was really friendly! We wondered round Miami for a bit and then headed back to the hostel to drink by the pool! The even better part is we're here for 2 days so we actually get to have a lay in this morning and no tents!!! We're gna grab breakfast and then go see what else there is in Miami! First stop - southbeach! ☀️🌴 A🍍

5 July 2017

S T • A U G U S T I N E Yesterday was a bit of a drive again, only about 3/4 hours though - we're finally in Florida!! We stopped off at St Augustine for the afternoon, it's the oldest city in the USA so lots of old buildings and our first taste of a US beach as we walked along the shore line. Once we got to our new campsite we cooked dinner and walked down to the beach for a late night swim in the sea! The sun had already set, so we ''moon bathed' if you like haha! There were fireworks going off across the bay so we watched them and messed around a little before heading back to camp. We were up early again this morning - some before others thanks to the worlds most annoying bird!! They imitate car alarms and start at like 4am! It's making me miss those annoying pigeons at home! Also on that note - really missing dairy milk chocolate too! Haha! We're driving down to Miami today - and staying in a hostel so proper showers and something called a BED?! Whatever that is... A 🍍
4 T H • J U L Y Happy Independence Day! So yesterday we did a scavenger hunt around Charleston, finding specific items located around the monuments and main attractions. Turns out Pineapples are their national fruit - so I was happy! There's a giant pineapple fountain that you can swim in! We wondered round the markets and saw the old style horse and carts in the French Quarter. Theres a row of multicoloured houses in Rainbow Row which were really pretty - we finished the day watching fireworks over the bay! It was a pretty chill day coz the tiredness caught up with us all... Camps all packed up now and we're back on the road heading to St Augustine and Miami! ☀️ A 🍍

4 July 2017

C H A R L E S T O N Yesterday was a long drive day - 6-8 hours we were on the road but it was nice to rest after such a busy day in Washington! We drove through some super hillbilly places - they spell 'Chicken' like 'Chikin'! 🐥 Once we got to camp it was my turn to cook for the group - I'm glad I was first as there wasn't a high standard to follow yet - just avoiding food poising would be good enough at this stage! I cooked Spag Bol and it went down well (and no one threw up! Phew!) While we were eating there was a massive thunderstorm going on - it was so pretty to watch it while we were right underneath it! We had a few beers and got to know each other more - as soon as our tour leader said "it's nice to watch the storm from far away, we can't even hear it from here" there was the BIGGEST lightning and thunder so we all ran to the van to continue the party! We're back on the road now, driving 2 hours to Charleston for 4th July celebrations this afternoon! A🍍

3 July 2017

W A S H I N G T O N • D C After toasting bagels on the camp fire for breakfast, we drove into the city and decided to do a bike tour before it got too hot. We saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Statue, The Capitol Building, The Smithsonian Museum, The White House and sooo much more! It made me feel weirdly patriotic - and want to watch Forest Gump a million times! We wondered over to the Space Museum for a little bit of a geek out at all the NASA stuff... We then met back up with our tour leader who brought us pizzas to eat while we watched the sunset over the city. It was beautiful and a great end to the day! We got back to camp and had a few beers - but this morning we were up early to pack the camp up and get on the road again - it's now a 6 hour drive to the next stop but we don't mind because tomorrow......IS 4th JULY!!!!! 🇺🇸🎇🍻 A 🍍

1 July 2017

PHILLY First stop done!! Although I can't quite say I'm a successful camper just yet - we did manage to get our tent up first 32 degrees! We started the morning in Philadelphia (I still need auto correct to spell that!) at the Rocky steps! The ice was instantly broken when our tour leader made us run the whole way up to the top - did I mention it was 32 degrees?!!! We went on to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and then it was Philly cheese steak time! It was so good! We drove through a thunder storm to Washington DC - just in time to arrive at a slightly soggy camp site! That hasn't spoiled it in the slightest though! This place is so lovely, it has mini golf,a cute little cafe - hot tubs! We spent the evening cooking fajitas on the camp fire and enjoying some beers while the sun set - there's twinkly little fire flies floating around too! Everyone seems really nice and we've fitted in really naturally already! Now time to head into Washington for the day... A 🍍

29 June 2017

NYC So first day in NYC was a pretty jam packed one! Obviously there's no other way to start your first day than in an American diner with eggs, coffee and bacon! We wondered down to Central Park where we explored the Alice in Wonderland statue and detoured to Tiffanys on the way down Fifth Avenue! Tried on my DREAM engagement ring - only $56,800 (no pressure Sam!) Then, as if the bucket list hasn't been ticked off enough, we FINALLY got the chance to go to Serendipity Cafe to be blown away by the size of the giant sundaes and quirky interior. If I could squish that place up into a little bottle and bring it home with me I would! We were lucky enough to meet the owner, Mr Bruce, who had some lovely stories to tell about the glamourous days! All I'm saying is #marilynmonroe! We finished the day at the Top of the Rock, where we stayed to watch the sunset over the city - it was beautiful and lovely to share it with the parents before I leave them tomorrow and the real adventure begins...

28 June 2017

All checked in at Heathrow, waiting to board - it's not just my suitcase that's heavy today, so is my heart! Thank you all for your good luck wishes! Miss you all already ❤️✈️

25 May 2017

Welcome to my blog about all things America! Here you can check in with what I'm getting up to as I make my way through the states this summer. There's going to be lots to do, lots to see and hopefully lots of lovely people along the way, so enjoy - and try not to miss me too much! ☀️✈️🇺🇸 A x 🍍