Australia · 105 Days · 76 Moments · October 2017

Allen's voyage in Australia

24 January 2018

Tuesday 23 rd January sunny 26°. Went to office works to get printers for Shiela and Jackie and then to Pakenham to take Beryl to the doctors and I had to buy a suitcase as I couldn’t fit everything in mine. When we got home Jackie called in to say goodbye and then I did my packing, all my cases are full don’t know where it all came from! After lunch we went to Tracy’s to help move her fridge and then Beryl and Les said goodbye and went home. When Graham got home from work we set off for the airport arriving at 6:45, it was too early to get rid of my cases so we went for a drink then back to deposit my cases. Said goodbye to T & G and then through security where I was picked out at random for en explosives check! Through passport control, duty free and then to business class lounge to await my flight. We were called at 10:00 and events took off at 10:50. In business class area there are 36 seats, only 8 occupied. Two glasses of champagne before take off and one before dinner.

23 January 2018

Dinner consisted of pea and mint soup, fillet steak followed by cheese and biscuits washed down with a glass of red wine and a glass of water. Time to sleep, I slept on and off for about 8 hours and then had tea and biscuits at 9:00.

22 January 2018

Monday 22nd January. 26 deg and sunny. Went to Office world to get some photos printed then down to seniors for lunch and to say goodbye to some of my friends.

21 January 2018

Sunday 21st Jan, 26 deg, sunny and humid. After breakfast I went to see Lyn and Noel Bunce to thank them for their friendship and help during my stay. After lunch I downloaded some photos for printing and also did some printing for Sheila.

20 January 2018

Saturday 20th January, 26 deg and sunny. Went to office world to print photos and then to shopping centre to collect sandwiches from subway for the afternoon picnic at Tooradin. Arrived at Tooradin at 4:00 and waited for the others to arrive. Spent time in the park with Cooper and Mia on the swings, slide etc. Before going home we went to the ice cream shop and everyone picked their favourite and we sat on the benches to eat them.

19 January 2018

Friday 19th Jan, 42 deg and hot! Sat outside at breakfast time it was a pleasant 23 deg and breezy. By 9:30 it was too hot to stay out and retired inside for the rest of the day. We went to Racers for tea (it was too hot to cook) and had T bone steaks. We had to have a go on the pokies and make our usual donation of $10 each before returning home and spent the evening watching the original series of Poldark.

18 January 2018

Thursday 18th Jan, sunny and 39 deg. Skyped Mike this morning, having a quiet day at home. Beryl is in the shop until lunch time and Les is at the shed.

17 January 2018

Wed 17th Jan, sunny 30 deg. Men’s Shed day and as it’s the 3rd Wednesday in the month it was BBQ for lunch, Kevin and I cooked the food for 14 members.

16 January 2018

Tues 16th Jan, sunny 26 deg. The photo above was sent by Tracy. Beryl and I went to Dandenong on the train and then caught the bus to Waverley Gardens shopping centre. After morning coffee we started shopping by looking for a Thomas hat, we did eventually find one at Target then time for lunch. I had a Caesar salad and Beryl had an egg salad wrap, both washed down with a cup of tea and finished off with a Baclaver slice. Back home for 3:00 and then up for bingo, I won $4 and Beryl won $34. Time to get ready for Rotary at 6:15.

15 January 2018

Monday 15th Jan, overcast 22 deg. Down to seniors for lunch, a chicken and ham salad followed by trifle. Down to the shops afterwards and time for me to get a haircut.

14 January 2018

Sunday 14th Jan, 19 deg windy and sunny. Went to Casey Central shopping centre, met Will and Cooper and had a coffee before going to Beryl and Les’s. We went down to lakeside to feed the ducks and walked along the side (Cooper found a puddle and got wet and filthy) to the play area at the far end.

13 January 2018

Sat 13th Jan, 12 deg wet, wet, wet! Tracy and I went to Fountain gate, did some shopping (Tracy bought 27 1/2 pair of socks for $22) and then at 11:00am we went up to the cinema level. We were going to enjoy my Christmas present of a visit to Gold Class Cinema. The film we chose to see was “ The Post” with Tom Hanks and Meryl Sleep, a great film and well worth seeing. We ordered mocktails to drink and our food consisted of Turkish bread and four dips to start, prawns in filo pastry for Tracy and spring rolls for me then two plates of wedges coated in smoked bacon and melted cheese. We returned home after the film and started on plastering and decorating in the kitchen and dining room. In the evening we watched Kingsman 2 and then had an early night.

12 January 2018

Friday12th January, 31 deg, humid sun and showers. Went to shops In Pakenham and got caught in a rain. Had prawn sandwiches for lunch, yummy! Packed my bag and ready for Tracy to pick me up. When Graham got home we went to Zagarmes for dinner, I had chicken parmigiana which was delicious and then we had a go on the pokies before returning home.

11 January 2018

Thurs 11th Jan, 34.5 deg and sunny. Up at 7:00, out at 9:00 to Pakenham train station. Beryl and I went to Dandenong and then caught a bus to Ringwood shopping centre. 10:15 time for morning tea. We then looked in all the ground floor stores before going down to the basement level, half way round we decided it was time for lunch and so went to the food hall. I had honey fried chicken with rice and Beryl had a chicken and avocado salad, we then visited the remaining stores (we still hadn’t spent any money), before going to catch a bus to Dandenong and then train to Pakenham. with half an hour to wait for the bus home we went to the shopping centre, I bought some dishes and Beryl bought some apple turnovers for tea so we decided we’d had a successful shopping day! After tea I helped Les put together his first disc of their African holiday, it’s been quite a chore but we are getting there.

10 January 2018

We’d 10th Jan, 25 deg overcast to start then sunny. 10:00 to men’s shed.

9 January 2018

Tues 9th Jan, 22.5 deg sunny but windy. 9:30 Raymond came round, he stayed until 3:30. Beryl and I went to bingo at 3:45, I won two games and the jackpot, $33 in total! Les has gone to his darts evening.

8 January 2018

8th Jan, 26 and overcast with sunny intervals. Up at 7:00, played with Cooper until 8:30 and then off to day school for Cooper. Will and I took his car in for service and Les picked us up and took us to the Melbourne Water Park so Will could have his Christmas present which was one hour on the drag lines ( see pics).

7 January 2018

7th Jan, 24 and overcast. Will and Cooper called at 8:30 to collect me. First we went to Kim’s place at Tynong to collect some pallets and then onto Berwick market. In the evening we went to the beach at Frankston, Nick and Tyler came with the jet ski which Will had been dying to have a go on. Ice cream all round and back to Will & Jess’s place.

6 January 2018

Sat 6th Jan, 39 deg sunny and windy. Stayed in all day due to the heat, did more of Les’s videos.

5 January 2018

Fri 5th Jan. Donna and the boys called in the afternoon, we went to the community garden and the boys rolled down the grass bank on the way home. Tracy and Graham came for tea, we all had fish and chips.

4 January 2018

Thus 4th Jan, sunny 25 deg. After a call from Will we travelled to Berwick Community Gardens to meet him and Cooper. We went in the park and Cooper went on all the slides, swings etc and the time to see the ducks. Cooper collected gravel on the way down and proceeded to feed it to the ducks!

3 January 2018

We’d 3rd Jan, cool start with showers but sunny and 26 later. Les and I set off to go on the Eagle chair lift to Arthur’s seat at Mornington. On our way we called at the model aircraft club field and watched some of them flying but left when it started to rain. We drove to the top of the seat and parked before having a snack lunch and then rode the chair lift down and returned. After walking to various viewing areas we went to a car museum which was brilliant and then we returned home.

2 January 2018

Tuesday 2nd Jan, sunny 22deg. Caught the train to Dandenong with Beryl, we caught the bus up to the market and first stop was morning coffee. Beryl bought me a belt for an early birthday present, I got some socks! After roaming the market we walked down to the shopping mall and had lunch. Dad used to tell me that they had to bolt everything down here which I didn’t believe but here is the proof! (See pics).

1 January 2018

1st of January 2018 24deg and sunny. Went to Tracy and Graham’s to help with installing a new sink in her laundry.

31 December 2017

31st Dec, 26 deg & sunny. After breakfast we went to Mackers at Berwick to meet Will and Cooper, coffees all round. Cooper played in the climbing tower, Will was throwing his baby up to him (see photo).

30 December 2017

Sat 30th Dec, 20 deg overcast and windy. We called at “Grilled” before going to the cinema this afternoon with Tracy, Graham, Beryl, Les, Raymond and Rochelle to see “The greatest showman on earth”. A great film and good soundtrack.

29 December 2017

Friday 29th Dec, 24 deg and overcast, rain later on. We went shopping to Pakenham, caught up on my journal and then sorted out photos. Answered all my messages and e-mails, Skyped Jean.

28 December 2017

Thursday 28th Dec, 30 deg and overcast.
Wednesday 27th Dec. Sunny 35 deg. At 9:30am Les took Beryl and I to the station to get a train to go to Oakley, we had a tea break on arrival with lammingtons! We then did the shops in the centre and then moved out to the streets, as usual we didn’t buy a great deal of stuff. Quite a few of the shops we would normally visit were closed and so we decided to go back to the centre for lunch, Beryl had lasagne and I had chicken parmigiana with chips. We decided that we had done enough shopping and as it was getting warm returned to the station to await our train. At the station I noticed a sign which I thought was funny, it was padlocked to the wall! After waiting for 15 minuets our train came and the air conditioning as we entered was most welcome. As we passed through Narre Warren we looked out for Jess and Will’s place ( we think we got the right one) and then at Berwick Beryl called Les to collect us at the station. Les and I started to sort out more of his Africa videos.

26 December 2017

26th Dec. 28 deg and sunny for a change!! Up at 7:30 to look after Logan while Jess went to work.

25 December 2017

25 th Dec. 24 deg and sunny. Up at 8:00am, a leisurely start to the day. Set off for Tracy’s at 9:30 and waited for a Tim and Jess to arrive, prawns,cheese and biscuits to pass the time. Opened our presents and then Jacob and Mia went home and we sat down to turkey ham and all the trimmings followed by Christmas puddings and rum custard, rum balls and cake! At 2:30 I went with Will, Jess and Cooper to their house to prepare for dinner with Jessica’s family! I really need to stop eating. To bed at 10:00 shattered.

23 December 2017

Max of 30 deg, sunny and light breeze. Late start, got up at 8:00am. Helped Les with his video clips until Tracy and Graham arrived. Had a fried lunch and then Samantha, the boys and Donna turned up. Tear and share pizza for tea followed by ground almond tarts.

22 December 2017

24 deg and sunny. We went shopping to town as our final shop before Christmas. Spent time helping Les sort out his video clips and were envied to William’s for tea. He made pasta with mince and sausage in, it was delicious. We had peaches and custard for pudding and Cooper had sprinkles on his and enjoyed it until he came across a lump of peach which he spit out and then removed a further six pieces before finishing his custard. As you can see he took a fancy to my Santa hat but I had to take it off him as he was pulling off the bells!

21 December 2017

Waited at Williams for the roof repair man to turn up, he eventually came at 10:30 and we left at 11:15 to take me to Beryl’s in time to get changed prior to lunch. Men’s shed end of year lunch followed by staff and residents Christmas lunch.

20 December 2017

23 deg and overcast. We were up early as there was supposed to be a roofer coming at 8:00am to repair the leaks reported last night. He actually turned up at 10:30 and didn’t finish until 11:30, we then had to rush to get me to Beryl’s ready to go up to the main building for the Meadowvale residents Christmas dinner. We all were well fed and entertained, I actually won a hamper in the raffle and we were all given a present.

19 December 2017

37 deg. Up at 7:00am, I had breakfast while Will took Jess to work. Did a few jobs and entertained Cooper until 10:00 and then we went to Fountain gate shops. We had coffee (and ice cream for Cooper) then spent time shopping while waiting for time to go swimming. Cooper had his swimming lesson and then we picked up a McDonald’s for lunch. We watched tv in the afternoon before going shopping for bbq food. As we left Coles is started to rain and the temp dropped from 37 to 25 deg in a matter of minutes. We cooked the bbq in the garage as it was raining, later hailing and then retired inside to eat it. Glynis, Nick and Tyler joined us and towards the end of our meal they noticed rain leaking through the roof light and down one of the walls.

18 December 2017

I sat back and watched a film called “Water for elephants” on tv. When it got dark William and I went to see a Christmas light display where a whole court of houses decorated there property with literally millions of lights, inflatables and mechanical devices.
33 deg and sunny. Up at 7:00am, we had breakfast and then went to the pet shop for Cooper to see the fish. There was a total lack of interest when we got there so we dropped him off at playgroup and returned home to do some jobs. I Skyped Michael and also called Kath. Next thing was to help William repair the sliding door out to the side decking, we improved it somewhat but really it needs a new slide bar at the bottom to fix it permanently. We had a look at fitting an extending clothes line out at the back but decided that it’s location was to be decided by Jess to avoid any pain! Will and I went to Berwick in search of lunch and found a cafe which sold pies and pasties and felt it would have been churlish to pass by. After sampling their wares we checked out the rest of the shops in the high street and then had a ride around the local area admiring the posh end of town. At 1:00pm Will had to go to the Police academy for a presentation.

17 December 2017

26 deg and sunny. Up at 7:00am breakfasted and ready for collection at 8:00am by Raymond and Rochelle to go on the 40th annual toy run from Cranbourne to the children ‘s hospital in Melbourne. I went in the side car on Rochelle ‘s bike and Graham went on the pillion of Raymond ‘s bike. We went as far as Dandenong and were collected by Tracy as Ray and Rochelle were going straight home after the ride. We went shopping and for yet another coffee before returning to their home where William was waiting to collect me, we called at Jacob’s house on the way and met Diego, Ava, Mia and Brianna. After tea we watched carols by candlelight from Sydney and the William and I completed a job application which had to be in by midnight today!

16 December 2017

25 sunny with a breeze. Up before 7:00am to pack and get ready for a transfer to Tracy’s as William and family are going to a birthday party. When I arrived Rochelle and Graham were fitting the new lights in the kitchen, once complete we went shopping and then decided to have coffee (see photos of Rochelle’s). We returned for lunch and at 4:00 we went to have a family photograph taken before returning for dinner which MIA stayed to share with us. An evening of films to complete the day.

15 December 2017

Up at 7:00, toast for breakfast, a quick demo on how to throw a football and then take Cooper to play school. Will and I went to Patterson Lakes fishing, didn’t catch anything but had a good time watching boats and jet skis.on our way home we called in At Melbourne cable park to find out what happened there, Will decided that he would like a day out there for his Christmas present.

14 December 2017

Up early, temp 22 and sunny. William turned up at 9:00 with Cooper. After Cooper watered the flowers, garden and road and attempting to wash wills car we set off to Fountain Gate to meet Jess, we did some shopping and had lunch and then came home. During the afternoon we went to Cooper’s play schools Christmas party, we had a picnic and Cooper got a present and after much playing it was time for home.

13 December 2017

37deg today, still 28 at 10:00pm! Up to main building at 9:00am waiting for the bus to take us to the cinema at Pinewood centre to see “Wonder”, a really good film followed by lunch in the cinema and back home for 2:00pm. Stayed In until 6:00pm when we again went to the main building for the Christmas happy hour. It cost $3 per person, we all had to take some food and a present to the value of $5 wrapped up. The was also a free raffle which I won a wallet and my Christmas present was a mug and coaster.

12 December 2017

26 deg today and sunny. Went to town for Christmas presents for Donna and family, Beryl bought a CD of Christmas music but when we got home there was no disc in the box. Jackie called for a cuppa and I helped her password protect her tablet. I had lovely prawn salad sandwiches for lunch and then Les and I went to sort out the dis. For Beryl. Les bought a light projector to shine patterns on the wall ( see photo). At 4:00pm Beryl and I went to the main building to take part in the Bingo session, 10 games and I didn’t win a bean. Beryl won 3 games and shared one. Spoke to Tracy before tea, she said they were going to come here after tea so something to look forward to, and she’s bringing pudding!

11 December 2017

14 deg at 8:30am and overcast but sun and 22 promised from lunchtime. We went down to seniors early today as it was Christmas Lunch, we were entertained by Santa who brought us chocolate Santa’s and the by a group called “U BUTE” Uke group. Unfortunately one of the members fell off the stage and had to be taken to hospital for further treatment but then the entertainment continued! Finally a raffle was held and bags of Christmas goodies were handed out as prizes. No we didn’t win!

10 December 2017

18° at 10 o’clock this morning as we were on our way to Berwick market. After lunch we put up the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.

9 December 2017

Wet start to the day, went shopping down town, after lunch went to Bunnings with Les to price up materials for a job at the shed. Going to “carols by candle light” tonight with Noel and Lynne from Rotary, we are supposed to be giving out the candles and will be repaid for our efforts by free food at the barbecue.

8 December 2017

18° with showers and sunny intervals. Up early and down to Pakenham for Beryl and Les’s doctor appointments then across to the station to catch a train to Traralgon. It rained on and off until we got home and then the sun stayed out constantly! We visited a charity shop run by the local Rotary club and was introduced to the District governor elect. We had pork sandwiches with gravy and crackling for lunch, wonderful.

7 December 2017

21° with sunny intervals. Spent the day at the shed, I ordered a shed hat and shirt just to be part of the group. In the evening Beryl went to the main building to play table tennis with Jackie, she got wet on the way and soaked on the way back! It rained most of the night but the sun was out at 7:00am.

6 December 2017

21 deg and sunny. Early start today, we had to be at the main building at 9:15am awaiting the arrival of the site bus. Dry land I had booked to go to the Caribbean Gardens Market. We set off at 9:30 and were requested to return to the bus at 1:00. After an initial foray into the market we decided it was morning tea time and so “everything stops for tea”. We then (almost systematically) trailed up and down the aisles not sure what we were looking for but concentrating a great deal. At 11:30 we went for an early lunch to avoid the rush. And then returned to spend more money! I bought 5 pair of socks for $10, a wallet for $12 and a jacket for $25. By 12:30 we’d had enough and returned to the assembly point to wait for the bus. We set off home at 1:30pm and arrived back at 2:15.

5 December 2017

22 deg and sunny intervals. 10:00 start in the main building for the Autumn Fare, there was a raffle (which I out on), candle stall, plant stall which Beryl was responsible for, the men’s shed stall that Les was on, a chemist stall, brick a brac stall and cake stall. There was a good turnout and the sale ended at 12:00. We went down to racers for lunch, picking Jackie up on the way. It was the darts team Christmas dinner which we all enjoyed and then back home for a cuppa and feet up! 4:00 it’s time to go to bingo, ten games and I didn’t win one! Beryl had one win and a shared one then back home for tea. 7:00 Les has gone to darts, there last meeting of the year and presentation of awards.

4 December 2017

14 deg and overcast. Skyped Michael to try and resolve my mobile issue, he is going to contact Curry’s to attempted unlock my phone. Went to seniors for lunch, chicken and ham salad followed by cheesecake with strawberry toppingAfter lunch I walked up to the main building with Beryl to set up the table for tomorrow’s Autumn Sale. On the way back we called on one of her friends but she wasn’t in so we decided to go home, on the way we met Noel and Lynn who invited us for coffee. Beryl needed to get home so I went and chatted for ages, it was 7:15 when I returned. Cheese and biscuits for tea.

3 December 2017

14 deg with occasional showers. We decided to go to a Fountain Gate shopping centre to the Apple Store to try and sort out my phone. No such luck, will have to contact Curry’s when I return to sort it out. When we returned Donna and Samantha turned up with more wedding cake and we talked about highlights of the wedding. Toasted sandwiches for lunch and then we watched “For Roseanna” a comedy to die for, followed by an episode of “Sharpe”. Forecast for next week, sunny with showers ave temp 24.

2 December 2017

14 deg and heavy rain, 58 mm of rain. Wettest December for two decades! Easy start to the day, we had a light lunch and then got changed ready to set off for the wedding. The venue was in the dandenongs and it took us about 45 minutes. Samantha arrived about half an hour late but then the ceremony took place and was completed in about 15 minutes. We then had a wait of over 1 1/2 hours for the photographs, we expected orderves to be served during this time but they only arrived 10 minutes before we were allowed into the dining area.

1 December 2017

21 deg this morning and it has started to rain, we have been promised 100 - 150 mm of rain over the next 24 hours. Pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast and then down into Pakenham, Beryl and Les had doctors appointments. I went to get my hair cut so I will be presentable for Samanthas wedding tomorrow. I purchased a new super saver telephone card and credit for my mobile so I can keep in touch with all back home.

30 November 2017

35 deg, it’s going to be a hot one! Got out the laptop and caught up with e-mails, messages etc and even did a bit on the slideshows. Salad sandwiches for lunch and cold drinks. In the afternoon Beryl and I watched “out of Africa” With Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. I the evening Beryl went to table tennis with Jackie while Les and I watched The last episodes of “Horatio Hornblower”. A hot night again, temperature still at 25 deg at bed time!

29 November 2017

34 deg today and sunny. Went to the shed at 10:00am, we all coloured our moustaches and had our photos taken so hopefully they can be used to create a calendar to raise funds next year. Everyone agreed to donate 10 dollars to the shed to be used for a men’s health project. I came home at 3:00 as it was getting very hot and we had completed the work allocated to us, now it’s time to remove the moustache! Goodbye moustache, it feels so good to be clean shaven. I have volunteered to shout dinner tonight at the Pakenham Hotel as Beryl has gone with Jackie to the hospital for a checkup and will be late home, also it’s too hot to cook.

28 November 2017

28 deg today and sunny. Skyped Michael at 8:00am. Went up to the main block with Beryl and helped out in the shop. After lunch I went for a walk around the complex and then returned in time for William’s visit, He wanted myself and Les to have our photo taken with him for the “Movember” appeal. At 4:00pm Beryl and I went to the main building for the weekly a Bingo session, Beryl won 3 Games! Went to a Pakenham Rotary. Lib meeting, a great evening.

27 November 2017

Went to seniors for lunch and then to the shops

26 November 2017

Started day at 20 deg and rainy. Went to cheap shop with Tracy and Graham for peaches and beans and then returned to Beryl’s. Les and I went to Hoddles Creek Berwick to the Linton Railway to meet Paul and have a look around and have a ride! When we returned Will rang up and asked us to join him and Cooper for coffee at Berwick while they were waiting to meet up with Jess from work. Gilwell Park Gilwell Park is located near Gembrook in the east of the Dandenong Ranges, about 60 minutes from Melbourne CBD It can also be easily reached from the south and east (23km from Pakenham), or from the north (20km from Launching Place). Gilwell Park has been the venue for many hundreds of events ranging from Scout camps, Outdoor Education programs for schools, getaways for corporate groups and conferences. Follow the navigation on the left to find out more about the Activities and Accommodation available at Gilwell Park as well as details about its incredible history. Contact 03 5967 8888 info

25 November 2017

Had a hot night, 23 deg. Crumpets for breakfast and then out to the shops at Cranbourne. Priority item was hair chalks to colour our moustaches (grown for Movember), presents for the children and a present for the Christmas dinner at Meadowvale. We had Chinese food for lunch at the food hall and then continued our tour of the centre. We decided to visit a party supply shop to try and find hair chalks and finally succeeded. As temperature had risen to 33 deg we decided to return to Tracy’s where after having tea we watched films until bed time. At 10:00 it started to rain which cooled everywhere down and so we had a better sleep than the previous evening.

24 November 2017

Temp 33 deg. Les to the doctors so Beryl and I went to the shops. After lunch Tracy collected me and took me to her house. William invited us to his house for tea, we had burgers and salad for tea and played with Cooper until home time.

23 November 2017

32 deg. Shed day, I helped Kevin refurbish cast iron and timber garden seats.

22 November 2017

Temp 33 deg. 1:00 trip from Meadowvale to Lexington Gardens which is a retirement village located in a building that was originally a hostel for emigrates. (See folder of photographs).

21 November 2017

Temperature overnight 20° during the day 30°. Tonight I’m going to a meeting of the Rotary club of Pakenham which will be held at the local golf club.It’s too hot to play now so I’m going to write Christmas cards now before I go out for dinner.

20 November 2017

33 deg. Lunch at seniors, Beryl didn’t go as she had back ache.
Temperature 29° again and sunny. Went to seniors for lunch went to the shopping centre and had a new battery fitted to my watch.

19 November 2017

Temperature today 29° at 10 o’clock, We had an early start going to Emerald for the craft market. I’ve been to Emerald before when mum was over and that it’s a nice town But it’s the first time I’ve been to the Craft market there and there are lots of good stalls and the product was priced reasonably. We had coffee and biscuits in a local cafe before returning to Pakenham and to the shops then home for lunch. Tracy and Graham turned up at 3:30 and stayed for tea, MIA was supposed to be coming but decided to stay with her dad.

18 November 2017

Up at 7:00am and set off at 8:00 to Sam and Franks for Frank’s stag breakfast. Sandwiches containing egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns and a slice of cheese! Lots of food but the beer ran out at 10:30, brilliant planning! Returned home and went to Bunnings to get some tomato plants. Went to racers for tea. Morning temp 18 rising to 29 by 4:00p

17 November 2017

Went shopping. Went up to main building and after having tea and biscuits we played table tennis and darts.

15 November 2017

Rang Mel at 8:00 this morning and then we Skyped. We caught up on what was happening at home and was given a guided tour of the area she has decorated, it looks great! She opened some of my mail and has said that she will scan the important documents and send them to me. I rang Jean to see how she and John are, and we agreed to Skype later in the week. 10:00 am time for the Men’s shed, helped Les with jewellery boxes and then Paul with benches. Being a 3rd Wednesday it was barbecue lunch which was enjoyed by all and spent the rest of the afternoon assembling garden benches. It’s been in the low 30s all day and was supposed to break this morning but the sun is still out at 4:00pm so I don’t know when it’s going to break and cool down. Cooper was sent home from nursery for bashing the other children, William is not amused as it was his day off work!

13 November 2017

9:40 am on the way to William’s To go watch Cooper having a swimming lesson. The temperature was 28° and climbed to 34° by the end of the day, we were informed that it would drop to 22° by the end of the night. At the pool there was a child’s play pool with a large frog type slide which Cooper loves and he played there for about 20 minutes before his lesson. William had to go in the pool with him for his lesson and we found it very entertaining the exercises the children did as part of their swimming instructions.
Skyped Michael at 8:00am (here), it was good to hear him and catch up on what’s happening at home. Just been to seniors for lunch, we had roast pork (lots of crackling) roast potatoes and pumpkin with French beans and carrots. For sweet we had hot apple crumble with fresh cream! A good meal. Went into town to get a battery for the movie camera and a phone card to ring home with to save on stupid mobile costs.

12 November 2017

This morning at 10 o’clock we went to Will’s the temperature was 26°. We had a chat with Jess before she went to work and played for quite awhile with Cooper. We then went to the shop and purchased items for lunch with which Will and Beryl made sandwiches with when we returned.

11 November 2017

28° and sunny. We set off at 10:30 to go to the cheese factory, this was the venue for Samanthas hen party. There was a farmers market going on when we arrived and so Les and I decided to have a tour of the market during which the last for sounded at 11 o’clock for a minutes silence. Whilst at the market Les bought some honey and we both bought blue cheese by this time we were ready for something to eat and so set off for the cafe. Les and I had lunch in the cafe but were disappointed to find that the cheese given to us with our lunch was actually Gauda and not made in Australia! After having a walk in the gardens and looking at all the buildings we made our way home. chicken and chips for tea and the at 7:00pm we went to the main hall to watch “Mrs Caldicott’s war on cabbage”.) The cost was 5 dollars which included a Cornetto during the interval.

11 October 2017

Collected by Terry at 4:00am and proceeded to Manchester Airport via Colne and Manchester centre (we like the scenic routes). Arrived at 5:40 am and after thanking Terry I booked in and dumped my case and after going through passport control and Baggage checks went to the business class lounge. Breakfast time, I had scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and hash browns, washed down with several cups of tea, a proper start to the day! Read papers and watched the news before going to the gate for boarding, fast tracked through all areas curtesy of business class! When we arrived at Abu Dhabi we had again to go through baggage and body checks and then went straight to the lounge, the young lady pointed out that I was in the Terminal 1 lounge and that it may be more convenient or me to go to the Terminal 3 lounge as I was due to leave at gate 61 ( at the furthest extremity of the airport).