Singapore, Japan · 7 Days · 15 Moments · March 2017

Allen's adventure in Japan

31 March 2017

The hunt for cherry blossoms before the trip ends.

30 March 2017

My favorite part of the trip - day trip to Hakone.

29 March 2017

Found out that Supreme is seriously overpriced and ended our night to lament how we can ever get to buy such things without batting an eyelid.
Visited the charming Meiji Shrine that was nestled in a forest.
Visited Sensoji at Asakusa.
Visited the Imperial Gardens, the Meiji shrine & museum.

28 March 2017

Hours and hours of queuing to relive 3 - 5 mins of our childhood.

27 March 2017

Beer and bar bites after shopping at the Mandarake complex.
We set foot to search high and low for our starter Pokémons.
Back at our HQ and fixing our fanboy loots.

26 March 2017

Off to Onsen with the squad. A must-do for visitors to Japan.
First time adventuring in the highly sophisticated Tokyo subway. First stop for otakus - Akihabara.

25 March 2017

After one night of drinking, many men down.
First meal at Rakera after touching down - Japanese omulette.
Jetting off from Changi Airport!