Australia · 22 Days · 49 Moments · May 2016

Bibbulmun Track (North)

12 June 2016

Made it to Collie and decided to end my journey here

11 June 2016

Harris Dam camp site

10 June 2016

On the way to Harris Dam camp site
The new Possum Springs camp site
On the way to Possum Springs camp site

9 June 2016

Thumb injury sustained - long story

8 June 2016

Dookanelly camp site
Some more effects of the bush fire around Murray camp site, on the way to Dookanelly camp site

7 June 2016

Day 8 Packed the gear up, change of clothes and back to Sullivan Rock we went. This time Ayesha was directing and we had no problems finding the location. Unpacked and off Jessica and I went to the first camp site at the base of Mt Cooke. The walk there was relatively flat which was good for Jessica to get used to the pack. When we arrived at the hut we met up with Lexie and a Korean girl called Seri who was walking to Albany. Once again we set up a nice camp fire and sat around chewing the fat. Met a couple that were in the last stages of coming from Albany (Anita & Bill) and had lots of good tips for us all.
Day 7 Had organised to be picked up from Sullivan Rock, about 7km from Monadnocks camp site for an overnight stay at Conrad & Ayesha's place for a shower, etc and to pick up Jessica. It was just as well I did because during the night I had a major malfunction of my sleeping mat - it was trying to turn itself into a balloon, as the baffles came apart. After conquering Mt Cuthbert and Mt Vincent, finally made it to the car park at Sullivan Rock, where Conrad was to pick me up. Waiting and waiting - phoning Ayesha and asking where Conrad is, still no Conrad. Eventually he turns up - he had no phone service and his GPS was therefore not working and this wasn't sure where it pick me up from. Eventually he worked d it out and we headed back to their place for a quick shower and off to a camping store to get a new sleeping mat. Had a nice dinner with Jessica, Conrad and Ayesha before heading back to the wilds again. BTW it was nice to sleep on a proper bed again.
Day 6 Woke up in the tent, moisture inside and outside the tent - don't like tents. Anyway the sun was shining and started back on the diversion track, hoping to reach Monadnocks camp site at a reasonable hour. Eventually joined the proper trail and reached the camp site, which was in a nice secluded area. Was only one in the hut and was joined at the camp by a couple, who were tenting there - a doctor from Brisbane (60) and his girlfriend (38). I set up a nice camp fire and was talking to these people for a while and then I went to bed. But this couple continued to chat around the fire for hours - just as well I had the earplugs.
Day 5 This had to be the worst day on the track by far. There was back burning operations taking place so there was a diversion around 2 huts. So instead of going to Canning hut, there was a temporary camp site set up, which consisted of a portaloo and 2 jerry cans of water. To top it off the track was a dead straight dirt road underneath powerlines - had to walk this same road for about 20kms! And then it started raining and I had to sleep in the tent, as the distance was too great - not able to do a triple hutting. So exhausted went to sleep after setting up the tent, feeling miserable.
Murray camp site and the effects of the bushfires that went through earlier this year - having to use the tent that night
On the way to Murray camp site

6 June 2016

Swamp Oak camp site
Spooky pine forest still on the way to Swamp Oak camp site
On the way to Swamp Oak camp site

4 June 2016

Fellow Bibbulmun walkers having a drink at the Dwellingup Hotel
Jessica relaxing in Dwellingup

2 June 2016

1 June 2016

31 May 2016

On the way to North Bannister

30 May 2016

Nerang camp site
Who knew dead grass trees burnt so well in the camp fires
Journey up and over Mt Cooke

29 May 2016

Jessica joining me at Sullivan Rock

28 May 2016

The views on the way to Sullivan Rock to meet Conrad

27 May 2016

Day 4 Another double hutting day, going from Waalegh to Mount Dale via Beraking. The journey to Beraking was very pleasant, with mainly flat terrain and beautiful natural bush land. Stopped off at Beraking for water top up and then off to Mount Dale. There was some serious steep sections on this part of the trail and the day was quite long, reaching camp well after 3pm. Met a fellow by the name of Les(a plumber from Mundaring), who was going back to Mundaring after being dropped off at Brookton. Very chatty fellow and was good to have the company.
Day 3 This was the first of what the locals call "double hutting" as I was going to waalegh camp site and bypassing Helena camp site. While the trip from Ball Creek to Helena was quite enjoyable (met a gentleman at Helena who was staying there to get away from the grandkids of which he has 11 and 2 more on the way), the second section to Waalegh was a series of up and downs, some quite steep, and it was a full day of hiking to get to camp. Turns out I was the only one at camp that night (no idea what happened to Lexi) and was able to totally relax. The weather did threaten once again in the evening but held off and blew itself away, leaving a clear night. While it was cold in the 3 sided shelter, it was fine otherwise.
Day 2 A nice sunny day greeted me (fortunately) after the previous night and once all packed up headed to Ball Creek via Mundaring Weir. Beautiful forest views as I made my way down to the Weir. Crossed half way across the weir, to be greeted by workmen who were just starting to do some work. Unfortunately they couldn't let me through so back I went and then had to go the long way round, which involved going down to the base of the weir and then back up the other side. With a nearly full pack (and a wet tent) this was some chore. Eventually made it, went past the Mundaring Weir Hotel (and no didn't stop for a quick one) and continued on to Ball Creek. This is a very nice camp site and even had toilet paper provided! Met up with Sean, a 30 something recently unemployed contracts manager, who is walking various sections of the track to lose weight) and Lexi, a late 50's high school science assistant. Once again during the night it rained but all good - I had my earplugs.
Day One Well what a start to the adventure. Perth only gets 5 serious storms a year and one of them happens to occur on the day before I start walking. At least it actually was the day before. Conrad and Ayesha kindly dropped me to the Kalamunda Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track and off I went. Expecting a reasonably easy section, I was to be an unrealistic expectation. The weather the day before had carved large rivulets in the path and exposed lots of rocks and gravel - just what I needed with a dodgy ankle. There was also a track diversion in place, which meant instead of an easy trail, it was an up and down section which added another 3km to the trip. Eventually reached the first camp site called Hewitt's Hill. Decided to tent it the first night, to see what it was like. What a bad move that was. During the night it started to pour with rain and I left my ear plugs in the hut. So all I heard was the rain hitting the tent all night.
Monadnocks camp site

26 May 2016

The long miserable road via the diversion to Monadnocks camp site

25 May 2016

Beraking camp site
More sights on the way to Betaking
On the way to Beraking camp site
Waalegh camp site
Morning from Waalegh camp site

24 May 2016

Travelling to Waalegh via Helena

23 May 2016

Ball Creek camp site, the evening before and the morning after. Looks a bit damper in the morning
On the way to Ball Creek camp site
Hewitt's Hill camp site

22 May 2016

On the way to Hewitt's Hill camp site
Leaving Kalamunda for the start of the trek