Taiwan · 6 Days · 11 Moments · June 2013

All round Taiwan

4 July 2013

出火 - The eternal fire What do we do when the earth is burning? Dance. At this place, the earth will be on fire, and it will literally burn forever. The best time to go is a moonless dark night

3 July 2013

Best ice cream - of course ICE Monster! This is officially the best place to get a dessert. I have not met anybody who did not like the ice cream made there, they can give you 20 different variations of fruits, toppings. The most famous one, of course is Mango. I recommend the ice cream with 3 fruits and another mango on top. The portions are huge enough for 3 or 4 people. Enjoy!
Lets get Lunch, or dinner, or just some food cause - it's tasty! 杭州小籠湯包 ! Check out the Dumpling Restaurant next to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. The name of their website already tells you everything, it was at least the best Place for XiaoLongBao, I found in the 9 months I spent in Taiwan. In contrary to Dintaifung, which most foreigners like because of its ambience and delicious dumplings. This place is mostly visited by Taiwanese people and therefore more authentic. It offers a slightly smaller selection, nevertheless the quality and taste have made me go back there every time I had the chance. The dumplings are made from fresh ingredients, side dishes and tea are for free, and the price is comparably cheap. Most famous are the "Xiaolongbao" (小籠包), but also try out the pumpkin dumplings for dessert! The Restaurants name in Chinese characters "杭州小籠湯包"

2 July 2013

Hiking around Wulai If you start early, there are two major tracks you should consider for a little walk. One starts of at 加九寮 (Jia Jiu Liao). Take the bus 849 in direction 烏來 (WuLai) and get off at the station 加九寮. Afterwards continue walking a few steps into direction Wulai, turn right and follow the road to a red bridge over the river. Below you you might find a few Taiwanese having a BBQ or playing/fishing (with a spear) in the waters of the river. if you follow the road, you can eventually go down there. If you wanna go for a hike though to find some swings on the river and water slides, I recommend to take a good pair of shoes and turn left just before the second bridge. You will encounter a hiking path that leads you through a series of waterfalls and huge number of Taiwanese butterflies, but be prepared for a long walk! The second picture is a courtesy of Neil Wade, neilwade.com
Wulai waterfalls If you follow the road left after the main bridge which brought you to the market in Wulai, it will directly lead you to the Wulai waterfall, which is a popular spot for couples, because of its romantic atmosphere ;) Around there, you will find a gondola which brings you over the valley. In times after heavy rain the waterfall is even more spectacular. In case you have time, you also should not miss out on taking the gondola and taking a look at the waterfall from above!
Time to get a rest - Enjoy the free hot springs! After so many adventures, it is time to relax in a natural hot spring, free of charge of course. You can get there by bus 849 starting from Taipei main station and passing by Xindian station. The bus ride takes you about 1hour out of the city, but once you arrive you just feel like you've traveled back in time for about 100 years. The locals, while enjoying their self-made sauna, hotsprings and cold tubs are still listening to Japanese Enka music, or jumping into the river. The center of Wulai might be small, but it offers all variety in food and drinks you need to have the most convenient and relaxed day! By the way, there are several spots for soaking in hot springs, one is somehow right in the river, which you can see in the main picture. The other one is built along the river. You can spot it, as soon as you get off the bus in Wulai Station just on the other side of the river.

1 July 2013

Bike trip on the east coast Bike trip along the east coast. There is no better way to get the best of Taiwan's nature then to throw yourself right into the landscape and bike your way along the gorgeous beaches on one side, and the overwhelming chain of mountains on the other side. But, before we start, what about a little stop at the cold spring and sand beach in Suao?

30 June 2013

Hang-gliding after Surfing in Waiao And just in case you get bored of surfing, you can find uncountable hiking paths around the mountain on the other side of the station. The people from the hostel will also be more than helpful, in case you want to try out hang-gliding in Waiao.
LETS SURF! Lets get carried away by the waves in Waiao. Meet people at the Hostel "Rising Sun" where they not only provide you with all the food and drinks you need to fill up your energy levels before hitting the waves, but also never refuse to give a helping hand when you have any questions about surfing. Check out their site on Facebook! There is always a group of highly qualified and experienced surfers willing to help any newcomer who is interested in the art. Give it a try! Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

29 June 2013

Taroko National Park Behold! You are about to enter one of the world's most breath-taking landscapes. The Taroko Gorge is an amazing national park where one can explore fascinating mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls, diverse plant forms and animal life, together with the indigenous Taroko people, which creates a breathtaking experience of the national park! Highly recommendable to do this trip by bike.
Beach in the north of Taipei - BaiShaWan Beautiful beach, a little bit north of Taipei. You can get there by taking the subway to 淡水 Damsui and then taking the bus. If you have trouble figuring out the Chinese Characters of the bus station, just ask the bus driver and he will drop you off at the right station. Around the beach you will find some surf shops and little places for snacks. No grocery stores however.