Italy · 9 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Alix's journi to Italy

17 June 2017

June 16/17 - COMO WOW. Enough said.

14 June 2017

June 14 - Florence Today was a relaxed day in Florence. I went back to Antico Vinaio for a sandwich because they're just so good! I got l'Inferno. After reading my book for a bit I went to the Uffizi museum where I saw the works of Caravaggio, Botticelli and Van Der Goes and many more. It was amazing being the the same room as Boticellis work, he is one of my favourites! I took pics of his classics for you to see. Some of these paintings took up entire walls, they were incredible! And the ceilings were so ornate and beautiful! Very excited to meet up with friends tomorrow at midnight! :)

13 June 2017

June 13 - VENICE I met up with a very good friend from high school, Andre, who was in Italy for exchange. We spent the day eating gelato, trying on masks and walking literally all over! (Me feet!!) We went to Murano where I got a pair of blown glass earring too! The pasta is Tagliolini con scampi, AMAZING. The food options are so good it's very tough to choose what to eat!! When we were in Venice there was also an art exhibit, Bienale, which is why you see the hands on the building which is supposed to be a comment on the environment.

12 June 2017

June 12 - Chianti Wine Tour This day was awesome. I met people from New York who I got along with super well and learned a lot about wine and the proper way to smell and taste it and even the proper way to hold your glass while doing that. We tasted 7 different wines and 3 different olive oils (extra virgin, red pepper, truffle) all amazing. Then we went to San Gimignano where we ate what had been rated the best gelato in the world (seriously). I got Ricotta Widlberry and Rosemary Raspberry. There was so much to choose from so I went with what looked most interesting. That night I went to dinner with the NY gang and we had a really great time! The nighttime photo is from a spot near my hostel where you get an incredible view of Florence.

11 June 2017

June 11 - Florence Taking it easy in Florence. I ate a lot and finished my book (thank god for the kindle, thanks gab). I had the best sandwich at Antico Vinaio and waited in a long line to get it (SO WORTH IT). Only 5 euros for a massive sandwich!! It had LA DANTE Thanks for the recommendation Michael!!

10 June 2017

June 10 - Cinque Terre! Riomaggiore, Manarola and Vernezza! Vernestia is where we swam and had gelato. We had the cheeses in Riomaggiore. The three cold cuts were very good. One salami, one prosciutto that was the top part of the prosciutto so it was small slices and one Lard which is like bacon but much thinner and very expensive. Apparently the whiter the lard the more expensive. And the three cheese were also delicious. All pecorino (the cheese of Italy) because everyone makes it and has their own take on it. One was aged two weeks with red betters, the other was aged one month and the more yellow one was aged in a very humid cave which is why it is yellow! All the produce is 0km produce-it all comes from the terrasse farms around. The wine was also great! Very sweet and fruity made with the grapes from the region. The three towns visited were very similar but the views were all pretty unique. You could cross the street and visit two thirds of the towns.
June 10 - Pisa! Very cool to see the leaning tower - even cooler to see the cemetery near it which was the reason why the tower was built in the first place! All the political bishops and cardinals are buried there and it was really cool to realize that I was actually walking on tombs when in there!! The gold is the ceiling in the Chapel. So ornate and beautiful.

9 June 2017

Duomo 😍
Sono arrivata in Italia! Che bellisimo!!