United Republic of Tanzania · 18 Days · 36 Moments · August 2017

Alison's voyage in United Republic of Tanz...

25 August 2017

Day 19- Can't have enough cuddles with baby Lauren😍
Just enjoying what time we have left with these happy little souls❤️
Josephine is baby Lauren's mum and also a teacher at Akili Pre school.

23 August 2017

Day 17- Missed a few days as I have been sick we are back in moshi and had to cancel our flights as we both were not well enough to fly. We should of left today but now not leaving till Sunday. Today we bought the kids some lollipops, they went down a treat!😋
Josephine with her two Laurens, as she says.😍

19 August 2017

Day 13- Today we went to this amazing restaurant for lunch, it's called The Rock. You get a little boat over from the shore. So beautiful!
The lobster was so fresh. Truly unique experience.

18 August 2017

Not a bad spot for a dayspa. We all enjoyed a massage here today. So peaceful.😊
Day 12- Today was a day of sun and relaxation.

17 August 2017

This is our view from our villa. Private pool and private jetty straight into the ocean.
Day 11- Today we left moshi to go to Zanzibar which is just over an hour flight from where we were, then to our resort an hour drive from airport. Wow! It is amazing, the water is as clear and blue as any I have seen. We are feeling very lucky and spoilt. We are here for 4 nights. Just had a wonderful hot shower, it was lovely, after having a wash with bucket and a jug for past 10 days.

16 August 2017

Day 10- Lauren with two of her favs, Coleman and Baraka.😍

15 August 2017

Afterwards we went to Akili and took the nail polishes that Alex kindly bought for the kids and we painted all their toes. They thought they were beautiful. It was a full time job trying to keep them all still until they dried.😂. Thankyou Alex, they loved it!
Day 9- Today we went to visit Hans at boarding school, he is the beautiful little boy that Donna and Darren sponsor. We went to deliver the gift from them. He was so happy about his watch and was very thankful to his sponsors. Hopefully we get to see Maureen (Sue and Alex's little girl). The principle wasn't very nice. She didn't allow us much time.

14 August 2017

The two Laurens😍
The girls showing off the dresses I bought over that people had donated❤️
Day 8- Baby Lauren😍

13 August 2017

Day 7- Another day spent with the beautiful Akili kids. This is Coleman our little boy we sponsor. He is the funniest craziest little boy. 😍
This is Neema, she is sponsored by Karen and Steve Farkas. She is a tough little cookie who speaks fantastic English. She desperately wants her ears pierced so the other day Lily said get me the knife and I will do it for you, she walked straight in got a big knife came out handed it to Lily, lily put it to her ear and she didn't even flinch. I think I will take her to get them done before we go😊

12 August 2017

Today while out driving we got a flat and these nice men helped us, for a small fee😊
Sara and Sarjena😍
Lauren helping prepare lunch for the kids.
Day 6- Just a chilled out day with the kids today.

11 August 2017

Story time!
Once the older kids get home from school there is homework to help with.
Day5- Today we spent the day at Akili helping out with the chores. I will never complain about having to do my washing again😆

10 August 2017

Today the chicken I was given was killed and little Danni walked around the corner with this in her hand I almost died. Lily cooked it up for lunch for every one here you can see the kids enjoying it. It was a treat for them to have chicken. After lunch we spent the afternoon helping with washing all the clothes.
Day 4- Today we went to the market to buy the food for akili . It is crazy busy! Julian buys from the same ladies every week which are the two ladies in the photo.

9 August 2017

This was the village school we also visited and took some school supplies. The school principle bought us some corn to eat as a Thankyou.
Day 3- Today we went with Mama to Uru which is a village she grew up in about 20 mins from where we are staying, and it is also where most of the Akili kids are from. Some of the people in the village are extremely poor, so we decided to take some Rice, Maize, Beans and some soap and we visited some families and distributed what we bought to the most in need. It was very confronting and quite overwhelming to see such extreme poverty. They were very appreciative of what we gave, it felt good to know we have helped in some small way. I wish we could do more.

8 August 2017

Day 2: Coleman the little boy we sponsor getting ready for the park. All the kids had no school today so we took them to the park and had chicken and chips for lunch !
A gift for me from Mama Dicki ! 😂😂
Baby Julian😍

7 August 2017

The kids loved the presents that we bought !
Day 1: Lauren, Julian and I went into town today to get a few supplies and pick up the kids from school. We then went back to Akili so Lauren could meet the younger kids !