North America · 3 Days · 46 Moments · April 2017

The Ingalls in Puerto Rico

9 April 2017

And we have left! St. Thomas, here we come! All the rest of the photos will be found in their designated city folders.
Where we sat for 4 hours earlier.
Waiting to start our journey!
Our fancy dinner place. It was way fancy. We figured, if we were to eat at an establishment like that just in the states, and get what we got, we woulda spent around $45 not counting tip. Of course, it's free and included in the cost of the trip, but still! That's a lot.
Just chilling after a long day.
Look at that Disney cruise go!
So I may or may not have applied sunscreen well 😂 oh. And I hurt my foot somehow so I couldn't walk well.
The elevator view up
All you can eat with a view!
Explorin' the ship to get some orientation.
We have boarded!
Only thirty more minutes. I can do this. It's starting to get warm just sitting here after a couple hours.
Mark found himself a geocaching buddy! 😂
Waiting to get on the ship! Only 4 more hours 😂😂😂 we came a bit early. Cars in the second ship picture are for scale of just how big this ship really is.
Walking to our ship! We can see it! (We saw it coming in this morning around sunrise when we went down to the beach already, but this was the first glimpse up close)
The food at the Carthage Express is amazing. Mark had a gyro and I had Caramel French toast. Not only was the food super good, but it is delivered to you by train. The fruit on the French Toast tasted 100% fresh. Whether it was or not, I have no idea. But it tasted fresh.
We Ubered for the first time! So much better than walking back from Walmart.
Not even 8am and I've already reached 10,000 steps
I have no idea where this came from. Musta set my arm on a dirty table or something.
Some fancy things from our walk (we went from our hotel area to Walmart--somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles)
Palm trees just for my sisters! I took a selfie next to some baby trees.
From our walk around Old San Juan
The sunrise this morning on the beach.
Some pictures from our walk to the beach this morning
I keep waking up on and off since 2 because our window (frosted) that faces the lit hallway makes it seem like the sun is up and we are supposed to be getting up BEFORE the sun to get sunrise pictures. 😂 #only40moreminutesofwakingup

8 April 2017

We are off to bed for the night! We've got a day of adventures planned tomorrow!
We went out on a walk and saw some interesting things. The tide was hecka high, so we didn't get to go down to the beach. Low tide is at 2am, so we are going to try and go down around sunrise before high tide again at 8am.
Our hotel balcony and the view
Made it to the hotel and have already changed 😂 its so warm here compared to Idaho! Also, our elevator is super sketch
We made it to San Juan!
The flight here! Mark got a massage and enjoyed the view. I watched a couple of movies. All in all, great flight!
Yessssss! I get to watch Moana with noise cancelling headphones!
On a completely full flight!
We opted for a quick, easy, and cheap McDonald's since we only have 30 minutes for boarding.
We made it to DFW! We love walking on those treadmill things that make you feel as fast as an airplane!
The flight wasn't too bad. The landing was pretty rough. I love their baby pretzels!
We have boarded!
Breakfast time!
We picked a good day to fly out! We missed out on student going home traffic, move in day traffic, AND a winter storm! Win, win, and win!
Made it to the airport and through security. Not without a pat down, obviously 😉 I rarely make it through without one
Good morning, everyone! It's time to get up and head out! I've been awake on and off for the last 2 and a half hours, but the time has finally come!

7 April 2017

Dinner today was much needed. I'm so grateful we have friends here who are willing to do so much for us.
Honestly never been so glad to see Boise...finally made it
What our drive has looked like thus far. We went through major winds and rain, saw some flooding, and ran out of coolant. Twice. The first time we had two bottles of water which got us 20 miles further, but we still had 27 miles to go (and ran out of water). So now to wait until the Sheriff gets here to see how they can help. Adventures! And this is why you get to your flight destination the night before 😉😂
First stop, the Idaho Falls mall 😂 we just have a lot of time to kill and I couldn't stand staying home.
And we venture off!