Canada · 1 Days · 12 Moments · June 2015

Our trip to Canada

7 June 2015

Waiting for the baggage line to open
We have now made it to the airport and are taking off in 5 hours
Our own personal shuttle bus. On our way to the airport now. Any minute! 🚞✈️
That awkward moment when you accidentally forget that GPS doesn't work in airplane mode so you have to hope the documents you printed contain directions to the desired destination....#dontjudge #wearenewtothis #techage
I forgot to add this picture earlier. Entering into Canada
Crossing the border now!
So I just realized, this is the furthest north I have ever been in my entire life! And we are still in the states 😂 exciting! This is a trip of firsts, a trip of fun, and a trip of memories! 75 miles from Vancouver!
Heading to Vancouver now. Flight is in 7 hours! We will be in Prague in 19 hours.
Stopped at McDonald's before we head off! Using the wifi to restore moms phone. Then to pick up some last minute things at target and then we are off to the airport!
Moms phone restored to factory settings...we aren't really sure why this happened. She put a passcode in. Twice. Then went to use it and said it was wrong. Ten times. Then it reset. Put a little bit of a damper on the morning but hey, 9 hours until we take off!

6 June 2015

Shared queen bed with mom at Heidi's house. Saw navy bell. Ate smores and hot dogs. 4 1/2 hour drive. Heading to Vancouver tomorrow.
BBQ at Heidi's house in Lake Stevens Washington