United States of America · 11 Days · 54 Moments · February 2018

The Ingalls’ Cali Trip!

14 February 2018

California ScienCenter
First view of downtown.

13 February 2018

We got Mark on this ride and he didn’t hate it! Yay Indiana Jones!
Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s fun for the first five minutes. And then it’s lame. The first time the whole thing is alright. But 3 times is a little much 😂
The submarine voyage. This one made us late to our bus by 4 minutes (I didn’t know it was like a 30 minute ride). I then walked/ran to the hotel because I had to take a scheduled/timed test.
Autopia. I had a great video of Rachel attempting to drive. Good thing she’s quite a few years from actually driving!

12 February 2018

We went on Madderhorn’s bobsled (which isn’t meant to be a water ride) and got soaked because of the rain. We were pretty cold so grabbed our blankets I had us pack this time only and wrapped up in them while waiting in line for space mountain. We then proceeded to wear them on space mountain. So that’s fun!
It’s a Small World! Rachel does not enjoy the song repeating so much. We definitely randomly sang it just to annoy her after the ride.
Teacup ride. We have a video of us going super fast, but Journi doesn’t support videos.
On our walk back to Disneyland from Mimi’s, we saw a cockroach. It was my first time seeing one in real life, so that’s cool. We sent pictures to my grandma who despises cockroaches.
Dinner at Mimi’s. We were a little disappointed in the food and service, but it wasn’t the worst.
Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train
Marissa - Lilo Rachel - Alice Emily - Belle Alisha - Mrs. Incredible Mark - Gaston
Frozen - Live at the Hyperion
Goody’s Fly School
Silly Symphony Swings
Radiator Springs Racers
Meeting Flik
Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies
Francis’ Ladybug Boogie
Flik’s Flyers
Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
Emily trying to get high fives in line. She got 9 this time and does it a couple times a day.
Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters
Waiting for them to let us in!
Pre Disney day 1

11 February 2018

Playing Disney Scene It
Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Visiting the McDonalds museum off of Route 66 Part 1
Visiting Zzyzx, California
World’s largest thermometer
Views leaving Death Valley
Post run!
On my run at Badwater Basin (the lowest point in North America)
The first views of the lowest point in North America!
The girls taking the junior ranger oath.
The girls enjoyed getting to play with the puppets and things while at the visitors center in Death Valley.
Entering Badwater Basin
Our drive from Tonopah to Death Valley!
Breakfast time!
Up and getting ready to go on our journey!
I was exhausted last night. Like in bed at 7:30 exhausted.

10 February 2018

We also painted our nails!
We played betrayal after we went to the museum and prior to the museum we played the Inside Out game.
So I was unaware we were getting a suite. So that was a pleasant surprise.
The sun was terrible after the sun rise, so we all found our own ways to deal with it.
We stopped on the reservation to go geocaching in this county.
We got to see the sunrise

9 February 2018

We have literal hours until we leave!

8 February 2018

My family finally arrived last night. My parents have boarded their flight and are probably taking off as I type this. They’re headed for their trip in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, my sisters and I are enjoying the last 2 work days before we get to love our life too.

3 February 2018

We are down to less than a week until our trip! Can’t wait for this adventure we have ahead of us!