Australia and Oceania, North America · 13 Days · 25 Moments · November 2017

Ali and Dave’s Hawaiian Adventure

4 December 2017

Last full day on our Hawaiian Adventure. We have packed so much into such a short stay. Visited some old haunts from past excursions and discovered lots of new ones. This place is constantly changing for us in the impressive views and mind blowing experiences,no wonder we keep returning. Today we gave the girls the choice of where to go and they decided on Kailua beach. We got over to Kailua early and had our favourite snack at Lanakai juice,a monkey bowl. The girls then went for a swim with their pink flamingo before we headed back to Waikiki along the coast road. The afternoon was spent relaxing on the beach ,boogie boarding and snorkelling . Lots of cool tropical fish around the shore reef just off Lulus restaurant. Evening time we all headed out for a feed. The girls headed to the noodle house,Callum and Charis to Panda Express and Ali and I had Mexican Tacos at one of the street trucks. Now the packing begins. Feeling sad to be leaving but we have so many wonderful memories.

3 December 2017

Today we headed for a look around the Dole Pineapple plantation. Was a quick drive up and we spent an hour exploring the grounds and watching a pineapple cutting demonstration. After the visit we headed back to Waikiki taking a detour through Honolulu city centre. Once at Waikiki we spent the late morning and most of the afternoon swimming and watching the gang surf. Bit of drama on the beach today as an older male needed medical attention. The first to the scene was the local fire brigade ass they are all trained in surf rescue and CPR. As evening drew closer we decided to hike up Diamond Head to watch the setting sun. One plus for this time of the year is sunset is just before 6 pm therefore as Diamond Head crater walk closes just after 6pm we got to watch the beautiful sunset.

2 December 2017

Crazy start to this day. The hotel security alarms went off at 4.30am telling everyone to vacate immediately only to have a follow up message saying hold off until further notice then about 10mins later another apologising and an all clear. The morning in Waikiki began the same with quite heavy rain falling and looking like it was set in for the day. We headed West to do a hike. The Pink pillbox hike aka Pu’u O Hulu hike. The views from the top were breathtaking and we were lucky to get some good shots up and down the West coast. After the hike ,which was quite steep and strenuous ,we headed for a quick snack at a cosy hidden cafe. This cafe is called Kahumana cafe. It is an organic farm and is very popular with the locals for their great meals on offer. After the refreshment stop we explored further up the West coast ,had a swim ,watched the surfers and then headed back to Waikiki making a quick stop at Waikele outlet stores and grabbed some Leonard’s Malasadas, Portuguese donuts.

1 December 2017

Nuclear warning sirens today. First time since the 1980s that these warning sirens have been heard. Quite eerie sounds and sort of exciting having been here for a bit of history making today. Ali and I were up at 5.45am to take the girls for their 2 hour horse trek at Kualoa Ranch. The horse trek visits lots of wonderful jungle scenery and lots of well known movie sets,the latest being Jumanji starring the Rock. Ali and I headed for breakfast at the small town of Laie. Our brekky was at a little local secret place called Hukilau cafe. After breakfast we had a look around the town. It is home of the Mormon university and the Polynesian Cultural centre. In the afternoon we visited Honolulu city centre and explored the old city area and China town. This evening is a quiet night in as although it is still around 25 degrees Celsius the weather is wet and windy.

30 November 2017

Forecast thunderstorms today around Waikiki so we made our way to the North Shore and some good weather. Once in Haleiwa we headed to the paddle board rentals. The rentals are based beside the towns old bridge and the boards are taken up the river then out into the lagoon. After the fun on the paddle boards Laura,Callum,Charis, Ashleigh and Claudia jumped off the bridge. We then made our way along the coast to Sunset beach for our picnic lunch and to watch some amazing surfers battling the massive waves. We found the famous Banzai pipeline and sat in awe at the impressive surfs power and the extremely brave surfers. From there we made a stop at Kualoa ranch then a stop at Hawaii Kai for pizza and to meet my good Hawaiian friend Mario. Off to I-Hop pancake house at midnight for a midnight snack with the team later.

29 November 2017

Change of plans today due to Laura,Claudia and Rose wanting a day around Waikiki doing girly things,Ashleigh on a dive course and Callum and Charis having a visit to China town,so Ali and I headed to walk Makapuu lighthouse track. Great walk and spectacular views on this track. Once completed we had an hour lazing on Makapuu beach and watched the boogie boarders on the swells. This is a beautiful beach with a magnificent backdrop. An ice cream stop and a look at Hawaii Kai marina before returning .The arvo was spent back in Waikiki swimming and catching some rays. Temperature was hitting 29 Celsius today. Evening time was a walk along the waterfront to watch the sunset then a quick meal at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. We chose the small size and these would be classed as large in most other burger bars.

28 November 2017

Lanakai pill box hike was the main event for today. This is a steep ridge walk that has spectacular views along its length over the ocean and the mountains behind the track. The girls decided to miss the hike and opted to stay on Lanakai beach. Unfortunately for them a rain squall hit the beach around the same time we reached the summit of our hike. It just missed our area but our vantage point was great to watch it move over the beach. After our hike we had a feed from a local health juice bar,Lanakai juice bar. We all bought the Monkey bowl, a mix of fresh fruit blended into an ice cream with protein powder and extra yummy things. The afternoon was spent at Waikiki Beach swimming and Callum out surfing. Evening time we strolled around Waikiki with the huge crowds watching the street shows and checking out the Christmas displays.

27 November 2017

Bit of a gloomy day for the weather today. Still very warm but cloudy,drizzling and very windy around Waikiki. Not a beach day so we headed to the outlet stores at Waikele. Lots of brand items at bargain prices. Next it was decided to head to the lesser visited side of Oahu and to Makaha beach. This has become one of our favourite island beaches and away from the droves of tourists. Here we got away from the crowds,the wind and rain and swam in beautiful warm clear water. There was some fantastic surf waves running into the beach and while there we were entertained by a big number of good local surfers, carving up tricks on the waves. Ali and myself had some food back in Waikiki at one of the street food stalls ,Callum and Charis ate at the very popular and cheap noodle house and the girls all dined out in luxury at the famous Cheesecake Factory.

26 November 2017

Halona blowhole was the first stop today. Wow it was super windy and big swells in the ocean. Along the road we made a quick detour to check out Waimanalo beach,famous as Magnum PI,s fav.From there we headed north stopping for a snack on macadamia nuts at the macadamia nut farm then a quick stop to check out what’s on offer at the Kualoa Ranch. We then continued along the coast road admiring the stunning scenery,huge peaks on our left and stunning ocean views on our right. Fumis shrimp shack was our lunch stop then a fresh coconut from one of the roadside fruit and veg stalls. As we got closer to Haleiwa we passed the World surf league champs. Huge pumping surf happening and big crowds enjoying the spectacle. Haleiwa was it’s beautiful old rustic self and we enjoyed a few hours of browsing the shops. On our journey back to Waikiki we stopped at Waimea for a swim then slightly along the road a refreshment stop for one of our favourite treats,a Teds bakery Haupia cream pie and a coffee.

25 November 2017

Very early rise today ,5am, then headed to collect Callum and Charis at the airport. From there we collected the girls from the hotel and with a slight change of plan headed to Koko crater trail. Koko crater is just over 1200 feet with approximately 1048 steps which are really an old Second World War railway that was used to transport weapons to the gun placements at the crater summit. On the way up this gruelling walk we saw many rainbows which we now understand the nickname for Hawaii,the rainbow state. After the walk we were treated to a huge pizza that cost a huge 10 usd only. The weather is mixed with lots of showers and windy at the moment but still very warm. Hit Waikiki beach after 2pm for a dip and a bit of people watching. Out to watch the street shows later and stroll the many shops for bargains. All stay open until after 11pm.

24 November 2017

Landed at 6am Friday 24th. Some would laugh and say Groundhog Day , me ,well the ironic thing was I watched 4 back to back episodes of Dr Who during the flight! Our own TARDIS flight. Honolulu was very windy all day and occasional showers passed. Rental car is huge. Rooms are as usual ,perfect. Laura ,Rose Claudia and Ashleigh all settled into their condo and spent most of the arvo catching up on their beauty sleep. Waikiki has changed a lot over the last year. Many new street food style venues and lots of great variety for food choices. Today was a relaxed day,grocery shop ,catch up sleep and charge the batteries for some exploring days ahead. Tomorrow Callum and Charis arrive,then heading to do the easy hike up Diamond head.

24 November 2017

Day one of our epic Hawaiian trip. We are waiting at Auckland airport ready to board our flight. Had a snack at korunet lounge a quick browse and now the exciting part begins. With us we have daughter Laura and three of her ex school friends ,Rose,Claudia and Ashleigh.Callum arrives tomorrow with his girlfriend. Aloha Hawaii.